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Another Winter (G-PG)


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Author Note: Hi, my name is Hazel_Nut, and this is the first fic I'll be posting on Serebii. I'm nervous. It's a one-shot which will be posted in two to three parts, since it's also a first, and I...I hope you enjoy. This is a Christmas special, a bit of another Pikachu's Winter Vacation.


“Merry Christmas!”

Colorful confetti burst into my trainer, Ash’s face, accompanied by a loud pop. He yelped in shock and fell backwards off his chair, nearly squashing me. But I’m a quick little critter, and I go jump and dodge before his head flattens me. “Pikachyuu,” I whimper, shaking my cute yellow body in fright as I thought about how Ash could’ve killed me.

That’s how a Pikachu fan would’ve written it. Over-exaggerated, like how they always comment to Ash about me. But I’m not just a fan. I’m the real thing; Pikachu, the one and only. I guess it feels really natural for Ash that I’m there all the time, but for others, especially little kids, I’m really that special. I have no problem with that. I pretend to like being cuddled, and maybe really I do a bit. But then in the end I’m just another Pokémon. So I guess it’s time you here the story from my point of view. There is actually a lot of cool stuff happening with us Pokémon when the trainers are turned away. Sometimes they’re even better than the adventures Ash and his friends have. And so, here’s our little winter adventure, Pikachu style.

Anyway, despite the petty little exaggerations here and there, I think I gave you the main idea of how this story generally starts. Coordinator pops, trainer gets shocked, almost falls on me, but I get out of the way. Right; though I think you’d like to know what exactly is going on, straight and not so petty.

Ash wanted to see Misty and the others again, so he decided to temporarily go back to Pallet and hold a Christmas party in Professor Oak’s lab. It’s much more spacious there, and since it’s a lab, of course all the Pokémon can participate without having to be on the invited trainer’s team. We all loved the idea, Brock Dawn and I, so Ash decided it’d pull through. And it did. Ash invited as many people as he could, namely Misty, her sisters (to Brock’s pleas), May, Max, Caroline and Norman, and to their amazing luck, they came across Richie on the way. It was a spectacular idea, and of course I get to play with Sparky and everybody.

Now, there we were, sitting there and waiting for those invited to come. There were already a bunch of us there, even without the invitees.
First of all there was Ash and I, of course. Best friends for life. Ash was even more pumped up that day than when he gets another badge from a worthy Gym Leader. That influenced the rest of his team and me, and that morning we were all totally running in circles. Dawn muttered something about Ash being an immature idiot.

Ah yes, Dawn; sometimes, no, most of the time, she was the immature idiot, no offense to Dawn. She’s mostly overconfident of herself, hyper and girly, and of course all this has rubbed off on her Pokémon. And Buneary? Sometimes I’d like to get away from that insane love-struck loon. But Dawn is still a great friend; just make sure you take your vitamins.

Brock was there, too, and it was a good thing we didn’t invite Nurse Joy of Officer Jenny. Otherwise Brock would be too busy flirting to have fun with us. Brock was a great caring guy when he was away from pretty girls.

And then there was Richie. Great guy; friendly, and he had thoughtful Pokémon. Sometimes they can be really uninteresting, though, because they share the same personality: plain, boring nice. Except for Sparky; don’t take me wrong, he was nice too, but he was totally fun to be with, not as boring as the others, and he was an awesome friend. And over the time we were gone, Richie put more color into his team—namely a Nidorino named Ion, and a Furret named Tarochii.

Aside from those I already mentioned there was also Delia and Oak, there for supervision. However, when she came they were preparing snacks along with Brock, and Ash was chatting with Richie, and he wasn’t ready for the loud pop and the ridiculous confetti. Let’s go back to where we were initially.

Her hysterical laugh was seriously making my ears ring. May, I mean. She snuck up from behind and popped a party popper in Ash’s face. That’s what caused him to crash into the floor. “May.” He mumbled, though there was a bit of amusement in his voice. “You came.” “Sure did!” laughed May. Sometimes she was absolutely annoying. She was a great coordinator, though, but if a wannabe wanted advice from her they’d have to put up with her walking around the subject.

