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Antarctic Trade Gazebo

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by GlaceonQueen, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. GlaceonQueen

    GlaceonQueen <- Pure Delight

    [Thank you PKMNRookie for the amazing banner and Thank you PikaPal_Lira for the dancing Shiny Froslass]

    [​IMG]Welcome To the Antarctic Trade Gazebo! This is GlaceonQueen~.[​IMG]

    As school will be starting for me soon- I will be severely limited in amounts of trades I will be able to do. Expect delays!

    I would like to thank my ever so helpful cloner, ShadowKyorge443! His help with cloning my various mon for this thread, and all without fee, is simply exemplary. I honestly look forward to working together with him [ I'm assuming he] for our trade shop careers.



    [Please read my rules, ratios and want to know sections before making a claim. This is merely for benefiting our possible trade.

    1. Follow ALL Trade forum and SPPF rules.
    2. Be polite and patient, for I am a busy person and may not reply to your post immediately.
    3. No spam.
    4. No ridiculous requests. [magicarp for shiny virizion, etc]
    5. Use proper English and grammar please, as I am not multilingual and texttalk and me are not compatible in the slightest.
    6. Absolutely NO hacks what so ever. In the event I accidentally give you a hacked Pokemon, give me legitimate proof and I will exchange with something else or a complete refund. Hacked Pokemon will be released. If I receive a hacked Pokemon from you, I will ask politely for a return of the Pokemon that you received. Failure to return said Pokemon will result in immediate blacklisting and a warning to all trade shops I know.
    ~~~Exception: Clones are perfectly fine by me, so long as they come from legit background. All shinies and legends here are clones.
    7. I can take items in the event you do not have what I want, but only for regular adoptions, not for shinies.
    8. Have fun!


    1 Adoption/ [Counts under regular.]
    1 Regular/ 1 item or 1 regular.
    1 DW event/ 1 item or regular or 1 DW event
    1 Shiny/ 1 shiny OR 2 DW or 2 regular
    1 FLAWLESS shiny/ 1 shiny legandary OR 1 DW shiny OR 2 regular shinies
    1 DW Shiny/ 2 Shinies OR 1 FLAWLESS shiny or two regular shinies, or 3 EM pokemon or Dw females.
    1 Legendary/ 2 shinies or 2 Dw and 2 items or regular
    1 Shiny Legandary/ 3 shinies or 3 DW
    Event: PM me!

    Terminology used in shop. Consider this a Pseudo "Must Know Section" of sorts.

    ~Lvl: What level a pokemon is.
    ~UT: Untouched.
    ~BT: Bearly touched, has gained experience but has not gained a level.
    ~T: Touched. Has gained Levels.
    ~DCT: Day Care Touched: Gained experience or level though the Daycare, mainly in the case of Dream World Females.
    ~RCT: Rare Candy Touched.
    ~DWf: Dream World Females.
    ~DWm: Dream World Males, not typically used in shop.
    ~EMm: Egg Move Males.
    ~EMf: Egg Move Female, not typically used in shop.
    ~MMing: Masuda Methoding, a breeding technique to turn out a shiny baby involving two different nationalized Pokemon. [Ex. A English Gallade with a Korean Gardevoir in a English Game to produce a Shiny Ralts. ]
    ~Jap.: Japanese Pokemon
    ~Kor.: Korean
    ~Fren.: French
    ~Spa.: Spanish
    ~Germ.: Germany

    Read this section for benefiting our trade.

    ~Available most days During summer and break. On School days I will be available 3-9 PM Tuesdays, Wednesday, Fridays and all day Sundays.
    ~My Timezone is GMT -5, please try and post a time of availability already converted to avoid confusion.
    ~All Pokemon within this shop are fully retradeable unless marked otherwise. Please do not pine over non-retradeable Pokemon.
    ~ ALL Shinies, events and Legandarys are clones, if you have a problem with this then contact me, but do not whine or moan on the thread or I will ban you for a week.
    ~I love Glaceon and the Ralts-line.

