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Anime series you would like to have come back


Old Coot
Here are the animes I like to see returning with possible new episodes.

Sailor Moon
What more could you possibly add to Sailor Moon with its ending?


There are four anime that I would like to see come back with new episodes. And some of them will NEVER happen due to conflicts between creators and whatnot. Well at least the first two would never happen in real life.

Kare Kano (His and Her Circumstance)
Fruits Basket
Ouran High School Host Club
Spice and Wolf


Well-Known Member
I'd like to see Rave Master brought back as the anime ended about half way through the manga's storyline, leaving the four remaining Rave swords, two Rave Stones, Julia, Endless, and Star Memory (just to name a few unresolved things) unseen in the anime version.


♫ Ad vivere
Ouran High School Host Club.

I'm so sad that it got ended at episode 26 much like many other Shoujo series of its type. The anime did a fantastic job of making the series come to life. It was hilarious and made me laugh tons of times in everybody episode. And Tamaki = <3

It needs a second season or so to finish it up.

Also, even though it's far from my favorite series I'd like to see Katekyo Hitman REBORN! come back. I'm not exaggerating when I say "far from my favorite series" it has to be one of the most generic and cheesy Shounen anime I've ever watched, but there was something there that kept me watching. Also anime ending before the manga's ending instead of at it naturally peeves me.

But since it's a Shounen I have faith that it will come back. Ouran High School Host Club, on the other hand, is a real pipe dream.

shadow wolf

The one and only!
Most definitely want Rurouni Kenshin, possible Inuyasha, and yes Love Hina.


Spring is Coming!

Sometimes I wish there was more to Death Note, but at the same time I think that series ended well.
Although after L died, the series wasn't as exciting, and Light seemed to be stupider after a while. But I think it ended well with him dying.
I still think that anime was amazing, no matter what people think of it, so I would always be interested in a new storyline for it if they ever made more. :x

I don't really know when it comes to Anime. Manga, I would have a ton ...

and yes Love Hina.

This is one that I have to agree, and disagree on. The manga YES YES YES omg yes, I would kill for more of the manga.

The anime, no way. That anime shouldn't have even been made. The drawings were absolute CRAP compared to Akamatsu's art in the manga. And the English voices were .... deafening. I never got to see it in Japanese, but then again, I didn't care to since the art was enough to make me want to slit my wrists. :|
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shadow wolf

The one and only!
Would like the anime to do something similar to brotherhood for Rurouni Kenshin, I believe Inuyasha has final act hence the possible maybe a dubbing, and love hina just ended badly. Manly, just to finish up the animes they started.


Active Member
Soul Eater for sure. Hopefully they'll do something like FMA Brotherhood.
Card Captors: There is a 6 volume manga that runs on after the main series called "master of the clow" they should do something with that.

Sailor Moon: afaik Sailor Stars (the last series) never aired outside Japan, but with the whole idea of guys turning into girls when they transformed, I don't think it'll happen.

Fruits Basket: my best friend's been going on about this one for years. I can't see them making any more, but it's a shame, as the top selling manga in the States, you'd think they would be able to make quite a lot off it.

Air Gear: Completely agree with whoever mentioned this one, the manga is fantastic.

Gakuen Alice: Again, manga almost finished now so if we're going to get another series of that, it will probably happen then. Again, I'm guessing not though.

FMA Brotherhood: I'm SO glad they made this series. Yes, the manga was better than the first series and so this was the release that should have happened originally.

I'm hoping for a second series of Saki, a third series of Tsubasa and, heaven forbid we might finally get the rest of Shana this year *fingers crossed*


Old Coot
Most definitely want Rurouni Kenshin, possible Inuyasha, and yes Love Hina.
InuYasha is completely done. They already made a second series to conclude what the manga did. There's zero need for an additional series that was horrible to begin with.

Sailor Moon: afaik Sailor Stars (the last series) never aired outside Japan, but with the whole idea of guys turning into girls when they transformed, I don't think it'll happen.
Sailor Stars still concluded everything. You're thinking of bringing back to dub. We're talking about more episodes added. Sailor Moon has no need for more episodes.

FMA Brotherhood: I'm SO glad they made this series. Yes, the manga was better than the first series and so this was the release that should have happened originally.
...And your point is? Again, this is to discuss what series' need to come back with new episodes. FMA is done.

And no, Brotherhood isn't what they should have done in the first place. In fact, that was impossible back then. Did you forget the manga only finished last year? The first series finished years ago. It caught up with the manga and had to stray away with its own story. The one thing the first anime did better than the second was build up the beginning. There was literally no room to breath in the beginning of Brotherhood, as they were clearly trying to get past the episodes they already did before in the first series. This meant little to no character development for quite a number of characters, leading to some weak scenes (Hughes' death is a HUGE example). On top of that, it did at least touch on those side stories, such as trying to hook Havok up with Armstrong's sister or the "mysterious 13th warehouse."

What the first series didn't get right, the second did. And what the second didn't get right, the first did.

2D Thom

Im a tombsone
i remember Bobobobobobobo. that was a the funniest anime i ever saw. people think its dumb but thats the point of it. its random and stupit!


Sentimental Fool ;)
Come to think of it, I've always wondered, were the Zoids dubs remotely good?


Old Coot


i kinda wish shugo chara was still on, i think the manga is still going on

but no-more of the anime

we wanna see more ikuto XD

plus their are still some things that they left

like amu still doesnt know that naghiko is realy nadeshko


Crimson Champion
It's coming to Blu-ray in the US and the entire series is already available on Blu-ray in Japan.

US release is set for May 31. Japanese Blu-ray is expensive as all hell. $1700 for all three, which is even more than what Dragon Ball Z's two Dragon Boxes cost. Though granted, that was DVD and this is Blu-ray.

Thanks for the information Chris but that isn't what I'm looking for or implying.

The Lost Chapters of Yu Yu Hakusho they never showed in the anime

I hope to have something akin to DB Kai for Yu Yu Hakusho but that is just me. :)


Old Coot
Ah, gotcha. Should said so in the first place. :p


Castelia's Finest
I would like to see Fruits Basket and Ouran High School Host Club return to show us what was missed after the manga continued. I believe I read that the Fruits Basket anime only covered 6 out of the 26 volumes of manga and it would be nice to see it on the big screen for a change~