“Hey, Dawn.” May turned towards the rookie, grinning as she tossed the popper aside. “Long time no see! How’s it been with your routine?” “Great. Absolutely great,” boasted Dawn, getting up from her seat to greet May. Those two were really perfect friends; almost alike, except May’s more experienced.

May didn’t notice, however, her little brother sneaking up on her. Preparing the popper, pulling the string….


The prank fell on May this time, who screamed and jumped, bumping into Dawn, who fell over and landed on Ash who yelped painfully. It was quite a big chain reaction, as you can imagine, and that combined with Richie getting up so fast it made his chair fall, Max laughing and rolling on the floor and me and the others calling out made Brock walk out of the kitchen, concerned. “Hey, guys, are you alright out there?” I thought of Nurse Joy and how Brock wouldn’t be as concerned if she was around. Apparently despite already being a qualified trainer, Max was still the little boy who was May’s sister.

“Get off me,” screamed Ash. I immediately felt bad for him and started going, [May, Dawn, get off my trainer; I think you’re killing him!] But of course, humans would her that as, “Pika! Pika kacyuu! Kaaaaaaa!” But that’s not very helpful, so I’ll stick with our language.

“Someone, help us!” cried Dawn, struggling to push May away. “Get off me!” “I’m trying!” replied May, “but my new charm bracelet got stuck in your hair!” It was just then I noticed the silvery new bracelet dangling from May’s wrist. I couldn’t see it that well, though, since it was stuck in blue wisps of Dawn’s hair.

“What happened?” By then Brock was all over the situation and was standing beside Richie who had Sparky sitting on his head. “It’s a long chain reaction,” explained Richie, eyes fixed on the mess of trainers. “I think for now we should do something.” [How can we?] Sparky was trying to see past the mess of Pokémon around the trainers. [I can’t see a thing.] “Pikachuuuu,” that would’ve sounded like, but Richie and Brock knew what he meant anyway. “I’m sorry! Are you guys alright?” Max understood what he’d done, but anyway he couldn’t see anything either.

“Quit pulling!” Dawn’s Cyndaquil was tugging on the bracelet. He was trying to be helpful, but it looked like he was making it worse. By that time the girls had rolled off Ash and my trainer was trying to sit up. [Hey, buddy, are you alright?] I asked, concerned. Some of the others were around him, too. “Fine,” smiled Ash, taking his red hat and putting it back on. “Thanks, Pikachu. You really make me feel better.” [No problem.] I loved how we seemed to have telepathy sometimes. It feels more normal, and we understand each other easier. It’s been like this for some time now; Ash was thirteen, if I remembered correctly, but has barely changed from when I first met him.

I looked over to the other scene where May and Dawn’s teams were gathered. Most of them were pulling at Dawn’s hair. “I said quit pulling!” repeated Dawn, trying to shoo away desperate paws. “Do you understand English or do I have to say it in your language? Dawn, Dawn, Dawn! Oh forget it; I don’t know how to do this!” “Stop struggling!” yelled May from above the Pokémon cries. “I’m trying to untangle this stupid mess! Just give me a moment and—“

“Well, well, look who we’ve got here.” A familiar smirk and annoying voice called May’s attention away from the mess. It made Ash and I look, too, and guess who we saw?

“Drew!” May slipped her thin gloved hand out of her bracelet and hid it behind her back. Apparently, being her, I’d make a guess that she didn’t want her green-haired rival to see her making a fool of herself like that. “What the hell are you doing here, stalker?!”

“You could do that all along?!” yelled Dawn viciously, getting up into a sitting position. Her hair was all frizzed up from her Pokémon’s tugging. “You gave me a bad hair day almost as awful as Pachirisu’s!” “Well, I’m sorry!” snapped May, turning red when she heard Drew chuckle to himself. Poor May; she must’ve been embarrassed to death.