    Trophy Case: Over the years, I have collected several pokemon that I am proud to call my own, mainly ether lucky finds, events with special meaning to them or Pokemon have RNGed for me. Bellow are such pokemon and a synopsis of how I got them. Most of the Pokemon in these are NOT FOR TRADE, though I will mark which ones are not for trade and which ones are.

    Cubone "Jethro"
    Lucky hatch in my Diamond. NOT FOR TRADE

    [​IMG] -> [​IMG]
    Eevee To Glaceon "Roxanne" Chained in my Diamond and sent to my SoulSilver. Lvl 100 NOT FOR TRADE

    [​IMG] -> [​IMG]

    Ralts to Gallade, "Marth"
    Hatched in Platinum. NOT FOR TRADE

    DW Bulbasaur, UT lvl 10, Lonely nature. Given to me in trade from chrisv.987. FOR TRADE FOR OTHER DW STARTERS

    DW Charmander, UT lvl 10, Timid nature. Given to me in trade from chrisv.987. FOR TRADE FOR OTHER DW STARTERS

    DW Torchic, UT Lvl 10 Adamant, Flawless. Given to me in trade from chrisv.987. FOR TRADE FOR OTHER DW STARTERS

    [​IMG]-> http://www.serebii.net/Shiny/BW/398.png
    Starly to Staravia, "BirdBrain" Accidently found while chaining for my Roxanne. NOT FOR TRADE UNLESS FOR VERY HIGH PRICE.

    Shiny Wishmaker Jirachi, Serious, Given to me by a friend. NOT FOR TRADE EVER!

    Point System: As I am a hardcore breeder, I love breeding egg moves and flawless pokemon. I however love doing so late at night and therefore sometimes screw up what parents can breed what moves can breed into what Pokemon [mainly in Non-Field Pokemon, because there is no illegal move sets with Smeargle]. This is where you come in. Bellow I have a list of what males I need, this changes as my EM list expands or is completed and what not. Some of these are also Foreign females that I've had no luck on getting on GTS,[because almost everyone on GTS wants a "level 9 Reshaim" or a "level 100"] for MMing for shinies. If you have a male Pokemon or Foreign female on my list, simply negotiate a trade with me and then trade with me then you will receive a point. This point can get you Dream World Females, Egg move Males or even some shinys! These Points are in addition to whatever pokemon I'm already trading you.

    1 Point: A EMm or DWm
    2 Points: A DWf or 2 EM Males
    3 Points: A Regular shiny.

    ~ Foreign Male Smeargles. For MMing Dw Field Shines. I do not care nature or ability wise.

    ~All Females from the Rugged Mountain's area, With DW ability, Adamant, UT and in Dream balls! [I need: Absol, Burmy, Bagon, Cacnea, Croagunk, Mankey, Machop, Ryhorn, Slugma, Phanpy, Larvatar, Torkoal, Trapinch, Hippopotas, Teddiursa, Makuhita and Spinda ]

    These People are currently holding points or ether cloning for me or giving me needed EM pokemon.

    ~K1LL3RxP0P7aRt: Infinite [For cloning for me, being nice and being in general, helpful.]
    ~ShadowKyorge443: Infinite [For cloning for me, being nice and being patent and being helpful.]
    ~NoToRiousBrawL: Infinite [For cloning for me, being nice, patent, helpful and donating several events to my shop]
    ~DarkDream79: Infinite [For cloning for me, being nice, patent, helpful and all around pleasant to trade with. ]
    ~K'yoril: 7 [For being my epic Smeargle Pimp.]
    ~Charizard_Rulez84: 1 Point [For providing me a Alakazam]
    ~CoachDozier: 1 Point [For Providing me a Forretress]
    ~Ju-da-su: 1 point [For providing a Naive Jap. Ditto]
    ~Azel: 3 [For providing a Careful, Gentle and Lonely foreign dittos
    ~Sly Sloth: 5 for providing a Snorunt with Water Pulse and Several Jap. Pokemon.
    ~Anselm1013: Providing a Tentacool

    Strike/Ban system:

    1 Strike= Warning
    2= Week Ban
    3= Month Ban
    4= Permanent Ban.
    If you are Banned, you will be unavailable to place offers or trade within my shop. If you trade to a banned person a Pokemon you got from me, you will be banned yourself.

