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Anime vs Spe Manga

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by horrahforyou, Dec 2, 2019.

  1. horrahforyou

    horrahforyou Pokemon and Kamen Rider is life

    Since I've watch anime and I've read the Pokespe manga. These are just opinions

    Gen 1 - Both
    Gen 2 - Spe Manga
    Gen 3 - Spe Manga but the Battle Frontier arc of the anime is good
    Gen 4 - BOTH!!! Sinnoh anime and manga did a great job
    Gen 5 - Spe Manga despite the long overdue of BW2 chapters
    Gen 6 - Anime, although XY manga also has an interesting storyline but there are some plots needs to fill up in the proper volumes especially ORAS arcs. Maybe I'll change my mind then voting up for BOTH once it was completed, who knows.
    Gen 7 - Anime for now. Just like the case of XY and ORAS chapters there's more content to added. SM chapter just ended very recently and for me it seems pretty rushed.

    Nevertheless I enjoy both sides that includes the games as well :D
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2019
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  2. shoz999

    shoz999 The goofiest-looking dog I've ever seen. I LUV IT!

    I'm biased as hell hahaha when it comes to the subject. The Adventures manga all the way for each and every generation. Below is just a short explanation as to why I prefer the Pokemon Adventure manga's take on the generations over the anime's.

    Gen 1 - RGB is for many their first experience with Pokemon Adventures and I think what I love most about this is that Red is basically Ash but the writer ain't holding back. As for the Yellow arc, in my opinion Yellow is just one of the best female lead main characters I've seen of the Pokemon series.

    Gen 2 - Okay, so honestly I can understand if someone chooses the Gen 1 anime over the Gen 1 manga but in the case of Gen 2, I honestly have a hard time seeing anyone choose the Gen 2 anime over the Gen 2 manga even if you haven't read the manga because as many of you know, Gen 2 is infamous for its filler in the anime whereas it's well-known for producing one of the best story arcs in the Pokemon series, the GSC chapter of Pokemon Adventures.

    Gen 3 - For Pokemon Adventures, it has the best love story in all of the Pokemon series, some of the best Kanto fanservice in all of the Pokemon series, the best battle-focused story in all of the Pokemon series and perhaps the greatest fanservice I've ever seen in a Pokemon series, I'm talking Avengers-level of fanservice done right. Also I prefer the manga's take on Groudon & Kyogre, the Sevii Isles and the Battle Frontier over the anime's take that I think it's not hard for any anime fan to understand why because it's not that big of a bar to top since the anime greatly downsized or heavily altered the story and lore of the games.

    Gen 4 - So if I had to recommend an anime fan what Pokemon Adventures arc to read, the DPPt arc would be it. This is because the arc reminds me why I love the days of Ash, Brock and Misty during the Indigo League. Dia, Pearl and Platina's friendship is easily the best friendship I've ever seen in any Pokemon medium that your actually reminded that these kids are actually freaking kids, not XYZ Ash who looks like a 16-year old teenager. You are reminded that these are literally just 11-year old kids being 11-year old kids, not caring much what the future has in store for them, that they just want to have fun and genuinely show fear and concern when thrown into a villainous plot like... well... kids! Also, Cyrus. Cyrus of the manga is easily the most intimidating version of Cyrus and I think what's surprising is I don't see people talk about this one important detail the manga nails about the games that the anime completely misses and that is Cyrus isn't some behind-the-scenes villain like Giovanni. He's a more personal villain who actually approaches the player various times and seeing such an important detail adapt into the manga, they absolutely nailed how intimidating Cyrus is as a villain who has a relationship with the main characters whereas in the anime, Cyrus doesn't really interact with Ash at all.

    Gen 5 - It's Best Wishes, do I need to actually explain why the Pokemon Adventures BW and BW2 arcs are better than this?

    Gen 6 - So I like the XYZ anime a lot but I still prefer Pokemon Adventures XY over the anime because much of the writing for the characters are so well-done in my opinion that it's one of those stories you can actually learn something. The main character whose based on Calem, X or Xavier, is this depressed recluse who stays in his room all day to the point that his introverted behavior has hurt his relationship with his friends and Pokemon who he knew since childhood. Then one day Team Flare shows up and wrecks the place. It is here that we see a main character who is not willingly entering the world of Pokemon but is forced to. He is selfish at times, he has trust issues and we can clearly see that he still wants go back to his quiet peaceful yet depressing and self-destructive comfort zone. In the end, it is not X who saves himself from his own reclusive behavior but instead by the friends and Pokemon who love him. And that ladies and gentleman, is why I prefer the Adventures take of XYZ over the anime's.

