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Anyone else love the Gym Battles?


akasaka sad
I like the gyms and the puzzles, but I do wish there was more variation in the actual battles. Different stadium backgrounds, different timings for dynamax, etc. Oh, and the ability to change your uniform.

Maybe they'll expand on these ideas for the next installment.


Well-Known Member
I agree, the gyms are the best part of SwSh. I particularly liked the Fairy gym, because the quiz was so funny. Raihan's gym may have been easy, but I commend them for doing a gym based on weather and doubles. Piers gym also stood out because of the different location, theme music, and no Dynamax. Speaking of Dynamax, using it and hearing the crowd cheer, and feeling the joycon shake, got me so pumped.


Eh, ragazzo!
It seems they took the standard gym formula, and cranked it up to eleven.
I like how the challenges are very different from one another.
I really liked this approach in the games. If you have a common element, you might as well live it.


gen 9 lover
I actually like the teams of the gym leader. The last time a fourth gym leader already having 4 Pokemon at normal difficult was Emerald or including remakes, HG/SS. Also fully evolved Pokemon only from gym 3 onward. Seeing an Arcanine that early was a nice surprise. I would still change Milo team and give him an Applin and change Gossifleur to another Grass Pokemon. Other than that the teams are solid and an improvement over the Unova and Kalos gym leader teams, only the levels and some movesets need to be reworked.


We're Blasting off again!
It is amazing. My fave battle was with Raihan. He is cool. I also liked Wyndon Stadium. Soo much hype.


Well-Known Member
The first couple were pretty hype and then it just got kinda mundane and reminded me why I was glad they ditched gyms for Alola. Gimmick could only last so long, leaders were as forgettable as Gen 6 right now the only that comes to mind is Rihan.

Totem Mons that had stat boots and support ally's I don't think any Pokemon game will come close to that challenge.