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anyone have a SPACE C DEOXYS

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i am willing to trade legit shiny darkrai,legit shiny arceus,legit shiny dialga,hacked shiny mew,hacked shiny celebi,legit jirachi beware i have only two of each one i can attach any item you want


hmmmmm lets roll back a minute a legit shiny darkrai and a legit shiny arceus, may i hadd one word, impossible?

ya have fun being locked about now!
damn man if you a darkrai so bad and you don't live in japan what do you do you don't get one come on think a bit
think all of you u don't live in japan you want a darkrai what do u do buy tickets specialy for darkrai plus the event is til 25 of june thhhhhhhhhiiiiiinnnkkkkkkkkkk you make me crazy
so i hacked the item big deal i didn't hack the pokemon plus my ar is now busted


Completing The Trio
the part where you hacked the ticket or warped to newmoon island
im annoying if you concentrate you can see youre the annoying one because if you live in japan other people dont think about that
annnnyyyyyyyyyyooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeee please please please please please


The Dark Universe
Study . . . . . . .


Breaking Benjaminfan
i have a deoxys lvl 100,but didnt the space center deoxys rumor get ruled out?anyways i do have a Deoxys lvl 100 and im willin to trade for Shiny Darkrai and Shiny Arceus
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