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Anyone have weird habits of reading or watching something over and over?


Yeah, do anyone of you have that habit? For example, I have this weird obsession with these five youtube videos. The first one is has these orca songs of different pods, the second one shows this transient pod of orcas in Cand, and the third one is about this kid who is in this creepy castle, tries to open this door, but is locked.
Then he notices that, inside a small tunnel, is the key, which seems to be floating. So the kid gets all excited, and he crawls into the tunnel; during this, he sings a short little song about keys, but when he crawls out, he finds out that the key is trapped in this HUGE cube of green jelly, with these two eyeballs floating inside it. The kid tries to get it, gets stuck in the jelly (at this point he makes a odd screeching sound), and falls out. He wipes off the jelly while groaning in frustration. Does this sound familiar to you?
And fourth, I'm always watching these videos about the Sun going red giant and destroying the Earth.
Finally, the last one is about the creation of the world and the blessing of El-ahrairah in the Watership Down movie.

So...do any of you have this habit?

Locke Yggdrasill

Eustis on reddit
I watch my favorite movies over and over. Like, more than I watch new movies. I have to be in a particular mood to watch a new movie but I can watch old movies seemingly infinitely. However most of the time these movies are on in the background. I like knowing what's gonna happen, and the background noise helps me out. Like right now, got a movie on that i've seen before. I've had a playlist on all day.


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Yeah I do.
Im obsessed with watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Its one of my favorite movies ever if my the favorite.
I also read Harry Potter and Memoirs of a Geisha once a year.

Mr Chili

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for a while I was watchin' Donnie Darko everyday, then when tenacious D and the pick of destiny came out me and my buddies would watch that everyday :D Love that movie :O

Sceptile Master

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Meh, usually only if I think it's hilariously funny.


I be an Exotic One
I watch basically the same Youtube videos and TV shows most of the week because I'm used to watching whatever is on, which is usually a rerun.
hahahaha can't believe nobody has made an autism joke yet

and on topic, no.


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yea i seen watchmen everynight for a whole summer until the sun rose.
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De Ibwis Twigga!
I keep re-reading Watership Down and the Deltora Quest series. Although I really want to finish reading Treasure Island and Great Expectations and start reading Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Catch-22, Robinson Crusoe and The Whale (Aka: Moby Dick) I always stop reading those and start reading Watership Down and Deltora Quest again which is weird cause I really want to read those books..
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