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Anime season where Team Rocket become Ash's traveling companions...


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Or Ash simply joins them for a while.

Main goal being that TRio simply decide to overthrow Giovanni, and need a help of a boy who always won against them in the end.

Once they become leaders of Team Rocket organisation, they can focus on facing even the worse enemy to the world: Arceus Evil Brother, or whatever.

Would it work?


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That would be interesting What if idea, Team Rocket could become ash's friends and they would end up like "Ash, Why are you friends with them" and Ash is like "Yeah, that's a long story".
but I Doubt it.


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Nope. They're too deep in the hole to be his companions.

And the last time they tried to sell Meowth as a companion, it was all a long, if useless, plan.


The Rocket-dan trio would never turn on Sakaki willingly, so this scenario wouldn't happen just based on their loyalty to the man. That said, I wouldn't want them to do a 180 degree turn anyway since I don't like the idea of them getting off scot-free after everything they've done in the past.


Snivy.... SNIVY, SNIVY!
I don't speak for most Writers but I can agree with Leonhart and Aurachannelerchris, it would have been a bad idea if anything, Last time I saw Meowth with Ash and his friends, it turns out to be a fake anyway but it would be weird if Team Rocket Trio was fired from Team Rocket themselves and join Ash and his friends on their adventure (No spoiler please!)

But again, that would be a nice What if Scenario.


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That meowth going with the gang arc in BW was nice so would definitely love it. As a finale endgame series for ash and TR I'd like for them to travel together and finish their journey
I theory so guess possible that James, Jessie and Meowth must be protected to Ash, because Giovanni knows about him, he is telling to James and Jessie.
I am really wanted to see a real spin-offs Team Rocket or regular Jessie, James and Meowth in episodes. I like arc rocketshippy and help with support trainers. ❤️


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I don't know if a season where they become Ash's traveling companions would really be that great. But I will say that they could do a Countdown to Destruction-type of episode where JJM have a 'finest moment'. There would have to be some buildup to it, but I think it could work.


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I've often thought about this idea, would have preferred it during the earlier show. The four have a lot of chemistry together, just love it when they work together.


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When TRio and Ash deal with common threats or evil local teams then yeah it's cool to see them together.

But for the whole season, I think the team vibe would be more annoying, as I can see Jessie & Meowth more like complainers and opposite of what Ash & Pikachu are usually doing.