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Any body still playing these games?


Charmander is best
I'm slowly but surely working on my SS badge quest still. I'm starting to get really bored because of how unlucky I've been getting though, so I may restart it eventually.


New Member
I still play these games, SoulSilver to be specific. To me HeartGold & SoulSilver are the pinnacle of the series. They combine the most deep gameplay and best storyline, imo, with somewhat up to date graphics. The games based on the first generation and the third gen games follow for me. The Platinum, Pearl, Diamond series and the Black/White, B2/W2 couldnt keep me entertained with their respective maps and storylines but thats just my opinion.
Yep, still play HeartGold from time to time.


New Member
If anyone has a houndour just let me know Ill be on for the next 20 mins but if not I'll be on in about 5 hours


Well-Known Member
I still play soul silver every now and then as im still sring for moltres.


The only thing that really interests me is the Pokéathlon now. The rest of the game is pretty boring after finishing it.
Dude (unless you're a lady), what about Red? You just have to try and defeat him


New Member
I too bought HG a few years after it came out, since I couldn't afford a DS at the time. Since getting the 3DS, that was the first Pokemon game I had on it and I am now trying to complete the set. I haven't finished it, still yet to defeat Red but I ended up buying Pokemon X as a treat for myself for christmas, played that then bought WV2 with a gift card that my friend got me as my christmas present. Thing is I'm not too keen on White, and love the style and graphics of X, but I do miss HG. I intend to go back and complete it as I am really fond of HG.


Frigid Trainer
Doing a Nuzlocke comic of SoulSilver. The first page isn't out yet, but with the Pokebank stalled, I figured it was better than riding back and forth in Y trying to get a 6IV shellder for my team.


Doing another playthrough of HG since I got a bit bored in Y with Pokébank still not available :p
Has been a long time since I played it, gonna use some Pokémon I never used before, next to a starter ofcourse.
Team as of now, just before entering Azalea Town: Cyndaquil, Hoothoot and Sandshrew.
Thinking of getting an Exeggcute and Pinsir too :p


PKMN Master Chad
I just started playing SoulSilver again after being off for a few months, I'm trying to get my Pokédex up to 350-420. I have 320 right now :D


Johto Boy
I repeat the games every few months to a year to get a fresh feel for them when I am waiting for something new to come out. I of course, transfer the Pokemon before I reset it but yeah I still play Platinum and Heart Gold right now.