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Anyone have Pokemon Advanced Box Set Vol 1?

There are no special features or the Japanese version, but the episodes themselves are excellent.

So if you just want the episodes (which is all you're getting) it's a great buy since there were many fantastic episodes in that batch.


Psyduck + Cyndaquil

Excellent buy, I just wish that Volume 2 would come out already!


Thanks..I already bought Master Quest Vol 2 at Suncoast..I didn't want to buy it since Suncoast was so freaking high but I went ahead...I almost ended up getting AstroBoy 2004 or '80's version but I went with MQ. Now I'll get Advanced Vol 1 next week... :p


Old Coot
I hear that the episodes from the boxset are those from the Kids' WB! airings. Meaning you'll see the edited badge case and zoomed in episodes. :s


np with me..As long as I have me some Pokemon episodes to watch... :p