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Anime Dub Discussion/News


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The Bofuri dub’s FINALLY continuing since Funimation’s posting episode 9 some time today

I bought the whole series on Amazon video back in April/May so that I’d be prepared for when the show comes back. Hopefully Amazon will feature episode 9 some today too

UPDATE: the dub’s just as good as it was before COVID started, though I’m not sure if Mai’s VA changed due to technology limitations (or something else) since she sounded different in a few scenes
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So apparently the Bofuri dub is getting inconsistent releases. I thought episode 10 would come out today since episode 9 came out last Tuesday, but there's absolutely nothing about it. The show's not even listed on Funimation's release schedule -_-

On top of that, no other sites released the dub of episode 9. I know Amazon didn't release it and for some reason Anime Labs only has the Japanese version too. At this point I'm starting to wonder if the dub will even finish by the end of the year
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