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Another Subway Doubles Team, Please help!


Meme Historian
Here's another attempt at a Subway Doubles team. Last time I made a team, it worked pretty well. Now I'd like to see what you guys think of this new team.

Calm Nature
EV's: 252 Def spread out rest amond sp def, HP, sp atk

Shadow Ball
Energy Ball
Calm Mind

This thing is something new I wanna try. It can take a lot of hits when given the right EV's. It can hit hard with STAB psychic or its other moves.

Garchomp@Persim Berry
Adamant Nature
Sand Veil
EV's: 252 Atk 252 Spd

Rock Slide

This thing is incredibly strong. It has earthquake and rock slide to hit both enemies, and Outrage for extra STAB.

Eelektross@Expert Belt
Quiet Nature
EV's: 252 Atk 252 sp Atk

Brick Break
Grass Knot

This thing can last pretty long, since it has no weaknesses. I personally prefer to keep it slow, so it's offenses are better. But what do you guys think? Should I go for speed?

Gyarados@Sitrus Berry
Adamant Nature
EV's: 176 HP / 128 Atk / 204 Spe

Ice Fang
Dragon Dance

Let's face it. I ran out of items. I can only use one of each item, so I don't know what to use... Maybe you guys could help me out with that. I prefer to have earthquake and Ice Fang, for different types of moves. And I can hit almost any Electric type with earthquake if I have enough dragon dances in.


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Get ride of Outrage on Garchomp, if you're playing on Singles OutRage is the best option but in doubles, Dragon Claw and Dual Chop are better options, as none trapped you, and both allows you to select what you would hit. And I would recommend Max HP on Musharna ;o but is only me


Artistically angry
Give your Gyarados a lum berry, being burned or paralyzed cripples Gyarados, and being badly poisoned will seriously cut his time on the field. Then give Musharna 252 hp/ 152+ def/ 100(or less) sp def, calm mind will work it's special side up well
If you have 252 attack on Eelektross, why not have it another physical move on it?
otherwise I would keep its attack EVs lower and move more Evs into HP to let it stay even longer. Or you can ditch attack all together and go with a passive move, like protect or something.

and i second the lum berry on gyarados. don't want that guy getting burned or paralyzed.


The Girl You Want!

Jolly Nature
EV's: 44 HP| 166 Def| 204 Speed| 96 Atk
~Dragon Dance
IMO, you don't need Lum Berry on Gyarados. Substitute does this job very well, because of him Respectable Bulky.
Leftovers is the main item here. If you manage to get 2 Dragon dance (Substitute allows him for do this), he will be a beast.
It's a tough decision, since He get walled by himself...he get walled by another Gyarados "(
But it isn't THAT a problem :)
There isn't any notable differences betwhen your set and mine. Only that Lum Berry isn't needed because he Have enough speed after 1 boost from DD. By the way, give Musharna Sitrus Berry or Shel bell, she won't benefit too much from Lefties, Lefties is better on Gyarados.
Good Luck, friend!
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Item Life Orb/Choice Band/Choice Scraf/Yache Berry
Nature Jolly/Adamant
Ability Sand Veil
Dragon Claw
Rock Slide
Dragon Claw is better than Outrage because it will not confuse you and also you will not need to use it continiously
Earthquake is a good ground move + STAB
Rock Slide is a good coverage move with Earthquake, also it hit both enemy in double battle, unfortunally if you are playing single battle then you need to put Stone Edge instead
Crunch can kill ghost type Pokemon easily

Good Luck with your team