“Well,” said Drew, “I got a bit curious seeing you wander away from the next contest. Guessed you were a bit stupider than usual and mistook the next contest to be this way. Turns out you were just—“”Hey, who are you and what are you doing here?!” Drew turned around and met who else but Misty with her sisters who were a few ways back. The redhead nodded swiftly to us before turning back to Drew and demanding, “Get out of here, you idiot, I think you came to the wrong place. Where were you going, the park? And bullying May like that!” May herself was laughing. I almost laughed myself. I never thought I’d see Drew getting absolutely scolded by Misty. Drew frowned.

“Misty, no, it’s fine.” Ash got up, and I got up, too. “It’s just Drew. I don’t think you’ve met yet.” “Oh, yeah!” behind me I heard Richie. “You’re May, right, and Dawn? I’m Richie.” After that were just introductions and greetings (and Brock flirting). I already knew all the Pokémon present, so I acted like something along the lines of a host and introduced the Pokémon to each other. But anyway despite that being quite a long story, it wasn’t that I was about to tell you. This story is about Buneary, Wartortle, Psyduck, Sparky, Tarochii and I, and it all happens at a different time; at dusk.

Our trainers had all left us to play around outside while they chatted and ate snacks. I was having fun with Sparky as he gave me an introduction of Tarochii and Ion. Ion was hard to talk to; really antisocial, but Sparky told me that of you get to know him more he was a great guy. Tarochii on the other hand reminded me of something Dawn would own—really, really hyper, and according to Sparky he was the latest addition to the team and the most immature, despite having evolved already. According to him, he was assigned to babysit Tarochii when Richie wasn’t around. I admire Sparky for putting up with that brat. I didn’t realize that a few minutes later, I’d have to put up with him.

In return for introducing me to the newbies (and partly from admiration), I went to introduce Sparky to the other Pokémon I knew, starting from the ones in the pond at the moment. As for Buneary, actually, she just bumped into us on our way to the pond. By the way Sparky had stared at me, he was sorry for me having to put up with the love-struck Buneary. But it was also the other way around; Tarochii had been stalking Sparky all day; and just because he wanted something to do.

I’d only introduced Psyduck and Wartortle when I spotted my teammate Glalie, Dawn’s Mamoswine and May’s Glaceon headed towards the fence. The first thing that struck me was that they were all ice types. The next thing was that Mamoswine has just trampled Oak’s fence and nobody was doing anything about it. And lastly it was Sparky’s paw shaking me vigorously.

[Pikachu; Pikachu, what is going on with those three? Are those guys your friends?] [Running, running…] said Psyduck. He was the first and only Pokémon I knew with a mental problem. That’s what we all assumed, anyway. [I know they’re running,] said Sparky, [but where are they headed?] [I don’t know.] I really didn’t. [I think we should go ask around.] Wartortle climbed out of the water, about to ask Goldeen, when Buneary came out of…I don’t know. She just came out, and it was really shocking. [They went to go to an area meeting,] she had announced. It made all of us jump, and when Psyduck fell into the water Wartortle had to rescue him.

While he was doing that, though, we came to discuss the situation. [An area meeting?] I echoed. [But they don’t live here, why do they have to go?] [I’ll tell you if you hug me first.] Buneary smiled eagerly and I flinched. [Please, please, please? Just once, ever, for the whole day, and I’ll tell you.] Just today? [Fine…..] I had a bad feeling about this “area meeting,” and I wanted to know more about it. Sparky eyed me with a what the heck do you think you’re doing look that made me nervous. “Huuuug!” Buneary threw her arms around me, and we spun around and around and around…..it really made me feel sick. We almost fell into the pond in fact, but Wartortle had just arrived with Psyduck on his back and pushed us up before we fell. [What, you getting married now?]

[No,] I muttered, peeling Buneary off me. She could be really annoying, and I was happy that she went to just that level for that day. She fulfilled her promise of not attempting to hug me for the whole day, but that was mostly because of what was about to happen. [Hug, hug…..] whimpered Psyduck as he spurted out water. A water type Pokémon who couldn’t swim, and now he was teasing me too? I wanted to challenge him, seriously, but he was only mentally retarded by our standards, so I absolutely ignored him instead.

