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Annoyer (Just for fun NU)


Articuno ~ Leftovers
252 HP, 252 Sp. Def, 6 Spe
(+ Sp. Def, - Attack)
~ Tailwind
~ Ice Beam
~ Water Pulse
~ Roost

Basically, starts the annoying. Tailwind for speed then Water Pulses to confuse and make them angry. I can roost away any damage and Ice Beam when necessary. Articuno is also a great Sp. Def wall and the best in NU in my opinion.

Torkoal ~ Air Balloon
252 Defense, 252 HP, 6 Sp. Def
Bold Nature (+Defense, -Attack)
Shell Armor
~ Clear Smog
~ Rapid Spin
~ Stealth Rock
~ Lava Plume

Air Balloon is just for immunity not much else. Clear Smog for any stat boosts, and of course Rapid Spin, which is essential for my team to function! Stealth Rock is backup and Lava Plume for when all else fails.

Hippopotas ~ Eviolite
252 Defense, 252 Special Defense, 4 HP
Impish Nature
Sand Force
~ Stealth Rock
~ Crunch
~ Superpower
~ Earthquake

Odd EV spread, but it won't be taking many hits but I can at least try. Stealth Rock is also VERY ESSENTIAL! Other than that, he can actually get a few good hits in and that amazing bulk allows him too do so with a some ease.

Cacturne ~ Leftovers
252 Speed, 112 Attack, 144 SpA
Naive Nature
Sand Veil
~ Spikes
~ Giga Drain
~ Drain Punch
~ Dark Pulse

Spikes then dies, basically a suicider. My suicider is also able to pull of the hard task of murdering Ferroseed + Eviolite. Drain Punch for anything resisting its STAB Giga Drain and heals. But he never last long nonetheless.

Leafeon ~ Heat Rock
252 Attack, 252 Defense, 6 Speed
Impish Nature
~ Leaf Blade
~ Sunny Day
~ Yawn
~ Protect

Pretty self explanatory. Sunny Day for dat Chlorrophyll than annoys. Yawn + Protect is great on all Eevelotuins, Speed for Jolteon and bulk for Leafeon provide great duo power, but Jolteon is OU, so I used Leafeon, my personal favorite eeveelution tied with Glaceon.

Rioulo ~ Focus Sash
252 Attack, 252 Speed, 6 Defense
Adamant Nature
~ Bullet Punch
~ Roar
~ Copycat
~ Quick Attack

Prankster = - 6 roar, then +1 copycat wich will be roar. Stealth Rock + Spike= Infinite Copycat spam unresisted until they all die. I could run Toxic, but then he would die. Copycat really does bug people to no end and while it is somewhat hard to pull of, once the grenade has been pulled it is impossible to stop bar priority moves.

So, odd team, but suggestions?
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Ludicolo looks like a problem as it sets up rain dance then can sweeper with hydro pump/ice beam/giga drain
Sawk seems to be a problem, especially since hippo lacks a recover, skuntank is in the same boat as sawk. Mushurna could be a problem if it sets up

Overall i think riolu is outclassed by liepard, i would switch leafeons moveset to like sunny day, swords dance/dig, leaf blade, return to get the most out of its sweep. You should have a ghost type to spin block, i suggest haunter as he also helps handle sawk, then i would combined hippo and torcoals rolls with armaldo. Finally you can try pineco over cacturn with a custap berry, it guarantees 2 layers of spikes


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Don't think Priolu can be outclasse by Liepard as it just cannot do the samething, closest it can do is assist spam and hope for Roar. Priolu gets shutdown by priority moves however which idk about Nu tier in how common it is so watch out for that.
Could you please add a bit more detail on your descriptions? If you can just expand them to the size of Torkoal's description, you should be good. If not, I'll have to lock this.

Also, Liepard doesn't do what Riolu is doing, so...yeah.


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Could you please add a bit more detail on your descriptions? If you can just expand them to the size of Torkoal's description, you should be good. If not, I'll have to lock this.

Also, Liepard doesn't do what Riolu is doing, so...yeah.

i thought he could but w/e

switch nature to jolly so you can outspeed samurotts, also you can run toxic over bullet punch/quick attack to get more prankster abuse.

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Meh. This team is, to be perfectly honest, just too gimmicky to work. Prankster Riolu is nifty and all that, but as soon as you opponent sees a Riolu in team preview, he's going to know exactly what you're trying to do and will do his upmost to stop it. To that extent, Cacturne is going to be the Number 1 Target. If you really want to pull this off, you need two spikers. You're also really weak to Hazards as well. Torkoal is just dreadful. If you want to use a spinner, use Wartortle, or Armaldo if you care more about offensive presence. At the very least use Shell Smash Torkoal.

But to be honest, this team needs a massive rework since it's weak to pretty much every offensive threat. Sawk can click Close Combat and probably 2HKO everything you have, with the except of Leafeon, who only avoids the second hit because it's faster. Everything on your team is at least 2HKO'd by Charizard, only Leafeon can outspeed, who can't do anything to Charziard and most definetly cannot switch in. Zangoose also OHKO's everything with a Toxic Boost and, if it nabs a Swords Dance, will be able to defeat Leafeon with Quick Attack after some residual damage. This also bypasses Riolu, destroying your main tactic. In Rain, with Stealth Rock down, Ludicolo will outspeed and OHKO everything as well.

So, in conclusion, I have to say that this team is a bit too gimmicky to work well competitively and the sheer amount of Priority in NU makes it very difficult for this team to work. If you want to stick with this theme of team, you really need to dedicate it. You need a strong, hazard laying core. Something like Regirock/Golem + Roselia + Frillish ensures that your hazards will go down and stay down. Next you'll be sticking in Riolu, obviously, and after that you may want something(s) to stop priority users, and/or a back-up spiker, and/or a spinner and/or a revenge killer incase stuff goes wrong.

Hope this helps! :)