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Another Pikachu Drawing


I'm Mega Man!!!
Well It's awesome for me. Btw don't comment on what I should do to make it look more like Pikachu. I drew it in my own image in my own style.



Well-Known Member
Actually, pretty cool. It is a bit funny looking, but that's okay if that's how you meant do to it. And the shading looks good. It just isn't anything spectacular, IMO.


Blast from the past
Well is spotted some Flaws actually.

The chin is a bit misshaped and it has little vampire teeth (pika evil?)
And the left front leg is small and to thin.
The body of the Pikachu does not look round, more flat actually..
U can improve that by bending/curving the marks on pikachu back a bit.
And there could be more shading.

Other than those minor flaws: It's good ^^


I'm Mega Man!!!
Teeth are there because well... I wanted him to look like that kinday a goofy way. Also notice the position of pikachu. The left leg is barley shown at all it is covered mostly by the head and it is further away from view.


I'm Mega Man!!!
I was thinking of adding color.Before I scanned it I wish I had made it easier to color. It's J-peg too so thats pretty hard to color but I'll try.

BTW thanks for everyone's comments.


Ooh, maaaan!
It is what it is, even though what it is is misshapen.