[Okay,] said Sparky for me, forcing a smile at Buneary. No offense, but Buneary was creeping me out, too. She usually did, anyway, so it wasn’t much different from the rest of my life. [So are you going to tell us everything those three said?] [It was something about ice Pokémon tradition,] Buneary said, straight. [They said something like if it’s urgent, the mayor of a certain area can call on even trained Pokémon as long as it concerns them, too. But they said it only happens in real states of emergency, so they needed to go. They were called by some sort of Glacier Horn thing; every ice type mayor has it, they say, and only ice Pokémon can hear its call.]

[Ice Pokémon?] I echoed curiously. [Here, in Pallet?] Pallet Town and the areas around it were definitely not snowy places like Snowpoint City, and even at this time of year not so much as the first snow of winter has fallen on Pallet’s green grass quite yet. Buneary shrugged in reply. [They said it, not me.] [No snow, no snow, here in Pallet.] Even Psyduck could see that. [Are you sure?] asked Wartortle, getting out of the water. [Sure as there being no snow in Pallet right now,] replied Buneary with a second shrug.

I was starting to get bad vibes from the situation. Glaceon, Mamoswine and Glalie, called over for a meeting they had no business at, for a reason even they don’t know…it just didn’t feel quite right. And usually, my gut feeling was right.

[Sparky, what do you think?] I wanted to make sure I wasn’t becoming paranoid, and since Richie seemed to be a smart guy who always had some instinct, I went and asked his Pokémon. [I think something’s absolutely wrong.] Just what I needed, if it wasn’t for Tarochii suddenly beaming, [Sparky?! You’re going somewhere?!] Sparky flinched at that, and I remembered something. Sparky was Tarochii’s guardian. If he left him, he’d definitely get in trouble with his trainer. I didn’t want that, did I? [Bring him with us.] I immediately regretted what I had said; I knew there was going to be danger on this trip.

[Pikachu…..] Smart Sparky absolutely sensed the stupidity in that statement. [Tarochii’s not a good fighter.] [Oh, come on,] yelled Tarochii, [I’m not stupid! I’m not a baby! I can take care of myself!] The Furret grinned stupidly. [And he’s immature,] added Sparky. Tarochii blew up his cheeks, the same way I see Dawn do when she gets annoyed. Richie should do a trade or something; Dawn and that Furret were meant to be.

[Uh…..I could come with, if you want,] offered Wartortle uneasily. I was relieved inside; we needed help if we wanted to bring along Tarochii. I think Wartortle sensed the need for an extra babysitter. [Come with, Come with, Psyduck!] Uh-Oh…..looks like we just got more weight. [Hey, I helped you out,] chirped Buneary. [I’m coming along too! Do I want to miss the fun?] I gulped mentally, because I knew Buneary would be another burden and she probably only wanted to come because I’d be going. That doesn’t help me at all.

[Um…Psyduck, I think you better stay behind,] said Sparky awkwardly. I was glad he usually shared my opinion. [Buneary’s coming along, and I think you tagging along would be too much.] My heart skipped a beat, but I knew this had to be done. I took a quick glance at Buneary, and she was jumping around in a giddy mood. I’d be stuck with her, but that had to be fine temporarily, since she promised there’d be no more hugs for the day.

[No stay…come, come, Psyduck!] Unfortunately, Psyduck was persistent about it. Sparky looked at me, screaming for help in his eyes. I stared back, and my eyes probably said, I have no idea what the heck to do, because Sparky sighed and said, [Fine, come along. But don’t be so much trouble, okay?] Psyduck started jumping with glee. [Psyduck no trouble; Psyduck no trouble!] But he ended up falling into the pond again. Wartortle groaned as he dove after him.

Sparky sighed and looked at me. [This is going to be quite a day, isn’t it?] [Nope,] I sighed, [This is going to be chaos.]


Now, I hope this wasn't too OOC, since I haven't watched the anime in a long time, especially not DP. But I hope that was okay, and I also hope to get constructive criticism so that I know what to write in part two.


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Part two.


[Are you sure you know where we’re going…?] Tarochii whimpered for the umpteenth time.

