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Anyone else participate in Free Comic Book Day?


Had two comic stores in the area, plus Hastings handed out some free comics. This is what I got:

- Avatar The Last Airbender/Star Wars Clone Wars
- Bongo Comics Free-For-All 2011
- Captain America/Thor: The Mighty Fighting Avengers
- Green Lantern/Flashpoint #1
- Inspector Gadget
- Sonic The Hedgehog 2011
- Summer Fun (I'm not a huge John
- The Amazing Spider-Man 2011 (A lot better than the Swing Swift story)
- The Mighty Thor Saga
- The Misadventures of Adam West/Things to Come (Didn't hear of this one, but the AW story was a nice little read)
- The Tick 2011 (Like with the TMNT franchise, I don't get The Tick that often, so it's nice to get a chance for a freebie)
- Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse 2011
- Witch & Wizard
- Young Justice/Batman The Brave and The Bold: Super Sampler (Overall, both stories were decent and in my opinion is the better DC Sampler from FCBD. Especially the ending of the Batman story.)

Trainer Orange

Pokémon Runner
I am so upset I missed the Airbender one! Should have looked up what books were available online. I got Super Dinosaur (awesome), Atomic Robo (meh), and the Aspen one (kind of a waste). My shop only allowed 3 per person. On the upside, they had Eyeshield 21 on sale!