    Now to the fun stuff~.

    What I offer~.

    Note: * means it needs to be cloned.

    Shiny Buneary, Female*
    Shiny Azumaril, Female.*
    Shiny Scyther, Male. *
    Shiny Eevee, Male. *
    Shiny Jap. Eevee, Female*
    Shiny Litwick, Male*
    Shiny Rufflet*
    Shiny Audino, Male
    Shiny Froslass*
    Shiny Glaceon, Male, Lvl 10*
    Shiny Empolen, Male*
    Shiny Purrloin, Female, FLAWLESS < Premier Ribbon, but otherwise completely legit>*
    Shiny Jigglypuff, Male*
    Shiny Swellow, Male*
    Shiny Charzard, Male*
    Shiny Solosis, Female, UT
    Shiny Umbreon, Male.
    Shiny DW Glaceon, Male, UT, Lvl 3.* <except the two levels needed to evolve it.>
    Shiny Axew, Female.*
    Shiny Ralts, Female, lvl 12, "NNed Aurora."*
    Shiny Kor. Larvesta, lvl 1, UT*
    Shiny Deino, lvl 1, EM: Dark Pulse, UT
    Shiny Flawless Archen, 25 UT
    Shiny Flawless Cubchoo, 1 UT
    Shiny Cubone, Female, Adamant, Lvl 1 UT*
    Shiny Cofagrigus, Male, Jolly, T, Lvl 50*
    Shiny Treeko, Male, Jolly, UT, Lvl 1*
    Shiny Shinx, Male, Bold, UT, Lvl 3*
    Shiny Zorua, Female, Modest, UT, Lvl 1*
    Shiny Duskull, Female, Mild, UT, lvl 1*
    Shiny Gardevoir, Female, Modest, T, Lvl 50 NON-REDISTRIBUTABLE BY REQUEST!
    Shiny Seviper, Female, Timid, UT, lvl 1 NON-REDISTRIBUTABLE BY REQUEST!
    Shiny Volcarona, Female, Bold, UT, Lvl 70, Nicknamed "Ramoth"
    Shiny Togekiss, Male, Quirky, T, Lvl 28
    Shiny FLAWLESS Scizor, Male, Adamant, UT lvl 1 with PKRS

    DW: [bred from DW pokemon, can be male or female] Note Nature beside names are natures of moms- Natures can change as I hatch good-natured daughters or receive good-natured Pokemon in trades, if you would like to request a benefiting nature, just simply ask only if I already have a benefiting nature for that Pokemon. Mm denotes a pokemon with a foreign parent and there for a higher chance of being shiny. [I will not breed for a shiny DWf or DWf Pokemon! Just hope you get lucky. If I recieve a DWf shiny pokemon, It will be cloned and then traded to the trainer who originality requested the Pokemon line. In this case, the DWf will be treated as if she were a regular. DWm Pokemon will be cloned and placed on the bargaining table but will not be treated as a normal DWm Pokemon. <Pending Nature> Means that it is currently in the Entrelink and there for doesn't have an assigned nature yet. This will change as I officially catch this pokemon.

