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Annoying phrases/things people say?

Sometimes, things that come out of a person's mouth can be very irritating. Do you have anything specific that annoys you when someone says it? Share it here!

• Oh brother!
• Hey that's my line!
• That's what she said
• I slept with your mom last night
• That's not what your mom said last night
• Your mom
• umadbro
• ***** please
• He/She/Superman/superhero saves the day yet again!
• Action-packed adventure
• LIKE this and SHARE if xxxxxxx
• Want 5000 friend requests? SUBSCRIBE to xxxxxxx

I can't think of anything else atm.


i hate when peoplsay 'dont squeeze the lemon too hard or the seedsg o into the glass of tea'

EDit: i am now asleep
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Turn my Swag on!
That's not what your mom said last night
Your mom

Then most like-***** pages on Facebook are beyond annoying.
I know I copied some from the OP but they are annoying. The irony of SWAG and SWAGG is my last name is Swagger so that gets annoying.


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You mad?
Jelly (jealous)


What do I do now?
YOLO, mostly because idiots just shout them for an excuse for their actions.

"You threw a water ballon at that police officer and then ran away?"
"YOLO! Der her!"

"You slept with dozens of people and cheated on your spouse?"

*eyeroll* It's disgusting how far they extend "YOLO" to make what ever actions they did justifiable. Blech.

that and I've seen trolls on here say, "Aw, you just butthurt b/c I hate on you?"
I can't stand it, it just irritates me because it's so stupid.
I can't go on facebook without seeing one of those random jpgs with a mushy relationship thing slapped on it. No thanks, that's just annoying.


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YOLO is really annoying me now, some kids at my school dressed up in "pink yolo" that doesn't make sense -___-
All they did was dress in pink!


be your own guru
"Swing and a miss..."

Should only be used for baseball.

I'm scared it'll hurt people or the world if I like what I want.

Why can't people just say nice things?

Because this is the Internet, b*tch! Now go make me a sandwich!
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