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Any body still playing these games?


I still enjoy it, especially the fact your pokemon follows you. I hope they bring that out in future games.


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I like the pokémon-following thing too. I am currently doing SoulSilver over again and enjoying it more than Silver.


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I started HeartGold for the first time a few weeks back and absolutely adore it. Just gotta get through the elite four now ^^


I'm back :3
On monday, i play Platinum. On tuesday Pearl, on wednesday Diamond, on thursday Heartgold and on Friday randomly a gen IV game. Same in the weekends

I am not playing GEN IV games for a while now, because i started Black, but i still love them the best
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I love these games<3
I'm deciding if I want to get back into the 5th gen, but SoulSilver is my favorite<3 Such nostalgia! It's hard to find people to battle anymore though]:


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I'll only be playing 4th gen to RNG a few odd things and whenever I feel like experiencing what it offers. That said, I haven't seriously sat down and played my HG in a few months. I started over on Pearl though to RNG legends.........which I also have not played recently >.>


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I still play the hell out of HG/SS, even after the hundreds of hours I spent playing them last Summer. I restarted my Heart Gold file and am now playing through the game with different Pokemon.


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I do still play them, they are quite a lot of fun and the only game where the pokémon walks behind you all the time. :3


Not really, I transferred almost all my Pokemon to Black 2.
I was thinking of runnign through platinum with a new team I would transfer to B/W...maybe. I just can't get into those!
Soul Silver is so much fun, everything follows you!!!


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Yup! :D I am new to Pokémon (only been playing it since Easter or so), and just got Soulsilver for my Birthday about two weeks or so ago... I am in LOVE with this game! :D I got a Cyndaquil as my starter, which I lovingly nicknamed "Flame", and it is just so much fun seeing them walk with you! I also love "walking my Pokémon in the real world by using the Pokewalker! I think it is a awesome device! Haha! :D
My pokewalker died.
If i give it new batteries will i lose my paths i got? EEP.
I almost wish they'd remake r/b/y for the 3Ds or something.


A new beginning! <3
I doubt you would lost the paths you got by replacing the battery... the battery was going to die sooner or later, and if replacing it gets rid of all your data, than that is just not cool... but I seriously doubt anything like that would happen, lol, so I don't think you need to worry too much. XP


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I still play from time to time. I like each game to be different though (Ex. Nuzlocke, Different starter.)
I still play HeartGold every once and a while. On the last gym now!


I've played my SoulSilver about 10 times and still love it. Before Unova, Jhoto was my favortie series. Now it's my second favorite and still the only game where I can travel in 2 regions.


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Yes, Soul Silver is one of the 2 games I play now. Other being Black 2.
I have a 3DS and Platinum, Soul Silver, White, and Black 2. Soul Silver is the one I play the most. I like to use it for different challenges (Solo, Nuzlocke, Monotype) and trade any good Pokemon I cant bear to lose over to Platinum before restarting.


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I have DS Lite and 3DS. I have Soul Silver, restarted a month ago, Black and White 2. I am searching desperately for Kyogre or/and Rayquaza for Soul Silver and Dialga for White 2 cuz I'm trying to complete pokedex. I'm sorry if I posted in wrong place but I'm new here.
I would be veery glad and thankful for someone who could trade them with me.