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Any body still playing these games?

Frozen Ghost

Well-Known Member
I still play it quite regularly, and it has sentimental value for me. It was my first Pokemon game, and I don't want to forget about it.


No I don't play them as often :( but I do love everything about the games. Excellent remakes. And the story takes me back to my childhood. Haha I've put a stupid amount of time into both HG and SS. But considering the amount of content... It makes sense.


Be a Man!
Not often. After the releases of Black & White and their sequels, there's few players that still play this game. It's a shame, though. As pointed by RGVE, they're great remakes and there's a lot of content in it. But it happens. I guess it's just as natural =(


Well-Known Member
Yeah I want to get back into it, but then again X an Y are around the corner so I probably will spend my time playing that instead.


Arc Lord
I started a new game a while back, but sadly stopped playing. I miss the GBA sounds modifier... it was amazing.

Extreme Enigma

Extreme is a way of
Yes, I play Soul Silver, but not as much as I use to


I'm still Shiny hunting in HeartGold version and I've been replaying my Japanese SoulSilver version recently in order to complete the Pokedex which I neglected to work on before.


PKMN Master Chad
I just bought both HG & SS for me and my girlfriend, We just came up from Fire Red & Leaf Green, So yea lol. I need to get myself a 3DS so I can play X & Y.


PKMN Master Chad
Don't feel sad, I have only ever obtained the Gyarados from the Lake of Rage.


Well-Known Member
Yeah I was just playing HeartGold for my Nintendo 3DS.

I was trying to find some pokemon that I might have missed after beating the game. Went back to the power plant to catch Elekbuzz 2nd form. Now I need to figure out if I can find an Electirizer item at the Cereulian Cave or whateaver its called.

That or just play Pokemon Platinum and catch an Elekid that has an Electirizer


Well-Known Member
Yup I still play these games, they are my favorite out of every pokemon game out there.


I wish I could say I did, but with B2, B2W2, and X&Y, I barely have time. It's a shame though.

Wow. I basically just said the same thing everyone else did...


I just bought HG today and play it for the first time.. lol i kinda feel embarrased for being so late ;p
I actually traded it in a game store for my pkmn white.. and i had to pay extra because supposedly HG/SS are harder to find than other games, which makes it worth more and more expensive.

Honestly these versions are the best! I'm soo happy that i don't mind searching 4 hours for a modest caterpie without getting bored.. before i would never do that in prior games.

And i just found out you get to pick one of the kanto and hoenn starters aswell.. YES :D

Bulba the Great!

We Do Not Sow
I'm still resolutely Nuzlocking my HeartGold game. I just tragically misplaced my SoulSilver game :/ That game was my LIFE and I literally sobbed for a day when I realized it had disappeared.


Well-Known Member
I'm still resolutely Nuzlocking my HeartGold game. I just tragically misplaced my SoulSilver game :/ That game was my LIFE and I literally sobbed for a day when I realized it had disappeared.
Aw, I'm sorry buddy.

Mr. Fuji

I will always have a soft spot for HG/SS, and I still own them and am heavily considering booting it up again, and for the first time trade, battle, interact with people on the games. I'll have to find out my friend code and post it for those who would still like to connect/play.