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Annoying Pokemon you've faced in a blind playthrough.


Sure, sure. Go for it.
One time on Sapphire, Sidney’s Shiftry did Double Team so many times, none of my moves could hit it. I just turned off my game.
Candice’s Froslass in Platnium. Snow Cloak + Double Team made me want to reset the entire file
I don't think I had much of a hard time with those Pokemon because they are fairly frail on the start. This cannot be said the same for Muk however. I believe it was in GSC under the Radio Tower where Muk, this bulky Pokemon had the move minimize which made it so much harder to hit. I can still remember how the sprite turns into a little dot and stays that way compared to other games.

Kosokumushi (Wimpod) in Ultra Sun since catching one was a nightmare due to their ability. I hate Pokemon that flee in general.
Heck yea, I hate that as well... mainly in regards to fleeing legendary Pokemon (meaning ones that roam). Whether in G/S/C, or in newer games.
Golisopod is one of my favorite Pokemon in SM and is a beast in multiplayer with Assault Vest. I remember getting on a Tauros and running back and forth to try to find not only a Wimpod but a Wimpod with a good nature lol. Much harder.
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