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Anyone got a Adament Ditto?


I’ll... I’ll GET YOU!
Anyone got an adamant ditto laying around. I’m new to Pokémon again after more than a decade and I’m still trying to get the breeding and nature thing understood

Only thing I can offer that I thinks it’s a good value is a Adament Riolu that was breeded that I lucked out on from a wonder trade.

I also have a modest nature Pikachu and a modest Ralts

And chance if you have a throw away Bagon, Nidoran, Lavitar, and Dratini... by all means. Also willing to help out with training and evolving as well


Omega Ruby Base on Route 18, Right Side Beach
I'll trade you a few 4 perfect ivd Pokemon and I'll check to see if I have a modest ditto. This is for oras, right? Pm me