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Anyone else the female Psuedo Rivals need more personality?


Tsun in the streets

Dude, look at those Webster entries: ONE OF THE DEFINITIONS OF RIVAL IS PEER.


One notes that despite having "4 times as much pokemon" as you, he's far more interested in just insulting and battling you. But whatever, I'll give you this.

One notes that Oak entrusted Gold with the Pokedex, in the apparent wish for him to complete it. One also notes that the main goal of the entire franchise is to complete the dex. As I said, don't even try to dispute this.

....I really hope you're kidding here.

As to the Musician, I have no idea how me proving Rival means Peer is trolling. Trolling is posting to get an emotion response. So I believe you should check up on your definitions.

K......now webster online dictionary like wiki can be altered by anyone but if the printed book says it then i give you that one.
Now a while ago there was a interview with the creator. he stated the games main goal as of now is to use your favorites and complete the story,battle your friends and so on. next they droped the "gotta catch em all" slogan. lets face it the games is targeted towards kids. do u think those kids have the resources to "catch em all" because as of now the only to get em all is to...A. action replay or B. spend about 500$ plus on pokemon game plus go to events. have some done it? yes were they in targeted age group?no


Busy with School
Huh. Really?

I'd like to see a link, but I'll just take your word for this because I'm sick of arguing.


Eye of the Storm
First, isn't this about the FEMALE pseudo rivals? Second, at least the male pseudo rivals had more of a personality, even if it was to be a jerk/braggart.


these pseudos are too happy. I want THREE RIVALS. In a GANG
And a triple battle with like your six vs their 18 LOL
Seriously though, 3 rivals, triple battle.


I dropped my balls
Always keep his cool? Need I remind you of the final battle with him?

And where did he beat you where it mattered?

As in he beat the gyms first. And your goal was to beat all gyms. It's not untill the very end that you actually get to best him. Of course he's allowed to lose his cool then. It was the only battle between you two that actually mattered.

Also I believe they make the characters as bland as possible so you can substitute them for your friends and such. That's what I did anyway.


Innocent Bystander
Well, since I am a girl and I almost always choose a female player, I am pretty familiar with how the male characters act, not so much when it comes to females though. I don't really recall Lucas having any real personality. To me, I just get the impression he's just a nice boy who gives you advice and what not. Brendan on the other hand was slightly more interesting. While playing through Sapphire at Lavaridge I believe he said something along the lines of my father looking/being strong, unlike me. I don't remember exactly how he said it though, but he does have a bit of a 'tude. And of course, at the beginning of the game he's surprised at the player being a girl since Norman is a gym leader.

So I think Brendan had some personality and I believe May has some to an extent, but I honestly think Lucas and Dawn (based on what I've seen from her) are both really boring, lifeless characters who have nothing interesting to say, they just give you stuff. Honestly, I think all the pseudo rivals could use some more personality, but there's not a lot of distinct personality in Pokemon games in the first place. What we really need is for the actual rival to be a female for once. That's be interesting imo, since the rival has always been a boy except in RSE if you chose a boy. Just once I'd like to be a girl and have a girl rival. :)

As for Barry and the other rivals, I think that all the rivals should just be different. Does the rival always have to be a smart alec or a cruel kid? Barry is not really either of those. He's just a determined, hasty kid who just happens to be friendly most of the time. Silver and Green/Gary/*whateveryoucallhim* are different from each other too! That way you don't feel as if you're facing the same rival from a previous game. :p


Arcane Of The Wild
Ok let me make this clear rivals are blue/green silver wally and barry the hyperactive kid with loads of personality! A psuedo rival is the nice person who helps you out. May and brendan are not either since their the friendly type but they battle you. All psuedo rivals never battle you got that kapeesh thread closed! <jk