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Any body still playing these games?


sinnoh queen
I still play it sometimes, not as much as I ue too. It's my favorite pokemon game so far!


I hadn't finished it, it would seem. I completed X and Y and didn't find much of post game to it, so went back to Soul Silver. Checked the legendaries on serebii that I could get and was like whoa so went out to collect them, with the intention of buying white 2 and trading them to that then up to my Y game - when the bank comes out.

Did the elite 4 and for the first time ever almost got beaten. o_O I failed to put Lance's Garaydos down and it got off one or two dragon dances and went nuts. Managed to kill it though. Then I went to Mt. Silver, to train up a bit so I could face Red and get the orbs etc that I needed for some of the legendaries.

Trained my Alakazam there to lvl 80, and with my team of 70-74s and a lvl 61 Rhydon faced off against the highest leveled trainer in any pokemon game on the summit of Mt. Silver in a hail storm. Outstanding fight. I only just won by the skin of my teeth. My last pokemon vs his last pokemon. My lvl 72 Arcanine OHKO'd his lvl 84 Venusaur.

X and Y is great and all, but it really feels lacking content when compared to Soul Silver/Heart Gold.

And I've been stressing out the past 2 days, really can't get the wifi to work on my Soul Silver so can't trade my pokemon out of it to White 2 (when I get it). :(
It only uses WEP security and I have WAP2 that I can't change and can't get any work around to fix it.


Shiny Hunter
I'm still Shiny hunting in HeartGold version and I've been replaying my Japanese SoulSilver version recently in order to complete the Pokedex which I neglected to work on before.
I'm shiny hunting in HG as well.

Actually, I didn't really start getting into the games until a little over a year ago (played a friend's Diamond a few years back and enjoyed it, but I didn't play it much after beating it). I got SoulSilver as my first game in Summer 2012. I got HeartGold this past Spring and started playing it in August so I could Soft Reset for all of the Johto starters shiny and then start a Badge Quest (find a shiny before fighting each gym) with a shiny Chikorita. And found a Shiny Sentret 2 days ago...Still loving these games and about to start the game up right now.


Pokemon Breeder
I no longer have my SoulSilver, but it's one of my most favorite pokemon games.
But I'd have to say I'm enjoying Pokemon Y more than SoulSilver. I do miss the walk-beside pokemon feature though.
Absolutely! I reset all of my Gen 4 games and purchased White and White 2 to pass some time until I play X and Y. I purchased X. My friend is getting it later on and I want to play it along side him, plus I want some good Pokemon to transfer to the PokeBank. Currently playing through HeartGold.


Aside from Shiny hunting (which I haven't been that faithful to because I'm playing other games), I'm planning on doing a Nuzlocke challenge on SoulSilver version. I did one on Ruby a few years ago and it was fun and challenging, so I want to do that again. HG/SS are some of my favorite games so I want to challenge myself in them as much as possible.


Well-Known Member
I've had the game since 2010 and yet, I have still beaten the Elite 4. I got sidetracked by alot of things that I kind of just forgotten it. I will get around to it though, just have to finish Platinum, gotta get that 100% complete black trainer card.

Once I do, I'll get around to it. They are excellent remakes to my personal favourite Pokemon game.


Shiny Connoisseur
I still play my Platinum version for the Pokeradar and what not. I have also started another playthrough on SoulSilver with my friend who is playing HeartGold.


Legendary Trainer
Still playing HG, my favourite owned pokemon game. Going for the full Johto then national dex.

mew 2000

Shiny Celebi
just beat the kanto gym leaders the game is fun :D no reason anyone should not still be playing it


Well-Known Member
Yeah, I have them both and I still play them. Hell, I still play R/S/E/FR/LG and D/P/Pt as well. I love these games and enjoyed them far more than I did B/W. B2 was okay but I never felt drawn in to the Gen 5 games. Y version is taking up my time now tough, and I'm enjoying it far more than B/W.


Pokemon Breeder
Yeah I do. I haven't even beat Red yet on HG...just taking a break I think. Maybe I'll start playing again today. I just need to find the Gym Leader rematches.


I do occasionally sit down and play SS. I haven't recently, though. .-. The only 4th gen game I play often is Diamond.
Does anyone know what I can do with my unwanted eggs on SS?

Solar Faber

Fox of the moon
yeah I still play them soul sliver is my fav Pokémon game completed the pokedex in that game working on the 100 steak for the last star