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Anime Spoilers FAQ: How to share information you find online *Read before posting*

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Since it seems there is a bit of confusion regarding how and where to share information you find elsewhere on the Internet with other members, we've put together this quick FAQ on how to post news in the simplest and most consistent manner.

I found some new info on an upcoming episode on the internet, how do I tell the other posters about it?
Well, let's see what you've found.

It's a magazine scan/online summary/etc for an upcoming episode that already has a thread.
Perfect. Just post it in that thread.

It's news about some upcoming episode(s) that don't have a thread already.
Ok, then let's see what we can tell from it.

If there is something that ties this episode to a specific airing or episode, it can get its own thread. This includes, but is not limited to, an episode title, an episode number (or something a number can be deduced from, like data broadcast data), a summary with an airdate but no title (Pokemon Fan does such previews a lot), etc.

If it's just a couple pictures/clips/summaries with nothing connecting them to specific episodes, the news goes in a general preview thread. If there already is one discussing upcoming events, post it there, if not, make a new one. Don't create one new thread for each single video clip or picture you find.

I don't know Japanese and have no idea what this picture says.
That's fine. Work out what you can (airdates, episode number, whatever you see in the picture, etc) and post your thread, and someone who can read it will eventually fill people in. Keep speculation and guesswork to a minimum, and don't even touch Google Translate. We have enough members on the forum that know Japanese, there is no need for people who don't to make a most likely inaccurate attempt at working out what it says.

I'm not sure if this picture is about a new episode or not.
Certain Japanese childrens' magazines sometimes contain "activity comics", which tie various mazes, count-the-object games and similar activities together by working them into a short comic story. These often use the anime setting, characters etc. but aren't based on any specific episodes, and shouldn't be discussed as if they are.
If you're not sure if what you've found is an actual comic adaptation of an upcoming episode or just one of these activity comics, post it where you think it fits best; in the thread for the episode you think it's based on, if any, or a generic preview thread if it doesn't seem to be based on any known episode, while making it very clear you don't know what it is. The situation will be cleared up soon enough.

Hey, someone edited the first post in the thread I made.
Creating a thread about a new episode does not grant you "ownership" of that thread. The first post can and will be edited with new information, summary translations, etc as this is made available, and you won't really be given a say in what that post says even though you technically made it.
Also, no one really cares who's listed as topic creator of a select episode thread. Share new information for the sake of giving other members new information, not for the sake of "beating" your "rivals" to having your name listed next to it.
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