[Yes, I’m sure,] Sparky sighed, Iron Tailing his way through the bushes, illuminating the darkness. It was getting late, and since none of us were the kind of Pokémon who could glow without losing much energy, we were practically stuck in the dark. I could barely see my paw in front of my face. Instead Sparky, Wartortle and I used our senses for this trek, and if the floor was damp, we knew we were going the right way. Ice Pokémon tended to leave a damp path behind them, unless it was snowing, where they’d stay in perfect condition.

[Pikachu, hold me, I’m scared!] I groaned heavily as an overreacting Buneary leaned on my arm, cuddling me with her head. It was seriously ticking me off. [Uh, Buneary, isn’t this considered a hug?] [Oh, sorry….] Buneary let go, but she was apparently disappointed. I couldn’t see her, but I could imagine her pretending to be miserable without me.

I was about to try letting off a few sparks to see better when there was a thud. [Ouch, Ouch, ouch…..] Psyduck must’ve bumped into a tree again. I heard Wartortle sigh as he pulled Psyduck onto his feet, leaves on the ground rustling with the motion. [Sparky, I hate to be a burden, but how far do you think we need to go?] [We have no idea where they went,] stated Sparky simply, [so we have no idea how long this is going to take.]

I set off a few sparks without warning, like I was about to, causing Psyduck to bump into another tree in shock. I heard Buneary yelp, and by the sound of leaves, jump, along with Tarochii who apparently hid behind a bush. Sparky turned around simply, and then looked up ahead where he could see a bit better. [Let’s see now…..oh, look; a cave!]

I looked ahead for a few moments, and spotted a bluish cave not a few yards away, and immediately released the flow of electricity in my cheeks once I memorized its position. I didn’t want to get tired. [That’s probably where they went,] stated Sparky. [Let’s go.]

I heard lots of rustling as Wartortle helped Psyduck up (again), Tarochii came out of the bushes and Buneary recovered from the stun. [Don’t shock me like that,] cried Tarochii childishly. [I don’t want to do this, Sparky, let’s go home!] I just realized that Tarochii only ever addressed Sparky, never me or Wartortle or anybody else; just Sparky. Maybe he was just used to it being just him and Sparky, nobody else.

[We can’t go home,] noted Sparky to Tarochii, devastating another bush. [We’ve gone too far, and that cave is emitting bad vibes.] [Exactly!] I was surprised to find Buneary siding with Tarochii this time. Buneary usually only sided with me, hoping she’d get me as her boyfriend or something. It never has worked; never will. [Let’s go back.]

[No, that’s not the point,] I said, because if I knew I made it clear, Buneary would eventually side with me. [Glaceon, Mamoswine and Glalie could be in there; we need to see if what they’re up to is good or bad.]

[I don’t know about this.] Even Wartortle didn’t like the idea. I have to admit I was a bit surprised; Wartortle didn’t talk much for the trek, and I thought he was fine with going. [I think we should just mind our own business.] [Home; Go home.] Psyduck didn’t like the idea of going into the cave, either. It was Sparky and I against everybody else. But my feeling was really strong…it couldn’t be just a small matter. The mayor of Pallet’s ice population was calling trained Pokémon to an area meeting? It felt…unnatural.

[Guys, we have to do this!] I was glad to have Sparky as a friend. He could really sense the danger I was sensing. [We don’t know what this ‘mayor’ wants with our friends, and if we--]

[Quiet! Voice; loud voice,] said Psyduck suddenly, and we all froze and listened instinctively.

[All ice Pokémon, big and small; from far and wide!] It was a bit faint, but we could make out a deep voice reverberating from the direction of the cave mouth. [I have gathered you all here today to discuss a very important matter!] [I can’t believe it,] whispered Wartortle. [Good job, Psyduck.] [Listen, listen,] was all Psyduck said back. Maybe he wasn’t so out-of-the-box after all.

[Humans have--] [I still don’t buy it,] interrupted Buneary loudly, causing us all to shush her. She seemed persistent though. [You’ve got no evidence that this concerns us! I just think--] [I hear something about humans,] snapped Tarochii nervously. We all listened closer, and Buneary, seeing that we weren’t paying attention to her anymore, sighed and listened, too.

