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Any body still playing these games?


I still play the games and I love them. I keep restarting my spare SoulSilver and HeartGold just to play the main storyline again, which I think is brilliant. I occasionally play my main HeartGold version, but since I've completed everything aside from the Shiny Leaf stuff, there's not much to do on there. Mostly I just trade Pokemon with that game.


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I still play them! :D
I'm on my 3rd playtrhough of soul silver already! Though I haven't been playing pokemon for about a week though. I forgot to but Im gonna play soul silver mmore again today


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I play them still, in my taxi home from school, at home, in bed. It was one of my first Pokémon games! :D


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Love the 4th gen games (Think thats right) Soul Silver is my favourite. Just love my Typhlosion and my baby Cyndaquils :3

Soul Silver was my first game. In about 4 months I beat Lance but after that, it took me a year to beat Red! Guess I just needed to trade for Kyogre to get the Hoehn (fail spelling) trio. After that I just hunted for events, like Mew. I play Platnum too I used a glitch and Snover learned fly. He just learned it in level up moves. Ahhh the old games... I could go on forever about them.
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i'm kinda liking the pokemon following me more and more, and have been playing it more than other games..


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Yeah, I just played my HeartGold yesterday in order to breed for some Pokemon to send to White 2.
I'm also thinking of maybe restarting SoulSilver this summer.
Yeah i restart soulsilver every so often just for the fun of it. Also on heartgold i go and play in the battle fronteir too. I still play quite frequently but not as much as platinum.

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I play HeartGold only for the Pokeathon, and Battle frontier.. also to find a shiny of some sort.

But I love running around HG... it's fun :3


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I breeded some pokemon in HG to transfer to Black 2 recently. I'm thinking of starting a new save file and completing the National pokedex.


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God yes! SS is my Potato to my Chips, my Coke to my Cola. You get what I mean, I've got so many memories from playing that game. I'm still playing on my first ever SS save.

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I haven't played SoulSilver in a long while. My Pokémon are all in the level 90s, and I just don't feel motivated to keep on raising them. The only reason I continued to play the game was to hopefully complete my PokéDex, but I haven't gotten any further. I mostly just have Legendaries left to fill, but that'll probably never happen without action replay and stuff. I don't have the heart to start it over or even trade my Pokémon over to White/Black 2, so it'll just be left alone the way I left it for a long time, most likely.


I just restarted my HG not long ago and I'm now playing it as the character Gold from the manga with his team that he has on hand at the end of the HG/SS chapter :)


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Yeah. I'm working on Soul Silver right now because I still like that game tbh. xD

HeartGold? Yup. Always playing HeartGold forever and ever.


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Yes, I play the games even though I've beat them countless times. After completing the Unova Pokedex, I get bored of trading to complete the National Pokedex, so I play the older games from time to time.


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Silver was my first pokemon game. Got Soul Silver and fell in love all over again. playing Soul Silver as I type. best pokemon story line i've played. Havent touched b,w,b2,w2 yet. maybe will get a 3ds one day and try the new ones. but will never forsake SS.

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Yeah, I hadn't touched a pokemon game since I beat White a couple weeks after it came out, but recently I've been wanting to start a new playthrough. I've put in about 20 hours in the last two weeks and I'm having a blast.


I am playing HeartGold at the moment and like years before I'm completely hooked again! I'm currently going after the Legendary Dogs and loving it!