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Anyone have a shiney Scyther or Scizor?


King of Bugs
I've been looking around for one...

I have a shiney Ditto, Tentacruel, Treecko, Gyrados, or Wobuffet.
I have a Scyther. Got any other offers?


King of Bugs
Well, if it has good stats I could offer my shiney DD charizard, or more than one of the other shinies...
Deoxys, or manaphy would work, but i turned on my ds, and went to check my scyther, and the shiny wasnt there. But i have a regular lv. 52 scyther, but i can also give you a rotom, and a turtwig.
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i got a shiny scizor legit and u said u could trade more than one shiny? if so id like shiny treeko and gyrados if not only treeko