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Another crappy deck(unlimited as always)

Felix Feral Fezirix

Densetsu no Pikachu!
Here's another crappy deck. I'm not sure what to do with it though, much.

1 Mewtwo from Team Rocket I think. (not TRR)
1 Mewtwo EX from EX Rby and Sapphire
3 Meowth from Forest
2 Persian from Forest
2 Spoink from EX Dragon
1 Grumpig from EX Dragon
1 Eevee from Forest
1 Espeon from Neo Discovery
2 Natu from Neo Discovery
2 Natu from EX Sandstorm
1 Xatu from Neo Discovery
1 Xatu from EX Sandstorm
1 Jynx from Base Set
2 Gastly from Fossil
1 Gastly from Base Set
1 Haunter from Base Set
1 Haunter from EX FireRed LeafGreen
1 Gengar EX from EX FireRed LeafGreen
1 Wynaut from EX Sandstorm

Trainers: 12
2 Recycle from Fossil
1 Potion from EX Fire Red Leaf Green
1 Switch from Base Set
1 Pokeball from Forest
1 Celio's Network from EX FireRed LeafGreen
1 Magnetic Storm from Hidden Legends
1 Gust of Wind from Base Set
3 Energy Removal from Base Set
1 Sabrina's Gaze

Energy: 23
22 Psychic Energy from Base Set(1 1st edition)
1 Multi Energy(just 'cuz I couldn't find a Psychic energy card...) from EX FireRed LeafGreen

Simple. Stall your opponent with Energy Removal and anything you can throw at him. Magnetic Storm to be used with care if a Dark Pokemon Deck with Resistances come along. Meowth and Persian for downing other Psychic decks(resistance plus Persian's Pounce ability). Eevee works too. WHen Gengar EX comes out, tear your opponent to pieces. But get him to down some pokemon first. Skip the down-some-Pokemon bit with Mewtwo EX. A 5-year-old might play this well with hardly any difficulty. Doesn't take a rocket Scientist. Heal with Xatu and Potion.

In a nutshell:
Stall-->Hi damage Pokemon comes out(50+ damage per hit)-->Killing Spree-->Stall-->repeat

Someone help me on what to put in for Eevee and Espeon. They're a blasted dead weight in my deck.


The set name from which your Meowth, Persian and Eevee come from is called Jungle, not Forest.

Remove the Eevee, Espeon and Wynaut, and add in two Psyducks from Neo Destiny or Aquapolis (pick one which strikes your fancy) and a Dark Golduck from Team Rocket (not TRR), and use it's Super Psy, because it dosen't count as a Psychic attack even though it really is =D

Quite a decent deck you have there, and I'm not saying that just because I simply love psychics.
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Felix Feral Fezirix

Densetsu no Pikachu!
Ookay. Thanks for the advice!


Ski > You
Eevee and Espeon should make way for possibly another Wynaut, and just for the heck of it, a Wobuffet.
Wynaut is the ultimate tank alongside the Mr. Mimes. :D

Baby Pokemon: 1/2 chance of hitting that rather sturdy 50 HP. (90% of Pokemon take two hits to down that.)
Alluring Smile: Pull things out of your ***! Mewtwo EX in an instant! Yay!