    Exeggcute [Bold]
    Darumaka [Hardy ]
    Munna [Docile ]
    Mareep[Adamant ]
    Stantler[Quiet ]
    Kangaskhan [Brave]
    Poochyena [Hardy ]
    Nidoran[M]/Nidoran[F] [Jolly ]
    Eevee [MM] [Jolly; Quiet; Bold; Modest; Timid; Careful; Adamant]
    Murkrow [MM] [[Quiet] ]
    Growlithe [Adamant]
    Vulpix [MM] [Modest]
    Shinx[MM] [Adamant]
    Ponyta [Jolly]
    Tangela [Docile]
    Zubat [Impish]
    Gligar [Adamant]
    Buneary [Jolly ]
    Farfetch'd [Rash]
    Chatot [Modest]
    Skitty [Jolly]
    Maril [Mild]
    Smeargle [Sassy]
    Aerodactyl [Adamant]
    Feebas [Lonely]
    Electrike [Jolly]
    Staravia [Jolly]
    Milktank [Adamant]
    Dratini [Modest]
    Poliwag [Bashful]
    Swablu [Admant]
    Slowpoke [Quirky]
    Lickitung [Hardy]
    Magicarp [Adamant]
    Natu [Jolly]
    Hoothoot <Pending Nature>
    Wingull [Modest]
    Spearow [Naive]
    Bidoof <Pending Nature>
    Kabuto [Jolly]
    Hoppip [Lax]
    Clamperl [Modest]
    Sentret [Admant]
    Tropius [Timid]
    Anorith [Adamant]
    Ledyba [Quiet]
    Corsela [Timid]
    Scyther [Rash]
    Shellos [Adamant; Bold ]
    Staryu [Quiet, needs to be cloned]
    Oddish [Bold]
    Doduo [Impish]
    Ralts [MM] [Modest and Jolly ]
    Suppet [Bashful]
    Mime Jr. [Adamant]
    Skarmory [ Hasty ]
    Drouzee [Modest]
    Pichu [Rash]
    Illumise [Bold]
    Sableye [Impish]
    Spiritomb [Modest]
    Houndour [Timid]
    Abra [Modest]
    Wailmer [Hardy]
    Pacharisu [Timid]
    Psyduck [Jolly]
    Meowth [Bashful]
    Stunky [Serious]
    Mawile [Modest]
    Barboach [Jolly]
    Smoochum [Timid]
    Glameow [Admant]
    Meditite [Brave]
    Snubbull [Hardy]
    Surskit [Timid]
    Spinarak [Adamant]
    Sudowoodo [Naive]
    Omynite [Docile]
    Ratatta [Careful]
    Lapras [Rash]
    Girafarig [Bashful]
    Yanma [Jolly]
    Burmy [Naive]
    Taillow [Impish]
    Wobbuffet [Hasty]
    Lileep [Modest; Careful]
    Carvanha [Serious]
    Zigzagoon [Adamant]
    Corphish [Calm]
    Buizel [Adamant]
    Tentacool [Relaxed]
    Spoink [Timid]
    Quilfish [Lax]
    Wooper [Hardy]
    Mantine [Rash]
    Elekid [Bold]
    Sunkern [Calm]
    Krabby [Modest]
    Pidgey [Bold]
    Delibird [Serious]
    Luvdisc [Serious]
    Cacnea [Hardy]
    Bagon [Timid]
    Absol [Adamant]
    Torkoal [Hasty]
    Spinda [Rash]
    Ryhorn [Adamant or Jolly]
    Croagunk [Hardy]
    Mankey [Hasty]
    Hippopotas [ Hardy ]
    Magby [Mild]
    Teddiursa [Quirky]
    Phanpy [Mild]
    Machop [Rash]

    Several interesting DW Males I have ether gotten in trade or over GTS.Most are one of a kind unless I mark them to be clones.

    ~DW Bagon with Outrage [Clone]
    ~DW Machop
    ~Dw Hippopotus [Clone]

    Egg Move: [Will be male unless specified] MM denotes that their is a chance of being shiny; DW denotes that it can carry the DW ability I will not breed shinys on request, just hope you get freaking lucky! If I hatch you a shiny EMm , I will have it cloned and then you will receive it. Shiny EM Pokemon will be treated as regular when traded to requesting owner.

