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Any team ideas?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by GoombaGeek, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. GoombaGeek

    GoombaGeek Begone!!

    I have always been obsessed with Pokemon (since Silver appeared under the Christmas tree one year), and now that I have acquired Platinum, I can safely say that I am obsessed. (132 hours of time logged in 50 days or so) But I need some expertise. I need a good team WITHOUT ubers (because they're cheap) and with fairly easily obtainable Pokemon (swarming + radar pokemon are okay, but no starters that I don't have or trade-to-evolves).

    I'm thinking Tyranitar (got a Larvitar and will level it up), Flygon (yay, Flygon! raised it from a Trapinch), and Jumpluff (I have a teamful of Jumpluffs because I like them...) Any move tips would also be nice.

    I have a Torterra and a (female!) Prinplup (love the GTS, I got it for a Shedinja) if you need to know what I started with.

    Sorry if this just looks like a worthless wall 'o' text, but I would very much like it if somebody could help me out.
  2. Hiro__

    Hiro__ ∞Melancholy∞

    So you want a team idea for the battle frontier? Or battling here? Or for starting a new game? Because i could give different tips depending.
  3. GoombaGeek

    GoombaGeek Begone!!

    I'd like a good multiplayer team, yes. I am NOT starting a new game.

    Thanks for showing an interest in this thread - I was wondering if this would just go unnoticed.
  4. Hiro__

    Hiro__ ∞Melancholy∞

    If you have Flygon, Tyranitar, and Jumpluff, there's a consistent weakness to ice type moves so you may want to get a fire type to take care of them, like maybe, Ninetales or Arcanine, (although neither of them learn much after evolution so you should train the vulpix or growlithe up until they learn the moves you want for them before evolving...) So, that makes Flygon, Tyranitar, Jumpluff, some fire-type, Prinplup which would be much more effective evolved to eliminate the weakness to grass types, among other thins, and that leaves one slot for a party of six, assuming that's what you're looking for...?
  5. GoombaGeek

    GoombaGeek Begone!!

    Yes! Thank you. Oh, and the Prinplup was a GTS trade, I got it at level 1.

    If you want a Shiny Eevee, once I saw one on the GTS. But they wanted a Mew for it... :(

    Subject change: does anybody else like Drifloons, have too much time on their hands, and owns Photoshop? Because this is the result...
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2009
  6. Hiro__

    Hiro__ ∞Melancholy∞

    Those drifloon are just weird... O.O Anyway... for the sixth slot, i would put in a strong electric type (Like Raichu, Luxray, Manectric, or Ampharos... that's one from each generation...) or a good psychic (Alakazam is a popular choice, especially for a special sweeper, but i like espeon just because it's my favorite pokemon! :D Espeon isn't too shabby either. Especially if you can get one from XD because then it knows bite which is a nice ghost-type counter if you can't get shadow ball.)
  7. GoombaGeek

    GoombaGeek Begone!!

    I have Ampharos. But Vulpix + Growlithe are unobtainable for me... :(

    Either I go to the Wonderful Wizard of GTS or I find another Fire type.

    Fire-type candidates: Flareon, Torkoal, Magcargo, Camerupt (but that makes me even more Water weak), or Magmortar (can somebody please trade me a Magmar with Magmarizer for my Magmar with a Magmarizer? My FC is 3610-0478-2489)

    And for my sixth slot, I'm thinking either Shedinja or Dragonite.

    Thanks for all the help!
  8. Shuckle of Cloudy Sky

    Shuckle of Cloudy Sky Stall Fest FTW

    Well Flygon and Jumpluff take four times the damage from Ice, so you may want something that resists it and can fight back against ice types. Steel is a good type for this but fire works fine too. For Steel, Steelix might work but it has very little special defense. Scizor would also work but it's a trade to evolve so you may not want to try it (you can catch wild Steelix on Iron Island).
    For fire, if you don't have Infernape then Magmortar is really the only good option, but it's a trade again so you might want to find something else. There are also Ninetales and Arcanine, but you might not be able to obtain them other then the GTS, or a trade.

    Also, are you making a sandstorm team? That's what it seems like.
  9. Hiro__

    Hiro__ ∞Melancholy∞

    for a fire type, i always used a flareon on my platinum version, and it always turned out one of my favorites. If you take dragonite, then you are in serious trouble if you ever find a trainer that beats your fire type then sends out an ice type later on, so you need at least 2 pokemon Other than flareon that have moves that could serve as a good ice-type counter.
  10. ShinyPichu4Ever

    ShinyPichu4Ever Eye of the Storm

    Flareon, Dragonite, Garchomp, Your Starter (Empoleon is usually pretty good), maybe Espeon, and Lucario makes for a good team as long as they are all leveled up well. If you don't have an espeon try an Alakazam.
  11. GoombaGeek

    GoombaGeek Begone!!

    No, but... it DOES seem that way now that you mention it. I would send out Tyranitar after all my non-Ground/Rock/Steel types are KOed.

    I have Aggron, would that work for an Ice counter?

    Here's my guess on how icons/smilies work. It should show my team in the order they would be in (all after Tyranitar are immune to sandstorm)

  12. Hiro__

    Hiro__ ∞Melancholy∞

    not bad, but with aggron, you would have to rely entirely on jumpluff to take out ground types... :/ or is empoleon only normally affected by ground?
  13. GoombaGeek

    GoombaGeek Begone!!

    I already found out that I have an extremely ground-weak team... I'll replace Empoleon with Torterra.
  14. Hiro__

    Hiro__ ∞Melancholy∞

    That would mean you now have no water type... and a poison/ice fighter, since poison moves do nothing against it, and ice is .25 against it. i would advise against that... if you were willing to add in flygon instead of aggron, that would be a good ground type counter with its levitate... you can probably teach it ice beam 2.

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