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any coincidences in pokemon?

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by porygon69, Oct 30, 2009.

  1. chrombot

    chrombot The Steel Hearted

    I spent hours looking for a feebas in pokemon ruby. Doing every single tile, it felt like. I finally find my feebas tile, with a male feebas, I catch it, but want to try again for a female feebas. I pull up another male feebas, but it's shiny. I've had this shiny milotic for some time now.
    I felt pretty lucky that day, so I bought a lotto ticket too, didn't win that though.
  2. Kim62

    Kim62 The avatars suck.

    One time I was trying to catch a Dratini in firered and I was down to my last safari ball and I caught it.
  3. LegendaryGarchomp

    LegendaryGarchomp Well-Known Member

    Ha I can beat that, I got 3 shinies in the same hour. Rhyhorn (Safari Zone) spearow (Right outside the Safari Zone in that patch of grass below the gate of the Bike Path) and slugma. Sucks that I named Rhyhorn and Slugma Shinyon1 and Shinytwo2 and accidently sent them over to Pearl without fixing their names. *Slams head on keyboard*
  4. Pandafish

    Pandafish meow?

    When i was about 6 i wondered to myself why are the same pokemon the same color its impossible to tell them apart? just then i found a shiny shroomish. guess they arent was my first thought
  5. ParaChomp

    ParaChomp be your own guru

    Same here but it was Saphire version, in the Safari Zone!

    STICKTOPIA Well-Known Member

    I was trying to catch a Beldum in Pokemon Platinum. I had 1 more chance b4 it used take down and fainted. I was lucky!
  7. Ekaru

    Ekaru Active Member

    So I was playing Pokemon Leaf Green and going through the Viridian Forest, doing a female-only playthrough. I wanted a Pikachu.

    After some wandering around, a Pikachu appeared. It was female. If it wasn't female, I would have KO'd it.

    Then I don't really care about catching it, so I hit it with a strong move (can't remember what). It survived.

    So, I threw a ball. If it escaped, I would have KO'd it since that was how I was feeling. I caught it.

    So I raised it some. I then noticed a while later that it was shiny. So, I had a shiny female Pikachu caught in the Viridian Forest.

    On another note, I was using Numel in Pokemon Emerald earlier, in the desert against Sandshrew and Sandslash. They used Sand Attack or had some ability, I don't know. I was using Magnitude. What was the coincidence?

    If I got a low number, oh sure, it would hit. But if I got a number of 7 or higher? Oh, it wouldn't hit, that would be too nice. It missed.




    Needless to say, I was very, very annoyed. One time I got lucky and a Magnitude 10 hit a Sandslash. It barely survived, and I had probability fun again. I was level 31 (it was an accident with the day care, and I'm picky, so all my Pokemon were that high), it was like level 22. GRRRRRRR, I think the game doesn't like me.
  8. ARCEUS£^

    ARCEUS£^ Spain fc ROCK

    Wild shiny cyndaquil
  9. No. 1 Machop Fan

    No. 1 Machop Fan Well-Known Member

    That kind of thing happens to me all the time, both in and out of Pokémon. I think it happened once when I was trying to find a Gengar in my Diamond game with the Dongle method.
  10. squlicky4

    squlicky4 Well-Known Member

    this is the same with me it really annoys me
  11. Shiny Bashamo

    Shiny Bashamo Isn't it cute ^^

    You do know it is impossible without a cheatdevice to catch a wild cyndaquil right?

    anyway, I was playing a Ash playthrough in Crystal, so I only used pokémon that Ash had in his team. I was looking for a Noctowl when a Shiny Noctowl showed up =D So I caught it and used it in my team :3
  12. PinkPantsMan

    PinkPantsMan Well-Known Member

    I wonder why my only shiny pokemon happened in de gold/silver games and all of you find 10000s of em D:
  13. Totokip

    Totokip Black Triangle

    one time my cousin was shiny hunting in emerald and i was searching for bagons,he said i shoudn't waist my time with that and go search for shinies like him, and then a bagon appears,boy like i wanted and shiny! WingYoshi still lives on too...
  14. omg. never seen a shiny in pokemon ever! Im so annoyed :l
  15. Visual

    Visual Nine one six ~

    Wow. This reminds me of my hunt for the rare Heracross in Platinum. I spent many days checking on Honey Trees to find Heracross but the same not-Heracross Pokemons kept showing up instead, so I decided to migrate the Heracross I caught in FR to Platinum. I still haven't encounter any Heracross from Honey Trees in Platinum, though...but I did find a Heracross in my Diamond a very long time ago but I wasn't planning to use a Heracross back then, so I just kept it in the PC Box.
  16. cocoa_adele

    cocoa_adele Well-Known Member

    Two shinys in platinum without any pokeradar and within >30 Hours of Gameplay
  17. sinnedinho

    sinnedinho Well-Known Member

    I really wanted a shiny on Sapphire, because it looks like a lot of people are lucky in finding them. After spending some days on going through tall grass, fishing etc, nothing happened.

    But the first tile I fished in was a Feebas tile.
  18. ArcanineOod

    ArcanineOod Peace, perfect peace

    So, one day I was on the internet randomly looking at Shiny Pokemon sprites. I caught sight of Shiny Roserade and fell in love with it.

    A few months later, I was heading to the dude next to Pal Park's house in Platinum so I could get a Focus Band or something like that, and POOF! a Shiny Roselia appears! My favourite Shiny!
    I managed to catch it, thankfully, and now it sits in my PC. I'll use it someday, I'm sure. ^_^

  19. SapphireGeno

    SapphireGeno Silver forever <3

    I was thinking, "I'll never get a shiny..."
    I was wrong. Got a shiny Remoraid in Diamond.
  20. Terry. T.

    Terry. T. One and Only...

    Kinda one...
    When I went to Route 229, I wondered why the Ace Trainer Female with Kirlia hadn't evolved it. Same with the guy next to her and Dusclops. You get it. Jirachi parody? And proably nice sort-out! LOL!

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