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Anyone else think Pokemon need to take a step back?

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by jack xx munchlax, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. jack xx munchlax

    jack xx munchlax pro battle trainer

    Personally I don't really like the feel of the 3D games such as b/w/b2/w2
    because I prefer to have it old school like heart gold and soul silver had the balance perfected( enough change to make it interesting but not enough to completely change the experience) just thought i'd get that out there. Anyone feel the same?
  2. Ditto B1tch

    Ditto B1tch Well-Known Member

    No, dude. If you have personally a preference on 2D games, then it is only about your will. The game companny will step forward the hardware updates.
  3. *~Silver*~

    *~Silver*~ Well-Known Member

    No. I like the advancement in the graphics a lot better.
  4. Excitable Boy

    Excitable Boy is a metaphor

    That's an interesting opinion.

    If it had any backing whatsoever, I may very well consider it.
  5. Starsurfer

    Starsurfer Pokemon Idol

    You're free to have your own opinion and I can see why you might be apprehensive about the coming generation, but I'm afraid I don't agree.

    I'm happy with the advances they are making. I feel the 3D is a step in the right direction, ESPECIALLY if everyone is correct in their speculation about there being Character Customization. In fact, this is the first time I've been really excited for the release of a Pokemon game in a while.
  6. I'm fine with Gen. V's 3d style, it's gen. VI's I don't like the looks of so far.
  7. Sunofabob

    Sunofabob Member

    I think the Pokemon games are headed in the right direction. I also appreciate them making the starter purely their respective types. I just hope they all don't fall to the wayside like Gen V starters did. The Gen V starters are all in NU, or RU tiers. That sucks. The X & Y legendaries look cool too :).
  8. ice33333

    ice33333 Active Member

    Well originally I didn't much like what the 3d effects of gen 6 looked like but I think they've grown on me XD
  9. Shadow XD001

    Shadow XD001 Silver Soul

    Keep in mind that what we sqw of Gen VI in the trailer wasn't the graphics at its final stage. There's still several months until X/Y come out.

    Aren't the starters only their respective type in their first form? We don't know anything about their evolutions iirc.

    On topic: I think Pokémon is taking a step in the right direction. Also, whenever games stay the way they are and don't change, people complain that he games haven't changed. D:
  10. ForeWolf

    ForeWolf Member

    I've been waiting for 3D battles on a handheld ever since I played Stadium 2 oh so long ago. So yes, I'm glad they are going this route.
  11. Sunofabob

    Sunofabob Member

    Apparently, they'll be staying that one type throughout the evolution.

    Same here. Heck, I wish they could have done the animations for the stadium/Colosseum games better.

    I liked the HG/SS look but innovation is necessary for us to beat poke-placency (pokemon + complacency). I'm aware that was longer than writing complacency. I think they should build a 3DS PLUS that has better graphics power so the 3D rendering is much better. It's still pretty choppy IMO. I welcome ALL Gens and ALL forms of hardware.
  12. Nightmareisalive

    Nightmareisalive Well-Known Member

    That's your opinion and you have every right to it but some people really like the way Pokemon is heading and gamefreak will continue to go in the direction they have taken.
  13. ParaChomp

    ParaChomp be your own guru

    Nope, system with 480p graphics (3D ones no less) should use 3D models. There goes the need of a stadium game (unless it's developed by a third party that's great with 1080p graphics, are fans of the competitive scene, and know how to give an outstanding online experience).

    You fan of classic all sprite graphics? I don't blame you, some companies respect them, just look at BlazBlue. Though with the 3D console titles, everyone is ecstatic to see their creatures brawl on a big screen. No need for a good plot or handful of sidequests? Pokémon has been running on running on its creative system of collectable customizable creatures and sooner or later, this is going to get stale. Why not follow suit of the other big name RPG studios and have a good plot and sidequests? It won't hurt the fans who play it just because of how unique the battle system is.
  14. Ampy

    Ampy Light The Stars

    Yeah, no thanks, let's not go back to the horrible level distribution that G/S/HG/SS had. Graphics wise, I guess that's an opinion, but I really feel like the games have evolved in every way.
  15. ParaChomp

    ParaChomp be your own guru

    Changed? I think it's just them not accepting the new guys.
  16. Raiin

    Raiin Johto Boy

    I am a fan of the 2D sprites (the first 2 gens remain my favorite) but a main series pokemon game in 3D is pretty awesome. It's a welcoming change for me.
  17. halloweenghost

    halloweenghost Well-Known Member

    it's been like 15 years! it's time for a new step man! We've had plenty of games like what you speak of..
  18. Dragoniss

    Dragoniss Garys wanabe waifu

    I'll sympathies op.

    I do like the sprites...a lot. I'm a weirdo who liked most of the red blue and yellow sprites [not all of them though, and esecially not them back sprites -cringe-

    In a way it makes me really sad to see sprites are leaving, and when I first seen it I was hesitant. They're mucking up my childhood to much! But the more I watched it the more it grew on me and I realized Pokemon needed to do this when 4th gen came out. It makes me sad that we won't really have sprites anymore but it's the way of the future Ooohhhhh~

    All games need to advance at some point. Look at Mario, Zelda, Sonic. They all made the jump eon's ago, its about time Pokemon does the same.

    Rest in peace sprites. You will be forever loved.
    -goes to play lost silver to pay respects-
  19. Ver-mont

    Ver-mont Well-Known Member

    While I do prefer the HGSS style with sprites and everything, I don't have a problem with the new style. I don't think we need to take a step back.
  20. Koh

    Koh Tamer

    I don't mind seeing a transition to 3D, however, I DO mind it when they look all trashy and jpeged like what we've seen in the trailer. Why's it gotta look like that? Sure, people are going to keep tossing around that they still have months before final release, and so they have time to step up the graphics, but do you REALLY believe that they will? In all honesty, I highly doubt they're going to look any cleaner in the final product, due to the high number of models they need. So in laments terms, the lower quality graphics, the more they can fit in the cartridge. At that rate, they might as well have stayed with the much cleaner, smoother looking sprites than the choppy, pixelated models we're seeing now, until the Nintendo Triple Screen, Nintendo Triple Screen Lite and Nintendo Triple Screen Extra Large are released.

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