    Gen 7 - So Pokemon Adventures SM definitely has some flaws here and there that honestly I understand why some may prefer the anime over this but I nevertheless prefer it over the anime because I just love how it dives deep into the jam-packed mysteries of Alola from the Tapu Guardians to the mystery of Cosmog to Lillie's and Gladion's relationship to the Aether Foundation to the strange appearances of the Ultra Beasts to the disappearance of Mohn to the mystery of Necrozma and more, all of these mysteries and we already see a number of players who are already involved long before the main characters start investigating that you start to wonder where this trail of cards down the rabbit hole is taking you, who is responsible for all of this, what are everyone's motives and just when the manga answers one of the mysteries, it leads you on to another mystery, another "Why?" If the SM anime is like the Yokai Watch of Pokemon, then Adventures SM is like the Gravity Falls of Pokemon and I just can't resist a good old fashion mystery involving Pokemon, can you?
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2019
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  3. mehmeh1

    mehmeh1 CHAZZ IT UP!

    Spe over anime all the way aside from gen 7 (at least until the volume release)
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  4. Redstar45

    Redstar45 The Anime/Special's canon know it all.

    Eh no thank as spe fan i sort disliking this mindset as kusaka himself doesn't really care about theses idea as such vs crap
  5. shoz999

    shoz999 The goofiest-looking dog I've ever seen. I LUV IT!

    People say "no thanks" when they are asked to do something, not when they aren't. Anyways, here's pretty much your thoughts on the subject as you stated previously in another thread.

  6. Redstar45

    Redstar45 The Anime/Special's canon know it all.

    Hey can you not quote that from another thread ?
    I am both sides of the Pokemon special manga and anime and to me it is apple and orange
  7. SerGoldenhandtheJust

    SerGoldenhandtheJust Well-Known Member

    Gen 1. Honestly at the end of the day it would be manga simply coz yellow is bae. If it weren't for the yellow chapter i would have tied them
    Gen 2 - idk how anyone can say the anime is better than the manga here. The manga is incredible while the anime sucked. Manga > anime
    Gen 3 - I'm not that big fan of AG anime tho BF kinda redeems it. Even so the Gen 3 manga is way better than anime
    Gen 4- Honestly i love both. The anime is so good but Dia pearl and platinum are just the best ❤ i guess I'll chose anime over manga here just coz of the platinum chapter coz unpopularly i didn't like how congested it got in the end and was over the place.
    Gen 5- Manga. Period. Anything is better than the crap we got in the anime and agencyshipping is my otp. Heck even B2W2 is shaping up to be really good considering it doesn't seem like kusaka would rush it
    Gen 6- Eh the anime. Maybe it might change when the full version of the manga comes out but XY manga has some iffy points here and there and i really didn't like X Y characters. Concept of X character was interesting but he wasn't likable.
    Gen 7- i like the manga but it was rushed where as SM is just so so good for me. So fun.

    So in short
    Gen 1 manga > anime
    Gen 2 manga >>>> anime
    Gen 3 manga >> anime
    Gen 4 anime > manga
    Gen 5 manga >>>>>>>>>>>anime
    Gen 6 anime > manga
    Gen 7 anime > manga

    At the end of the day i love both mediums and Pokemon in general
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  8. Ignition

    Ignition “Go get ‘em, tiger!”

