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Anime Forum Rules [Please read before posting]

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by Sushi, Jun 2, 2017.

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  1. Sushi

    Sushi unspecified Staff Member Super Mod

    Pokémon Anime Discussion – Rules & Important Threads

    Welcome to the Pokémon Anime Discussion forum!

    Within the general discussion or its appropriate sub-forums, you can discuss all matters related to the Pokémon anime. Small changes have been made since the last thread, so even if you're familiar with the previous rules thread, please give this one a quick look.


    1. All general Serebii Forums Rules apply in this forum.

    2. This forum is for discussion of the Pokémon anime only. Do not discuss the video games, manga, other anime, or any general topic having to do with the franchise as a whole. Keep it specific to the anime. Romance, or "shipping" as it's called in fiction, has its own forum, the Shippers Community.

    Other things that do NOT belong in this forum:
    - Fan creations (fan art, fan fiction, AMVs, abridged versions, subs, fan dubs, parodies) or advertising such material
    - Petitions (SOVA and the like) or advertising such material

    2a. Threads/Discussions about the Pokémon anime fandom are not allowed for the most part. Real people (be it fans or antis, Serebii members or someone you know from other sites) are not part of the anime itself and thus are not discussion material.

    3. Do NOT ask for places where you can watch or download episodes, movies, clips of episodes, or download/listen to music. Also, do NOT tell others about such locations! This includes torrents, direct downloads, sites that provide streaming content (INCLUDING YOUTUBE), and anywhere else that provides access to such material.

    3a. Do NOT link to previews/sneak peeks/clips that are not from official websites or official YouTube channels (TV Tokyo, Pokémon, Disney XD, etc.)!

    4. Post spoilers in the Anime Spoilers section! If you wish to discuss events that have not occurred outside Japan, use spoiler tags for your information or keep it to the Anime Spoilers subforum

    5. Character bashing is forbidden. Please mind the difference between constructive criticism and bashing. You’re allowed to make negative remarks about any Pokémon anime character, but please do it in a place where it’s actually relevant to the topic, and without using insulting/flamebaiting language. Using insults and profanity to diss characters is devoid of intelligent discussion and usually leads to flame wars. Be civil and phrase yourself respectfully, no matter how much you hate a character.

    6. Use the Report function to report problematic posts! In the bottom left corner of each post, the word "Report" is written in small letters. If you come across a rule-breaking message, click on it to send a message to the staff so that we can get to it as soon as we can! Do not play mod and reply to rule-breaking or annoying users yourself. You’ll just create more spam for mods to clean up.

    7. Not exactly a rule, but please be aware that a mod might close/delete your thread at their discretion if the topic is considered problematic or “done to death”.
    It is not our intention to censor you, and slightly controversial topics are usually fine. However, from past experience, we know that some topics have a high probability of turning into flame wars or fruitless discussions that go nowhere. These topics include, but are not limited to
    - Ash’s father
    - Main character face-offs
    (e.g. “Which Pokégirl is the best?”, “Tracey VS Max”, “Brock VS Cilan”, “Misty VS May”, etc.)
    - Dubbing company wars (4Kids VS TPCi), old VS new American voice actors
    - The dub replacing Japanese music
    - Other hate/rant threads
    (basically, threads that don’t seem to be there to initiate discussion but only serve as a place for the thread starter to vent their anger about an aspect of the anime, or the whole anime in general - please use social media such as Twitter or Tumblr for such rants)

    2. Sub-Forums & Their Purpose

    Anime Spoilers → Discuss everything happening in Japan here! Discuss and speculate the newest episodes, upcoming movies, future character events and battles, the latest captures and evolutions, and anything else that has yet to air in the dub!
    Anime Polls → This is where the “Best ____”/”Favorite _______”/”Top 5/10 ______” threads go. Remember to read the rules and FAQ thread stickied at the top of the forum before posting a poll! Also remember to add a spoiler warning in the thread title if it contains spoilers.
    Episode Discussions → Feel like discussing a certain episode, movie, special, or season? This is the forum for you. Each episode/movie/special/saga has its own discussion thread, and all are open for discussion any time. This is one of the only forums where you will not be infracted for bumping threads, but please keep discussion thoughtful and free of any illegal content.

    3. Important Threads

    In Pokémon Anime Discussion

    Anime Questions V2 → If you have a simple, factual question about the anime ("Where is this screenshot from?", "When did this character appear?", "Which episode is this quote from?", etc.), please look/post here instead of making a new thread.

    In Anime Spoilers

    Pokémon Speculation Thread → Speculate on what Pokémon the characters will catch/evolve/release in the future, in addition to finalized teams at the end of the saga. PLEASE READ THE FIRST POST BEFORE POSTING!
    Guide to Sharing Info You find Online → Exactly as the title says. Please read this if you want to share anime news with us in the future.

    In Anime Polls

    Anime Polls – Rules & FAQ → Information about what makes a poll and what doesn’t. In addition, the rules for the Anime Polls sub-forum can be found here.
    Favorite Series Thread → Share with us your favorite saga of the anime and why you like it so much.
    If You Were in Charge of the Anime → Rather than ranting, this thread is your imaginative toolbox to create your ideal vision of the anime. Describe everything you ever wanted from this anime, as long as it adheres to the rules (restrain from character bashing and such).
    Favorite Character Thread → Have a favorite character or two in the anime? Feel free to express your love here!
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2019
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