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Any chance for a Pokemon TCG game on DS?


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OMG, I thought of the same thing and suggested it on the games thread!


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that would be fun but then they might lose TCG card sales so it will probally never happen


That would be so cool. I have never played the Pokemon trading card games on console before. Now collecting that is a whole different matter.


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I was just thinking this, I found my old Pokemon Trading Card Game for Gameboy Color and remembered it was an amazing game plus you got a cool Meowth promo card with it. I was sad when the sequel was not released in english though.

They need to make a new one with expanded features/map and include a new promo card in the box.


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I've been wanting one forever! I used to have a demo TCG for the computer but you could only use one deck and it was really bad. But if anything I think it would promote the TCG sales because if they did what yo-gi-oh did with their TCG for the GBA where if you actually owned the card you would type in a code on the card and it would go to your card collection where you could use it in your deck but you could only do it once for each card. The TCG for DS I think needs to be done, it would be amazing but it should be done sooner than later.


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that would be fun but then they might lose TCG card sales so it will probally never happen
Remember the first TCG game when you could scan in cards?


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i'm guessing nido is talking about the E reader cards


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Yea, that's what I mean. I've never played it though, but all I know is that you can do that.


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They should really do a new one ! It would be soooo fun!


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well...it would probably be released as a dual game to cover all the card set's (there's around 40 set's not including the pop's and promo's), and if they did it would probably be like yugioh meaning they would have just as many sale's for cards as they would the video game's. I think thats what pushed the sale's when it first came out after team rocket was released, I also remembering alot of people coming to play at my league when either the first or second Pokemon tcg for gameboy came out. But the time's are different so it's hard to say.


I love it when they make trading card game video games. Partially because the video game usually knows the way the game/cards work so there's no confusion with little details among players. Now with the new Pokemon sets and new game mechanics, a video game interpretation could be useful, not to mention amazingly fun (especially for those of us who have a hard time finding people to play the card game with).

I can imagine a DS game having some form of wireless interaction so people can play with players all over the world. Sounds like a good time to me!

I doubt it would affect card sales. In fact, I think people who are new to the game that enjoy the video game may be tempted to go out and buy their own real cards and decks.

I know Magic: The Gathering has a cool video game that gives players interesting/challenging scenarios to figure out, stuff you don't always experience when you play the game in real life, but that can help you out with forming strategies in the face of certain defeat. Maybe a Pokemon card game game could have something like that as well. Granted, Pokemon cards are significantly less complex, but there's a good amount of strategy there to learn.


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they did before didnt they? it was on the game boy. i like the idea but it would stupid if u could put in ur deck as anyone can say they have this card(the best card) and cheat.

however if they didnt have that idea, then it would be cool!


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I'm surprised it hasn't been done, considering how long Yu-Gi-Oh! has been sticking around.

I actually brought the idea up with some friends yesterday when we were hanging out. Having Wi-Fi battles, Wi-Fi trading, and Two Screens for playing the TCG...it could be really fun. Plus, the TCG is one of the greater Card Games out there. I'd love to see it.

However, the issue of having too many spin-off series arises. There's the Mystery Dungeon series, the Ranger series, games on the consoles...all of that with the main series...that's a lot to take in at once. It would burn my wallet to death. xD


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quiet unluckly if you ask me