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Anyone else deal with the "only original pokes are good" people?

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A lot of my friends that like Pokemon have that mentality, but I choose to ignore it and just move on with our different opinions. I like all Generations with my least favorite being 4th since they made some real lame and ugly evolutions for the 1st Gen.


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I say they're all hipsters and should be punished :p
Obviously it's because of nostalgia. My favorite is 3rd gen because of nostalgia just as they like 1st. And I hate Sinnoh and dislike Unova, personally.


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I have certainly dealt with them, because I am one. Anything created in the 4rth generation and above is worthless, with the exception of a few legendaries.


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Considering my username, you may think i am one of these people. But really i like all pokemon. Stunfisk happens to be my favorite pokemon and its not even from the 1st gen.
I agree. It's not right to judge the Pokemon generations like that. I really don't like it when people judge the new generation just as they are coming out.
I also tend to think people grow up or start with a certian generation and then they cling to it or favor it. Then, when a new generation comes out they compare it with the older one. You can't compare them, they are all diffrent.


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i personly love 5th gen pokemon, as they remind me of 1st gen ones. 4th gen personly bugged me alot...they didnt intro enough and made togepi into a hideous, annoying beast. back on topic, i havnt really run into those people but i do hate pika obsessers...its creepy how they think a pika could hope to beat pretty much any ground type.


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All of my friends and I have been around since Pokemon first came out. So almost all of my friends say that "Only the original Pokemon are good". I try to convince them; but, they're hipsters...


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I get that from my one friend. I just ignore him but it does get obnoxious..

I've played every pokemon handheld RPG to date and I think they're all good.


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It's true, the originals really are way cooler. Although there are awesome ones from the newer gens, they will never make the same impact as the originals did


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Yeah up to 4th Gen was good, but I just really don't like the ones this gen :/


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I like every Generation up until Black/White. Black/White are good but they just don't have the same 'Pokémon' feel for me... oh well. They're still good games


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A lot of people I know is like that. That's dissappointing.. and annoying. I love all generations except V, but it's a matter of time. I've played White and I still don't like new pokemon. But for competitive playing, it rocks.


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The new generation Pokemon have unusually high stats. See: Gen 4, Gen 5. It seems every made Pokemon that isn't a gimmick has to be "omgsuparcoolgud" or else it's ****. According to Smogon, during Gen 4, there were only 7 Generation 1 Pokemon in OU, while there was a not-very-surprising 20 from Diamond/Pearl/Platinum.

The new games aren't bad by any means; they just don't take skill. Everything is on the offensive, you only have to use offensive moves to win now, which is not what Generations 1 and 2 were about.
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I've only meet a rare few with this mentality and it's safe to say they are clueless about Pokemon and are narrow minded. They're just missing out on all the other great Pokemon out there in the later gens, what a shame.

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My cousin thinks so, and I kinda agree with him. Comparing the older to the newer pokemon, I seem to like older pokemon much better than the newer ones. It's probably just because I've known the older one since I was a kid. That's probably how a lot of the 'old gens were better' feel about it too. They just don't get attached to the newer ones as much as the old ones.
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