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Anime series you would like to have come back


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So far, I like Special A to have one.
- I just love how the story goes and I just love to see having another season [season 2]


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Card Captor Sakura should be left untouched. It was THE defining mahou shoujo series for a long time (PMMM is better) and any new plot elements would ruin it for me. If you want to see Sakura and Li again then read/watch Tsubasa Chronicle - it's still them but older and in an alternate universe.

amusingly enough, both of the post-CCS series you mentioned have Kajiura soundtracks.[/fanboying] But anyway, Tsubasa Chronicle might be interesting for those wanting to see older versions of the characters (as well as some CLAMP crossover antics), but the drastic difference in genre needs to be mentioned. Tsubasa Chronicle is a straight-up shounen action drama, so anyone expecting a shoujo series just for being more or less CCS's sequel (I think I heard something about screwy dimension-hopping and time-travel that would officially place this series as such, but I still need to read the manga) are looking in the wrong place.
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Heat Guy J! Get Backers! Cowboy Bebop!

That last one was a joke. Amazing series, but also most amazing conclusion ever. Wouldn't change a thing.


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Heat Guy J! Get Backers! Cowboy Bebop!

That last one was a joke. Amazing series, but also most amazing conclusion ever. Wouldn't change a thing.

Oh gods yes, Getbackers. There's still so much more to cover.

For me, I could always go for more Slayers. Like Getbackers, there's a lot of material left to go over that I'd love to see animated.

This is much lesser known, but I really wish Photon had been more than a 6 episode OVA. I'd also like more Wedding Peach that isn't the godawful OVA, but I realize, upon further thought, that the reason the OVA sucked so bad was that it tried to continue a story that was concluded and didn't really need to go anywhere else. So meh.

Also, second season of Umineko plox.


WynautQueen said:
For me, I could always go for more Slayers.

I agree. I mean later seasons varied wildly in quality, but all in all it's still such a fun and nostalgic series for me.

I would like to see more Those Who Hunt Elves. Apparently the manga went on for far longer but nobody bothered to scanlate it or something, which is a shame. That show was incredibly funny and entertaining in that nineties kinda way.