[--our habitat! These humans; they--] [I hear it,] whispered Wartortle. [Let’s get closer.] All we did was nod (I think), and Wartortle could sense our approval rather than see it, and we all advanced towards the cave.

Curiosity is a nasty thing, though, and we ended up hiding behind a large boulder, eavesdropping on the meeting. And we found out that this was more than just a normal meeting, and it totally concerned us and our trainers.

[We’re being invaded by these humans, see!] The voice was actually a Walrein, perched atop a large white boulder that reminded me of a cliff, so he could see all and all could see him. And you’d be surprised what “all” was—there were hundreds of ice Pokémon there, maybe few for Snowpoint but in Pallet? I never knew we had an entire ice civilization hiding in a cold cave in Pallet. The cave itself screamed “ice” whenever you looked at it; icicles instead of stalactites and stalagmites; frost on the walls; stones blue from decades of freezing…in fact, we were all feeling chilly by the time we got to the assembly.

[It’s c-c-c-cold,] stammered Buneary, grasping my arm again. I didn’t do anything about it this time; I was even a tad bit grateful. It wasn’t just cold; it was freezing! Sparky was squished on my other side, with Tarochii shivering beside him, and Wartortle was a bit ways off, trying to keep Psyduck from blowing our cover. [Glaceon; Mamoswine; Glalie,] Psyduck was yelling, pointing at our comrades who were listening at the edge of the assembly. [I know, I know,] hissed Wartortle, struggling to keep Psyduck from running to greet them.

[Um, Sparky….when can we go home and sit beside the fire?] Tarochii was really shuddering now, leaning on Sparky heavily. [Not right now, Tarochii.] Sparky was straining to listen to the speech. [Just try to stay warm for now.] Everyone’s breath was showing in the air, and I was starting to realize how much Tarochii looked like a scarf. I gulped and averted my attention, trying to keep myself from wrapping him around me.

I of course couldn’t remember exactly what Walrein had said, but it was something across the lines of humans invading their territory. I didn’t see, though, how humans were invading their territory if they lived in a hidden cave. But we all soon discovered that the ice Pokémon considered people catching them as an invasion of their rights, and that they should be free to roam around without the burden of humans. It made me a bit angry. They had no idea how loving a trainer can be with their Pokémon! But then again there were those trainers like Paul, with no care for their Pokémon whatsoever, seeing them as tools for battle. The fire inside me faded as I realized how these Pokémon wanted to be rid of such abuse. I did, too.

“…And so, today we must rid ourselves of such burdens!” It was something like that, what Walrein said. “Today, we will all chase away these humans from what used to be our territory!” My heart sank as the ice Pokémon cheered with him. I caught a glimpse of Glaceon, Mamoswine and Glalie whispering among them nervously, but they appeared to be the only ones. I sighed and looked around at my own companions, who looked as terrified as I probably did, except for Psyduck who was still fighting against Wartortle who was holding him still and covering his beak.

“Together,” continued Walrein, “we will rampage across the homes they have built on our terrain!”

The Pokémon cheered.

“Finally, after all these years of suffering, we will find a way to redeem ourselves!”

The Pokémon cheered, and I was starting to feel sick.

“Gather all your friends, ice or not, and tell them to help us in our quest!” Walrein’s deep voice rumbled across the cavern, accompanied by the loud, enthusiastic cheers of the ice Pokémon gathered around him. “I know some of you may be Pokémon who have lived alongside humans, for I have included you in my calls, but ask yourselves, what have these humans really done for you?” I stiffened, and I felt the air grow tense as everybody around me froze, too. Even Psyduck’s scuttling froze. His desire was not as strong as his love.

Walrein continued. “They ripped you away from your family, and any dreams you must’ve had were at most, shattered. They force you to fight fellow Pokémon for what other reason but their own selfishness; their own ambitions that they wish to fulfill. But what do they give you in return? Surely, they feed you and give you a roof to shelter under, and heal you when you are hurt, but are these not only so you may be healthy enough for the next battle? And more importantly, can this so called ‘care’ heal the scars of what used to be and what was meant to be? No! You must fight back. They are not caring enough!”

