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Any body still playing these games?


Omega Ruby Base on Route 118, Right Side Beach
I'm going to be starting over by getting a copy of Pokemon X or, Y. I used to use Serebii.net to find trades for specific Pokemon and moves to breed. Is that still possible?


Omega Ruby Base on Route 118, Right Side Beach
I meant is it still possible to find players to trade with on Serebii.net?


Ariki said:
Yes! Mostly just to fill up my Pokedex on Pokemon Bank though. Most of the time I’m at Pal Park transferring Pokemon from Gen 3 games into HeartGold. I never finished Platinum - I really should. I’ve finished Diamond though.

I just finished Platinum a few days ago: it took me nine years, but I finally got all the Frontier prints, finished the Zukan (Pokedex), and collected 100 flags.


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I'm currently going though Soul Silver for the 3rd time. I still play Platinum as well, where I dump Soul Silver Pokemon from other playthoughs and slowly grinding my way though the Battle Frontier.


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Yep. Well I will be. Right now I'm playing Pokemon Yellow. This is my planned play through

Pokemon Yellow (currently 4 badges)
Pokemon Crystal
Pokemon Platinum
Pokemon Heartgold
Pokemon Black
Pokemon X
Pokemon Omega Ruby
Pokemon Moon


SoulSilver is the one Pokémon game I own that I've never beaten. I managed to get to Blackthorn City once on one of my first playthroughs, restarted, and never made it there again. So now I'm happy to report that I've made it back to Blackthorn City on my most recent playthrough and am currently grinding to take on Clair. It's very exciting for me cuz I've never made it this far before and it's reminding me of the old excitement I used to feel of playing an unfamiliar Pokémon game. Definitely getting me even more hyped for gen 8 as well. :)


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I tend to only play through a game once if I haven't properly played it before. So by now I have more or less finished, but I am still playing some Heart Gold with the rematches in mind.


TwilightBlade said:
I ordered another copy of Platinum because I'm really feeling nostalgic for Sinnoh right now. I'm planning out my team for when the game arrives and I'm currently trying to decide if Empoleon or Lumineon should be my team's Water type.

I'd stick with Emperte (Empoleon), personally. From what I've heard, Neolant (Lumineon) has the worse stats out of the two Water-types, and its movepool isn't as diverse.


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I do, actually. Last year I did a second run of SoulSilver, and hopefully this summer I will do a second run of platinum. These were among the first Pokémon games I played, so I always like coming back to them


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I'm playing Pearl again because I want to finish some tasks like completing 100 straight wins at the Battle Tower and also extending the Maniac Tunnel all the way to Solaceon. Both have been hard work.


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Right now, I'm focused on 100% Pokédex completion in every game (from Gen III onward, anyway, because my Gen I and II cartridges all have long-dead batteries). By that, I don't just mean registering every Pokémon for an entry, but also every form of each Pokémon (including genders and Shiny) and every language entry for Gen IV onward. So right now I'm doing occasional Poké Radar chaining for Shinies (occasional because it's frustrating) and I'm collecting foreign Pokémon on the Gen IV games and transferring them to the next Gen when they're registered in all the games.


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Working on playing Heart Gold and Platinum, myself. Two really fun games.


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Working on playing Heart Gold and Platinum, myself. Two really fun games.

lol. Same.

My goal for HG is to get all 16 badges and beat Red, which I’ve never done. I usually finish Johto and don’t feel like continuing.

Playing Platinum because it’s the superior Sinnoh experience and my goal, for now at least, is to best the Battle Frontier.

Gen 4 and 5 are probably the only games I actively play these days, outside of keeping up with the current Gen.