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Another One Gabites The Dust! (582)


ash&charizardfan said:
As much as i like dawn, she should have lost this match just to hype ursula little more and make there next contest more interesting.

I would've liked this as well, and I think Hikari only won because she had already accumulated a losing streak earlier in DP and the writers didn't want to go back to that now.


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I didn't like the new girl Ursala because she was just a mean person who seemed like she hated Dawn for no good reason. At least Harley's meanness was based on him hating a girl who looked like May when he was young.


Alola Shill
Ursula is such a ***** I love her. Her Contest dress and general design? Iconic. Her hand signs? Iconic. Her Gabite? Iconic.

Buneary’s appeal was very pretty, I love how it uses Ice Beam and every time it’s different and creative. Burmy’s appeal was impressive but it’s interesting that it covered itself in sand for most of the appeal, which tells me Ursula being eliminated in the first round so much was bc she still relies on move flashiness like Dawn used to. The battle was good, I’m glad Pachirisu finally got focus and a win bc it truly needed it. I liked that it learned Super Fang and it’s little rivalry with Gabite was fun too. Mamoswine showing interest in Contests and Dawn was nice
10/10 episode title! And they changed Battle Frontiers lyrics a bit.


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If you pay attention to Mamoswine by watching its eyes it looks like its interested in contests but won't admit to obeying.


Holy Cow!
- Good episode

- Cool performances

- I liked that Jessie battled against Ursula, it was interesting to see her face off against one of Dawn’s rivals again.

- Pachirisu won because it managed to protect itself from Gabite by using its attacks as defense and in many different ways. While Gabite did land a couple of Aerial Ace’s and one Dragon Claw, it really didn’t show much strategy at all.

- Loved to hear the battle frontier theme again.