I grew even more shaken as I heard murmurs of agreement among the other ice Pokémon. I glanced at our three runaway friends, hoping, praying to Arceus that they were unaffected by this nonsense. Mamoswine nodded slightly just once, but I saw Glaceon smack him to his senses with a blow from her paw. I had no idea what they were doing, because they were a bit far off, but they appeared to be talking, judging by the amount of cold air they blew through.

Sparky muttered something like, “They don’t understand,” and I looked over my shoulder to check on everyone. Sparky looked unusually grumpy, but he was trying his best to comfort a terrified Tarochii who was leaning on him, going, “Richie is using us…?” But I knew Sparky could change his mind. Sparky had always been a good speaker and his love for Richie was undeniable. We were alike in more ways than just species. Wartortle, on the other hand, looked furious. I mean, if you saw him for the first time, he’d look like a fire type. Can’t blame him; May is real easy to get along with, and a speech like Walrein’s would steam any of her Pokémon up. Buneary looked just plain terrified. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Buneary so quiet. Lastly, Psyduck…where was Psyduck?

That’s where it struck me.

“Hey, guys, have you seen Psyduck?” Wartortle seemed to snap out of a trance at that statement. After all, he sort of acted as a Psyduck babysitter for the past events. “Huh…? Psyduck!” He began swishing his head around frantically, and everyone else looked concerned now, too. I guess everyone knew Psyduck would cause huge, and I mean huge problems if he disappeared.

“Over there,” said Buneary suddenly, drawing our attention to where she was pointing. That’s what changed it all---Psyduck, rushing towards our three friends to greet them. “Oh, Arceus, don’t—“I knew what Wartortle was afraid of, and it happened, alright.

“Glaceon, Mamoswine, Glalie!!!” And Psyduck sure was damn loud with it too. I bet you could hear it from all the way outside, because everyone inside sure heard him. And they were all staring at him. “And who is this?” Walrein raised a bushy eyebrow inquiringly. “Don’t…move…a muscle…” whispered Sparky through gritted teeth, but we were all frozen already anyway. And you know what? Psyduck made it worse.

“Pikachu, Sparky, Tarochii, Buneary, Wartortle waiting behind rock! No like plan. Me no like plan either!” We all sat there gaping like complete idiots as Psyduck gave away absolutely everything that would get us in trouble. But we didn’t get out of there, mostly because Misty would kill us if we left Psyduck in a cave full of crazed human-hating Pokémon. But still, the entire cave was glaring at us, and just because we let Psyduck got away.

“Guards!” Walrein boomed, and my stomach lurched with it. “Guards, investigate that boulder over there.” That horrible sinking feeling grew worse when Walrein pointed straight at me with his blue flipper. “Let’s get out of here,” whimpered Tarochii, tugging on Sparky. “Yeah, let’s,” agreed Buneary, tugging on me this time. “Uh…guys, I think we have company,” growled Wartortle, sliding into battle stance.

I jumped back with a yelp as the boulder I was sitting on got smashed to pieces by a well-aimed Wood Hammer. Standing in its place was two burly-looking Abomasnows, really tall even for Abomasnows. And boy, did they glare. “Have you ever heard of polite introduction?” Buneary snorted, but I could see the fear in her eyes.

“Boss, five Pokémon sighted. No ice types; threat level is unknown.” That one was twice as creepy; he totally reminded me of Ash’s Pokédex—monotonous and robotic. He even sounded like a computer.

“Well if you keep threatening us like that then we will be a threat!” I just couldn’t believe Buneary’s idiocy sometimes. “And besides, your stupid drive-away-the-humans plan is totally bogus anyway. We were going to put a stop to that, and now you’re keeping us from that!” Now that took the cake. “Uh…boss, I stand corrected,” said the earlier Abomasnow. “They are immediate threats to our plan.” Sparky looked at me with she’s hopeless written in his eyes. I responded with an I know look. “Oops,” gulped Buneary, only just realizing her huge mistake.

Well, too little too late.