    ;133;Eevee: Yawn, Curse and Wish [MM and DW]
    ;355;Duskull: Pain Split and/or Imprison.
    :570:Zorua: Dark Pulse and/or Extrasensory [MM]
    ;403;Shinx: Elemental Fangs OR Ice Fang and Toxic. [DW]
    :619:Meinfoo: U-turn, Hidden Power and Acrobatic.[MM]
    :607:Litwick: Heat Wave. [MM]
    :559:Scraggy: Ice Punch, Dragon Dance and Drain Punch.
    ;175;Togepi: Extrasensory or Nasty Plot.
    ;198;Murkrow: Roost, Mirror Move and Drill Peck. DW].
    ;451;Skorupi: Slash and Night Slash.
    :498:Tepig: Yawn, Superpower, Curse, Flame Charge. [MM]
    ;058;Growlithe: Crunch, Flare Blitz, Morning Sun, Close Combat [DW]
    ;447;Riolu: Sky Uppercut, Crunch, Blaze Kick and Hi Jump Kick OR Sky Uppercut, Blaze Kick, Retaliate and Swords Dance.
    ;280;Ralts: Pain Split and Will-O-wisp OR Shadow Sneak, Mean Look and Will-O-Wisp. [MM] [Elemental punches can be requested but costs an extra item.]
    ;001;Bulbasaur: Ingrain and Grasswhistle.
    ;004;Charmander: Dragon Dance and Dragon Pulse OR Dragon Dance and Outrage OR Belly Drum, Crunch, Flare Blitz and Outrage OR Belly Drum and Outrage.
    ;252;Treecko: Dragonbreath.
    :633:Deino: Dark Pulse. [MM]
    ;152;Chikorita: Ingrain and Leech seed.
    :532:Timburr: Drain Punch.
    :636:Larvesta: Morning Sun and Zen Headbutt. [MM]
    ~~Alt Larvesta: Larvesta: Magnet Rise [MM]
    ;390;Chimchar: Fire Punch, ThunderPunch.
    ;037;Vulpix: Heat Wave, Hex and Hypnosis. [DW] [MM]
    ;155;Cyndaquil: Extrasensory, Flare Blitz and Crush Claw. [4th Gen] [MM]
    :562:Yamask w/ egg moves: Imprison and Disable. [MM]
    ;131; Lapras: Dragon Dance and Dragon Pulse. [DW]
    ;371; Bagon: Hydro Pump, Dragon Dance and Dragon Pulse.
    ;239; Elekid: Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunderpunch. [DW]
    ;302;Sableye: Recover
    ;327; Spinda: Psycho Cut
    :624: Pawniard: Psycho Cut and Sucker Punch.
    ;204; Pineco: Revenge, Flail, Counter, Double-Edge and Endure [Pick Four]
    ;060; Polliwag: Mud Slap [Dw]
    :527: Woobat: Roost
    :582: Vanillite: Water Pulse and Powder Snow
    ;335; Zangoose: Night Slash, Metal Claw and Double Kick
    ;276; Taillow: Brave Bird


    Virizion, regular, Careful nature.
    Groudon, regular.
    Latias, regular, Bashful nature.
    Latios, regular, Adamant nature.
    Dialga, regular.
    Palkia, regular, Sassy.
    Giratina, regular.
    Vintini, regular, Adamant. UT*
    Mewtwo, Modest, UT

    Shiny Legands

    Shiny Virizion, Adamant, UT./ Jolly UT*
    Shiny Cobalion, Adamant, UT.*
    Shiny Jap. Terrakion, Adamant, UT*
    Shiny Giratina, level 100* <Comes with free Griseous Orb.>
    Shiny JAP.Thunderos, level 100
    Shiny Darkrai
    Shiny Palkia*
    Shiny Latias
    Shiny Kyogre
    Shiny Tornalos, UT
    Shiny Landorus, UT*
    Shiny Kyreum, UT*
    Shiny Rayquaza, UT*
    Shiny Cresselia, T

    GAMESTP Entei, UT [event Unused ]*
    GAMESTP Suicune, UT[event unused]
    GAMESTP Raikou, UT[event unused
    GAMESTP Jirachi, UT*
    Carlita's Hydreigon [McDonalds], UT*
    Janta's Golurk [McDonalds], UT*
    Video Game Championship Shiny Eevee, UT*
    Kor. "Befriend a Pokemon" Glaceon, UT
    English "Befriend a Pokemon" Leafeon, Ut*
    English "Befriend a Pokemon" Jolteon, Ut
    "Liberty Garden" Victini [Adamant and Sassy] [Sassy one Nicknamed "Firework" ]
    Jap. Event Jiranci, UT lvl 30*
    Kor. ALAMOS Darkrai, UT, Lvl 50* Equipped with Enigma Berry.
    Jap. Event Dogs, UT, Lvl 30* <All events are unused for Zoroark event>
    Jap. Saikyou Mewtwo, UT, Lvl 70* Equipped with King's Rock
    Jap. Satoshi's Scraggly, UT lvl1 Equipped with Muscle Band
    Kor. DW Croagunk, UT lvl 10.
    Kor. DW Togekiss, UT lvl 10
    English DW Umbreon UT lvl 10
    Jap. DW Charmander, Timid, UT lvl 10
    Jap. DW Bulbasaur, Lonely, UT lvl 10
    Jap. Movie 11 Victini, Docile Nature, Level 50* Equipped with Fire Gem
    Jap. Movie 11 Zekrom, Adamant, UT
    Jap. Movie 11 Reshiram, Modest, UT
    TRU Arecus, Hardy, UT
    TRU Regigigas, Careful, UT
    ALAMOS Darkrai, Timid, UT
    English Wishmaker Jirachi, Quiet, lvl 1 UT
    Fall2011 Mew, Impish, UT lvl 1

