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Anyone here see the Tokusatsu Spider-Man?


Yeah, the show with Spider-Man using a mecha.

For those who have, Marvel uploaded it several years back (So yes this is legal, subbed and free): http://marvel.com/videos/browse/tv_show/128/japanese_spiderman

I've watched the several episodes here and there. But now, I'm watching it from beginning to end, and yeah it's a fun and intense show. Seen Episodes 1-27 and the movie (Episode 0 as listed on the site) and will see the rest when the week is over.

And to note, Episode 0 for reasons I won't spoil, takes place between Episode 10 and 11.
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blaze boy

Aka SamuraiDon
Could they have at least kept his traditional villains?

There wouldn't have been any point since Tokusatsu Spider-Man only share it name and costume. Everything else has been changed.


Dungeon Master
Oh, this was hilarious. I remember hearing about this, but it was only recently that I was able to see it.