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Anyone else SICK of seeing the same Pokémon every time they battle?

Discussion in 'Poképolls' started by .VALO., Jun 16, 2009.

  1. .VALO.

    .VALO. Well-Known Member

    Anyone else SICK of seeing the same Pokémon every time they battle?

    Who's getting bored of seeing the same Pokémon every time they battle, no matter who they battle? Yeah, me too. My signature has the answers you're looking for..
  2. EspeonMaster

    EspeonMaster The Legend Of Dawn

    I am...But I do not want new Pokemon.
  3. CrossTheRoad

    CrossTheRoad Incoming 8th Grader

    I am. It is getting pretty annoying seeing Infernape everywhere.
  4. Luxe

    Luxe Stranded MeisterIsle

    I am too. Standards are great, but I can only handle so much Infernape, Salamance, and Scizor.

    EDIT: Thats a clever way to get more battles without actually posting on the battling forum.
  5. -Dark-Knight-

    -Dark-Knight- --------

    Right here!
    Damn Salamence everywhere i go .......
  6. Alloute

    Alloute Banned

    I am a little annoyed, but there is nothing I can do...
  7. Mkay

    Mkay Member

    People made me not like Scizor anymore...
  8. muumajii23

    muumajii23 Well-Known Member

    Mainly if something is OU, I don't use it anymore...

    Just bored of all the Standards. -_-'
  9. .VALO.

    .VALO. Well-Known Member

    I'm running a forum, if you click my signature then it will take you there. Read the welcome and C493 standard rules threads for a full insight.
  10. cant tsomebodd not pick startly for the second pokemon
  11. iCharmarc

    iCharmarc Well-Known Member

  12. TraverseTown

    TraverseTown Tauros

    Once we hit more than 600 Pokemon, it is possible to start seeing some more diversity in the competetive realm.
  13. Typhlosion Trainer

    Typhlosion Trainer Fire Trainer

    I dont have a real problem with it, but seeing Infernapes everywhere gets annoying sometimes.
  14. The Flash

    The Flash I like shorts!

    I haven't competitive battled but i hear that garchamps are abused severly. heck, there is even an ENTIRE forum discussing how to counter it...there isn't.
  15. Conker

    Conker Active Member

    It's just a minor annoyince for me.
  16. RYKUU

    RYKUU Water Trainer

    Salamance, Kingdra, and stock dragons are everywhere.
  17. Gyarados lost all his uniqueness (if thats a word?) and legendaries are not fun to battle anymore
  18. Mercury Lamp

    Mercury Lamp And there was snow..

    Im tired of OU, almost all teams had at least one Garchomp, Gyrados , Tyranitar ,Gengar, Scizor ,Infernape, theyre so common that i design my team for beating them, they make battling annoying and frustrating, i mean Its ok have competitive, strong pokemon but what about originality and variety arent them one of the things that make battling funny?.
  19. Rainy_Day

    Rainy_Day Swimmer

    I try to balance OU with less-common Pokemon when I battle. If you are going to seriously battle competitively, however, you pretty much need OU Pokemon if you want a chance of actually beating other OU teams.

    A while back (maybe a year or two ago) I proposed an alternative tiering system on the Smogon forums. Instead of there being a few set tiers which Pokemon were put into, and each team and battle also being in one of these tiers, I suggested we use something more like a point system.

    Each Pokemon would have some point value, with high-stat more powerful Pokemon having a very high point value, today's UU Pokemon having smaller point values, and NFE Pokemon included and having very small point values. Each battle would have a set point value, and each player would have to build a team of Pokemon whose total point value does not exceed that set value. This way, you could still use powerful Pokemon like Salamence and Blissey while also using some of your favorite weaker Pokemon like Glaceon or Venomoth.

    Obviously it would take a lot of effort on behalf of the community to come up with point values for everything (and NFEs could be removed to simplify things), and these values would be dynamic just like today's tiers are, but I think the system would allow for a lot more flexibility and would be a very interesting change in the metagame.
  20. BlueMew7

    BlueMew7 what up daddy in the house

    The only thing I am tired of is just seeing people on Wi-Fi with teams (OU) that are made up, and made up only of powerhouses. Let me give you an example. Three days ago, I was on Wi-Fi just battling random people that gave me their FC. I hadn't had a decent battle (and by decent, I mean challenging) in for a few weeks, which was dissapointing. So I thought that this kid (I assumed he was a kid) would make my day by showing me a well organized, and structured OU team. Let me just tell you his team:

    1. Garchomp
    2. Salamence
    3. Rhyperior
    4. Tyranitar
    5. Dragonite
    6. Flygon

    I shouldn't even have to explain to you what is wrong with this team. You can just tell what's wrong with it by just looking at it!

    1. 4 of his pokemon are the same type.
    2. None of his pokemon are used for defense
    3. They can all be OHKO'd with an ice special attack with or without choice specs.

    I could go on and on about what else is wrong. The worst has yet to come though. This person made a terrible mistake with his Ev training. I did some research on his team because I couldn't believe how fast his team went down. After half an hour of research, I saw what terrible mistake this person made and it was this: On all of his pokemon, he had the brave nature, which brings down speed and raises attack, and EV trained 252 HP/252 Attack on every single one of his pokemon. To some that section up, this guy had pokemon with absurdly high attack and a lot of HP, but his pokemon were too slow to even lay a single attack.

    He thought that since his pokemon had such high attack power, that he wouldn't need to worry about speed. Big mistake!

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