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Anyone here read Archie Comics Mega Man?


Really great title since it started and maintains the momentum of quality quite well.

Manages to balance out decently when it comes to tone (being able to go between being lighthearted and serious, sometimes dark), rather than being one or the other.

And the stories manage to be fresh, even for readers who know what to expect due to the source material.

It's currently up to #45 and is in the second & final arc adapting Mega Man 3.


Wicked Witch
My only exposure I had to the series was Worlds Collide -- and some bits and pieces about Blues who by most measures is an amazing character.

I do hear people singing the praises that it's the better of the two licensed comic books by a large margin. Probably because Capcom isn't nearly as protective of the source material as Sega is which allows the creatives to actually do a convincing job. They also have a pretty strong roster of artists.

I'm probably not that into it because I didn't grow up with this generation of Megaman.


I'd argue that being a fan of the franchise isn't necessary. As long as you are interested in a comic with good writing, and can be serious without being a downer and still being able to be fun, you'll like the title just fine.