    I can offer all LEGAL ITEMS as we speak. Please don't ask for items not available at this time. I charge an item for an item [see my wanted list] or for DW females I lack.

    ~Coming Soon~

    Notice: As I complete, expand on and correct mistakes, this list will change almost daily. Check back multiple times to see updated listings. 4th Gen or 5th Gen denotes which Generation game the Pokemon has been bred in.

    ;001;Bulbasaur: Ingrain, Leaf Storm, Power Whip.
    ~~Alt. Bulbasaur: Ingrain, Leaf Storm, Grasswhistle, Petal Dance. [4th Gen]
    ~~2nd Alt. Balbasaur: Sludge. [4th Gen]
    ~~3rd Alt. Bulbasaur: Giga Drain, Leaf Storm, Ingrain and Grasswhistle. [5th Gen]
    ;007;Squirtle: Muddy Water and Refresh. [4th Gen]
    ~~Alt. Squirtle: Aqua Ring. [4th Gen]
    ~~2nd Alt. Squirtle: Mirror Coat, Refresh, Yawn, Aqua Ring. [5th Gen]
    ;152;Chikorita: Leech Seed, Ingrain, Grasswhistle. [4th Gen]
    ~~Alt. Chikorita: Aromatherapy. [4th Gen]
    ~~2nd Alt Chikorita: AncentPower, Ingrain, Grasswhistle, Leaf Storm, Refresh and Leech Seed. <Pick Four> [5th Gen]
    ~~Alt. Cyndaquil: Flare Blitz, Double Kick, Flare Burst, Extrasensory and Crush Claw <Pick Four> [5th Gen]
    ;158;Totodile: Ice Punch. [4th Gen]
    ~~Alt. Totodile: Mud Sport, and Aqua Jet. [5th Gen]
    ;252;Treecko: Grasswhistle, Synthesis, and Leech Seed. [4th Gen]
    ~~Alt. Treecko: Crush Claw. [4th Gen]
    ~~2nd Alt. Treecko: Leaf Storm, Leech Seed, Crush Claw, Double Kick, Grasswhistle, and Synthesis. <Pick Four> [ 5th Gen]
    ;255;Torchic: Night Slash, Low Kick and Crush Claw. [4th Gen]
    ~~Alt. Torchic: Crush Claw, Low Kick, Flare Burst. [5th Gen]
    ;258;Mudkip: Curse and Yawn. [4th Gen]
    ~~Alt Mudkip: Refresh, Curse, Mud Bomb, Yawn. [5th Gen]
    ;387;Turtwig: Seed Bomb.
    ~~Alt. Turtwig: Superpower.
    ~~ 2nd Alt. Turtwig: Sand Tomb, Seed Bomb, Superpower, Earth Power and Wide Guard <Pick Four> [5th Gen]
    ;390;Chimchar: Thunderpunch, Fire Punch, and Blaze Kick [4th Gen]
    ;393;Piplup: Aqua Ring and Mud Slap. [4th Gen]
    ~~Alt. Piplup: Yawn, Mud Sport, Mud Slap, Aqua Ring. [5th Gen]
    :495:Snivy: Magical Leaf.
    :501:Oshawott: Air Slash and Night Slash.
    ;239; Elekid: Fire Punch, Ice Punch and Karate Chop. [DW]
    :633:Deino: Earth Power.
    ;077; Ponyta: Flame Wheel, Hypnosis, Double Edge and Morning Sun [DW]
    ;222; Corsela: Barrier

