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another boring stupid rmt

Dr. Zafs

Grrr... Bite Me...
well basically i need help.... well first i'll list my guys

Milotic @ lefties
EV's (dunno which to use lol)
Ice Beam
Mirror coat (is it worth it?)

Salamence@ Choice Specs
EV's 252sp.att/252speed/4hp
Dragon pulse
hydro pump
Draco meteor

Gengar @ ???
EV's 252sp.att/252speed/4hp
Shadow ball
Focus Blast

Forretress @ leftovers
EV's 252def/100HP/158att
Gyro ball
Rapid Spin

And then im stuck... i need a physical sweeper i guess... and a lead... hm... well rate and suggestions plz...
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Kamikaze Rogue

One Bad Mutha
May I suggest for a physical sweeper:

Rhyperior @ Choice Scarf
Solid Rock
EVs in Attack and HP
-Stone Edge/Rock Wrecker
-Megahorn/Poison Jab
-Hammer Arm

Just a suggestion.


Yes Mirror Coat is worth it. Surf can be replaced with Hydro pump or toxic. Evs usually go to Hp, Sp. Attack, and Sp. Def.

Sludge bomb on Gengar maybe?

Being a Water type user, I'd have to say my pick of a Physical sweeper would be Swampert. ^^ But Weavile, Garchomp, and T-Tar are also good choices.

Dr. Zafs

Grrr... Bite Me...
Choice scarf is speed right?
well anyway sounds good...
thanks i'll look into it

Edit: Well i like swampert but i dont know Evs nature attacks etc. u mind filling me in?
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