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Another One Gabites The Dust! (582)

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Ursula is mean but not as mean as Harley


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In one word: Disappointing. I think that again, Dawn's rival in the contest are much better, but again they make her win without actually doing nothing. In the start Gabite hit Pachirisu a lot, but when Ursula begun to act stupidly she lost points. Instead of using ariel ace and crish pachirisu without problem. she attacked him with stone edge, which was obvious that pachirisu will crush thos stones.

And did you notice that Pachirisu did not hit Gabite even 1 time?

How was anyone was supposed to know Pachirisu would avoid an attack like that? It sounds like the perfect attack to use against an electric type. That attack always kills me in the game.


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This episode was good. It was cool to see a Gabite for the 1st time. It was great to see Pachirisu learn Super Fang. Ursula is 1 annoying and mean trainer in this episode. She really cannot stand Dawn. Dawn's Pokemon appeal was really cool. It was interesting to see Mamoswine paying attention and becoming slowly interested in contests. It was funny to see how mad Pachirisu was and its face when Gabite was being a jerk. It was cool to see Yanmega's Speed Boost ability shown off in the Appeal round. It was cool that Dawn won her 4th ribbon, and not Ursula.



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I watched this episode 10 times and still can't get over how great this way. I love Ursula's voice and I have to admit that Ursula did a wonderful job smacking Pachirisu around. This is the best battle in a contest I ever seen so far. It's atleast believable unlike some of May's victories.

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Ursula is super cute. Too bad she's a bitter, angry, terrible person.

I found the final battle a little unbelievable - why, for example, did Spark and Dragon Rage exploding cause loss only on Ursula's side? I also would have liked to see the full Carnivine vs. Gabite battle. Too bad this was only one episode.

Sinnoh Ash

Electrifying Hair
This was a great episode. IMO Dawn's best rival Ursual appears. I really liked the remix of the Battle Frontier theme song. I think it was better than the original. =)


I loved Pachirisu's reaction when it met Ursula's Gabite; seeing its agitation over a Poffin was adorable. Dawn's Ice Beam appeal with Buneary was super boring though just like all ice appeals imho. I liked Ursula's Wormadam's appeal and that Pachirisu beat Gabite with a Super Fang attack and I cackled that Mamoswine spent almost all its time sleeping here.


Ursula was like a watered down version of Harley from AG and I liked that she owned a Gabite and that Pachirisu learned Super Fang. 8/10

Mrs. Oreo

I loved Ursula's snide facial expressions as well as how Pachirisu formed a rivalry with her Gabite. The contest itself was fun especially how Mamoswine was sleeping in the audience and kept peeking. :3
Ursula was like the female version of Harley and her Gabite seemed like a bully. Judging by Mamoswine's reactions, I'm guessing he liked Contests. :)
Ursula reminded me of Harley when Pachrisu wouldn't accept her Poffins, which reminded me of the bit when May insulted Harley's cookies. I liked Buneary's appeal: it was cute and Jessie did a pretty good appeal as well.


The Akebi Contest was amusing, all thanks to Urara's debut. She added a much-needed element of snark similar to how Harley acted, and I was glad to see Pachirisu get fired up due to Gabite. The Contest match between Hikari and Urara was wonderfully animated, and I liked seeing Pachirisu shine.


In hindsight, Pachirisu's Super Fang dealing so much damage to Urara's Gabite close to the Akebi Contest's finale seemed like a mistake. It made Hikari's comeback seem unrealistic and contrived, like some of Haruka's AG Contest wins.


Call of Fate
Good episode. Ursula's introduction was rather unpleasant for Dawn. Pachirisu refusing to eat Ursula's Poffin kind of puzzled me. I liked seeing Pachirisu learn Super Fang, Wormadam's performance and Dawn winning a Ribbon. I didn't like the scene when Pachirisu zapped Dawn, though.


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The battle between Gabite and Pachirisu was fun to watch but I dunno, it didn't look like Dawn did enough damage to take away all those points from Ursula at the end. I liked Ursula so much and I'll be watching her next episode ASAP.
TPCI totally pulled a 4Kids on us with the episode title. And as for Ursula, it is about time Dawn has a real rival. Someone that just wants to defeat her, not be her friend like the other rivals, and actual has some compedents to be a challenge. And I love how Ursula has pink hair and pink eyes, the exact opposite of Dawn's blue hair and blue eyes.


FullmetalJackie said:
And as for Ursula, it is about time Dawn has a real rival. Someone that just wants to defeat her, not be her friend like the other rivals, and actual has some compedents to be a challenge.

Nozomi was already a competent rival who desired to defeat Hikari, however. Urara was a lot more rude than she was, but it's not as though Nozomi was in the friendly rival category like Kengo.


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As much as i like dawn, she should have lost this match just to hype ursula little more and make there next contest more interesting. Besides after this she also didn't win any ribbon in next 50 episodes and lost 2-3 times, she culd have won any of those two in place of this contest.