    ADOPT: Due to having a bunch of breeding extras and not enough space, I now offer various adoptions. I would like items instead of Pokemon for these! For what I would like, see my items list under "Wants". Most of these adoptable ether have the DW ability, a benefiting nature, or egg moves. All of these Pokemon need good homes. Because I'm trying to get rid of this relevantly good nature or EM Pokemon to relieve my aching PC System and I won't be getting white for a while, I will not be cloning any of these Pokemon. Once it's gone, its gone unless it ether comes back to me, which is unlikely, or it is an easy breed. Some of these are Foreign Pokemon, Mainly Korean or Japanese, that I searched on GTS for specifically for MMing for a shiny.

    ~DW eevee, Male, Egg move: Wish, Yawn and Curse. [Sassy, Mild and Bold]
    ~Shinx, Male, egg moves: Elemental Fangs OR Ice Fang And Toxic
    ~-- Alt Shinx: Adamant male, Guts, Elemental Fangs
    ~Zorua, Female, Egg moves: Dark Pulse and Extrasensory
    ~Omastar, Male, Swift Swim, lvl 40
    ~Gliscor, Male, Hasty, lvl 50
    ~Bellsprout, Male, DW: Gluttony, lvl 10
    ~Salamance, Male, Lvl 50
    ~DW male Mareep, lvl 1, Calm.
    ~DW male Farfetch'd, lvl 1, Brave.
    ~Deino Male, Lvl one, HP Fire
    ~Tallow Male, DW:Scrappy, lvl 1.
    ~Meinshao, Female, lvl 52, Nicknamed "Hatsumomo"
    ~Typlosion, Male lvl 36
    ~Inferape, Male lvl 38, Brave
    ~Growlite, Female, lvl 1, Adamant.

    ;egg;To relieve space and to encourage trading. I am giving away egg with every trade! These eggs are from every single breedable pokemon On this list [excluding breedable events or in the Coming Soon Section] and could contain DW pokemon, EM pokemon, or possibly even shinies! All you have to do to enter is simply trade with me to get your little mystery egg. ;egg;

    wtrob: Will be on this list until I get my DW eevee back or a retrade is set for her DW Bedoof.

    CoachDozier, $h1ny Hunter, Cosmic Fury, darthzerop, Swampert is my homeboy, Azel,

    What I would like~
    What I would like.

    ~ Dw starters [proof needed ]
    ~Gamestop Celebii.
    ~WIN2011 Celebii.
    ~Most DW females I don't already have.
    ~Most Shinys and Legendarys I do not already have.
    ~Foreign Dittos with good natures [ AKA; not hardy, docile, serious, quirky or bashful ]
    ~Event Pokemon.
    ~Shiny female Tepig Nicknamed "Miranda" [Pending-Reciving later tonight]
    ~Shiny female Charmander, Nicknamed "Victoria", Must know Hidden Power [Ice or Electric] and Dragon Pulse.
    ~Shiny female Eevee, nicknamed "Kebechet", Must know Wish and be Bold nature.
    ~Shiny female Eevee, nicknamed "Anput". Must know Wish and Have the Careful Nature.
    ~Shiny male Duskull, nicknamed "Jaspar" Must know Pain Split and Dark Pulse.
    ~Shiny female Buneary, nicknamed "Mao Mao", Must know Swicharoo and Ice Punch
    ~Shiny DW female Alakazam nicknamed "Kelly", Must know Barrier and Encore
    ~Shiny female Axew, nicknamed "Cardamom", Must know Night Slash
    ~Shiny DW female Poliwag, nicknamed "Candy", must know Encore
    ~Shiny Female Ferroseed, nicknamed "Rachel", must know Stealth Rock
    ~ Shiny DW Female Eevee, Nicknamed "Peppermint", Must know Wish, Yawn and HP fighting, Modest Natured
    ~Two Shiny Stunfisk, Male and Female, Both Nicknamed "Derpfish", Must know Pain Split and Yawn

    The rest of the Korean Befriend a pokemon! Line

    EDIT: I now take items, What follows is in order of importance:
    Heart Scales
    High selling items
    Evolution Stones
    Rare Candies
    Evolution Hold Items
    Move Gems

    How To ask for trades

    Just send me a PM or leave a message which includes:

    ~What Pokemon you want.
    ~What your willing to give me in return.
    ~Your Friend Code.


