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Any YouTubers in the community?


Only Train The Best
Sorry to the MODS if this is in the wrong place,or if I made this thread before (I couldnt find it after looking to be fair) but im wondering if there is any youtubers on the Serebii community?

I only started out a month back and Im finding it fun,would like to see other peoples content and possibly collaborate with anyone that is intrested?

Also this thread is here to talk about the hobby ETC.


Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
The only thing I do related to YouTube these days is just watching selective videos, downloading those videos for various reasons, and sometimes leaving a comment. I was kind of slightly active in my uploading when I first signed up, but that died down over the years, naturally, though that was mainly because of YouTube's bullshit when it comes to their "updates". I was more into AMVs (because of course) and YouTube Poops, that was typically what I did even if it was just a little contribution. I last uploaded mid-2015, and that was... drum roll...

...a YouTube Poop. That I didn't scale properly in Premiere (for some reason), so it's a windowboxed video. I'm no longer mad about it because it's a YouTube Poop, it's not supposed to look good.


Only Train The Best
Thats a shame you stopped,Id like to watch this lol Youtube is a hard game though,its like a second job your not getting payed for lol but it is fun.