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Annoying Pokemon Faceoff

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Final Flash

I've still got it.
Koffing won. Now it is Pidgey v.s Zubat.

Why do I have a feeling its gonna end to be Zubat v.s Tentacool?


Well-Known Member
Zubat PLZ.


Coal Trainer
I vote for Zubat.

WaterDragon trainer

Freak Like Me
Definitely ;041;

Pokémon Guard

Zubat, please. I think almost ALL of us agree that it is incredibly aggravating to go through a cave and fight 20 Zubats before you find a Makuhita. I mean, I know you can use the Repel, but if you're trying to find a Pokemon... then you have to resist the temptation to use one.

Pidgey is hardly annoying. Most of the time it just appears in one of those little routes anyway, and usually for Pidgeys you're actually TRYING to gain exp, while I pity the foo who attempts to gain exp from a million Zubat...

down with Zubatto!


ASB Overlord
Staff member
I really have to vote Zubat. I just can't stand em.
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