    Contact me! I will try my best to help you and I don't bite.


    Pending Trades:

    ~Azel: Their Kor. DW event Vaporeon, Jap. DW event Flareon-Glaceon-Umbreon and English Jolteon for my Kor. DW event Glaceon, Eng. DW Event Leafeon, Milktank, Ledyba and Staryu.
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2011
  2. $h1ny Hunter

    $h1ny Hunter <-- Future Target

    Hey congrats on getting approved too! :D I noticed that you wanted a DW (Female I assume) Tangela too, which I have. I would gladly trade one for a DW Female Lickitung (preferred) or a DW Female Nidoran.
  3. Fissurous

    Fissurous <>< Staff Member Moderator

    Hey, congrats on getting approved! Is the shiny Azumarill UT? If not, is it EV'd?
  4. craig87

    craig87 New Member

    hi i am interested in your shiny buneary scyther and azumarill. I can offer dw tangela female hoppip male aerodactyl male rattata male surskit male lotad male tailow male exeggcute male sunkern male pidgey male gligar male nidoran female kangaskhan female butterfree male lickitung male and bellsprout female.
  5. GlaceonQueen

    GlaceonQueen <- Pure Delight

    @ Fissurous: Thank you. The Azumaril has been trained to evolve it, but otherwise is UT.

    @ Craig87: 1. Are those all DW? 2. I think someone else might want that Azumaril, but the other two I could do, but do you have anything else besides what is mentioned above?
  6. abrar14

    abrar14 Statter Master

    i'll give you a japeneese liwick and a DW drifloon for your shiny buenary
  7. craig87

    craig87 New Member

    they are all dw still in entree forest so ut. I have some shinies i can offer and i have a pklatam jirachi i can offer.
  8. GlaceonQueen

    GlaceonQueen <- Pure Delight

    @craig87: I will take your DW Bellsprout female and two other regular pokemon or items off my list for my shiny Scyther. The Azumaril is still available, though the buneary has been traded.
  9. craig87

    craig87 New Member

    sorry i cant see which regular pokemon you want is there any specific ones you want?
  10. GlaceonQueen

    GlaceonQueen <- Pure Delight

    @Craig87: Do you have a slugma or litwick male with heat wave? a Larvitar or Deino with Dark Pulse? Or a male smeargle? I also take really good egg move males, Foreign Dittos and items. [See my list]
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2011
  11. craig87

    craig87 New Member

    i have a male smeagle and can offer a zorua with snarl
  12. GlaceonQueen

    GlaceonQueen <- Pure Delight

    I will take both of those for the Shiny Azumaril. just leave me your FC and I will come a'running.
  13. $h1ny Hunter

    $h1ny Hunter <-- Future Target

    Hey can I also get one of the male Shinx with the elemetal fangs egg moves from your adoptions?
  14. GlaceonQueen

    GlaceonQueen <- Pure Delight

    Sure! What are you offering?
  15. craig87

    craig87 New Member

    i wont be able to trade till tomorrow if thats ok? Fc is 3439 4281 5537
  16. GlaceonQueen

    GlaceonQueen <- Pure Delight

    Okay ^^ The shiny Buneary and Azumaril will be available again soon if you want any of those.
  17. $h1ny Hunter

    $h1ny Hunter <-- Future Target

    Oh I thought because they were adoptions they were for free. What do you need for one?
  18. GlaceonQueen

    GlaceonQueen <- Pure Delight

    Adoptions fall under the same thing as regular. [ I need to clarify that ] the reason they're called adoptable is because their a calico quilt of pokemon [ Some really valuble, some not so much- like what you find at a adoption center.
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2011
  19. $h1ny Hunter

    $h1ny Hunter <-- Future Target

    Ok, what do you want for it then?
  20. GlaceonQueen

    GlaceonQueen <- Pure Delight

    In general, almost anything would work. [ I say anything because I do not want hacks. ]

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