    Prefer the anime for all
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  9. BabaVanga

    BabaVanga Well-Known Member

    Gen 1 - manga > anime
    Gen 2 - manga >>>>> anime
    Gen 3 - manga >>> anime
    Gen 4 - anime >>>>> manga
    Gen 5 - manga >>>>>>> anime
    Gen 6 - manga > anime
    Gen 7 - anime > manga
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  10. Twilight-Kun

    Twilight-Kun Pokemon World Champion

    I suspect that the PokeSpe manga for S&M is better than the anime for the simple fact the manga won't have 19 chapters of Filler in a row

    Lack of comedy also helps
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  11. Leonhart

    Leonhart Imagineer

    Overall the Pokemon Special manga has been consistently good from the beginning, although I still think that the anime handled Gen I slightly better, although that might be my own personal bias talking. But I have no doubts that the manga will adapt the Gen VIII era better than the anime will.
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  12. SerGoldenhandtheJust

    SerGoldenhandtheJust Well-Known Member

    Na it doesn't have filler , no manga does but it is rushed. No comedy is a bonus point for you? Man ofc there would be comedy it's for kids and it's delightful to watch
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  13. Twilight-Kun

    Twilight-Kun Pokemon World Champion

    When it's done well, yes

    When it's forced in a "ISN'T THIS HILARIOUS?" kind of way, then no, I'll gladly take no comedy over trying too hard
  14. SerGoldenhandtheJust

    SerGoldenhandtheJust Well-Known Member

    I don't think SM's comedy was always like that and had a lot of good original comedy and fun moments but i respect your opinion
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  15. SoundVoltex

    SoundVoltex Well-Known Member

    The manga consistently has a story that is more engaging, often with unusual Pokemon picks as well as introduction to several legendary/mythical Pokemon as major plot points. I think Anime highs are better, but manga scores better with me.
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2019
  16. horrahforyou

    horrahforyou Pokemon and Kamen Rider is life

    What also interests me in Pokespe is that they change protagonists every generation,unlike in the anime we still have Ash and Pikachu travelling from region to region then accompanied by Female game protagonists, gym leaders and trial captains.

    Still, both mediums are best in their own ways.
  17. Lionel_B

    Lionel_B Well-Known Member

    Gen 1: Anime> Manga

    I give victory to the anime for his bias of being a parody of Shonen.

    Gen 2: Manga> Anime

    The formula of the anime is running out of steam with the 2nd generation.

    Gen 3: Anime = Manga

    The 3rd generation is for me one of the best generation in all areas, I find anime, manga, games just as excellent.

    I have not read the other generations of manga, but I think I would prefer the manga versions, because it would surprise me if the mangas disappoint me more than the series Diamond & Pearl, Black & White and X & Y. I put reserves on Sun & Moon, because it is the only one whose anime wants to do something different that could make it stand out.
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  18. Ubermuk

    Ubermuk Sticky & Sweet

    I don't remember most of the early parts of the manga and I don't read the post-Sinnoh arcs so I can't say for sure if the manga is better but I do remember liking the characters in the manga more because they aren't as cliche as the characters in Pokemon and they aren't given the same restrictions. Just look at Red and how much he achieved in Kanto alone compared to what Ash did in the same region in the original series. :p
  19. horrahforyou

    horrahforyou Pokemon and Kamen Rider is life

    Same way with Dawn May and Serena's counterparts. May and Dawn's goal is to enter contests to be a full pledged coordinator, whereas Sapphire and Platinum DID enter the contests ( Sapphire joined Ruby in a contest in ORAS) at some point but both have different goals in life.

    Then comes Serena, a girl whose goal is to involve in a much girly competition in the form of Pokemon Showcases while Y is a Sky trainer who pursues her childhood friend to come out of his box. Then I realized that they both of them have a misunderstanding with both Graces.
  20. shoz999

    shoz999 The goofiest-looking dog I've ever seen. I LUV IT!

    One thing I really like about Pokemon Adventures is that the writing for the female characters is just leagues better than their anime counterparts. It's so good that White, who is regarded as your standard "girly girl" character trope like Serena, is seen as a great example of a female character done right and perhaps by extension a "girly girl" character trope done right, White being the enthusiastic and hard-working boss of her own company who strives for her dream of Pokemon actors only to see her dream crushed not by some rival in a Pokemon Contest but by the merciless actions of the villainous Team Plasma who wish to liberate Pokemon. Yes, you heard me. This isn't a rival dream crusher. This is a villain dream crusher! The shock becomes too much for her that she literally collapses into a coma, later depression and it is here where things get interesting when she recovers from her depression. We see a girl who is normally accustomed to fashion, music and acting being hurled into an environment she's not used to, the harsh world of Pokemon battling in order to stop Team Plasma and find an old friend who once supported her dream but then became the catalyst to crushing it. Pretty compelling, right?

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