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anyone miss the serious side of TR?


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I miss how they were in the original series where they where given more serious roles in the episodes and movies. In kanto they were really serious when they always had the guns and bombs.

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This is the TR I want to see, and I want to see them successful, too. At least in some occasions. Every anime needs a proper villain.
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I agree with you to an extent. Seeing the main "villains" as purely comical relief gets old. Let's see them actually do something right!


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They were serious at some point? It's been so long ...

The first instance of silliness from them has got to be that episode with the Beedrill. " Challenge of the Samurai "? That was like the fourth episode. It's been so long that I can't even remember what they used to act like before becoming Comic Relief. They'd always been like that to me and it's fine because there's a slew of more serious villains in the show now.


I remember EP002 pretty well. It's the last time they seemed like they were serious to me but part of me doesn't want to see them return to that way. A lot of this stems the Rocket-centric episodes and how funny they are in those episodes.


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They were never "serious" at all. Not even for one episode. It took less than one episode for them to become the arrogant losers we know and love. Sure, the comedic side had to dial up over time, but that's a rule of any comic relief in order to keep it fresh. All cartoon idiots gets stupider as time goes along.

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Keep JJ&M comic relief. Just bring us the more serious agents in addition. I'd love to see Domino again, for instance.

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Absolutely! I think Team Rocket is perfect proof that the Anime's target audience may be lower now than it used to be. Also, TR has become so 'good' that I begin to think Paul may be more evil then them!


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I miss the serious side of TR a lot... Right now I want to see them either become more of a serious villian, or have a more serious group join the villian side and appears almost every episode...


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I think they were only really "serious" in the episode where they were introduced. After that, they were comic relief, just like they are now. The only difference is, back then, they're comic relief was new, interesting, and funny, now it's just old.


Thank you, SPPf! :)

Boy, they sure went downhill fast, huh?


The never were so serioes except maybe in the first episodes. From then until now they have become a little less serious, especially because they James has now "baby pokemon" and Jessie has a Wobbuffet.


Yes and no. Yes, I really think Team Rocket's serious side was effective since most of their schemes were closer to being successful when they were serious as opposed to silly, but at the same time, silly Team Rocket is good for a few laughs. Team Rocket has two sides to them, the serious and the silly side and the show would be somewhar lost without both. I can't imagine Team Rocket being only serious or only silly, they'd be useless if that were the case.


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I miss the old bad Team Rocket in the first episodes. They seemed really bent on causing trouble and stealing Pokemon. I hate how they are just comic relief characters now, and with background stories. I reather them be cruel than be comic relief characters and have cheesy back stories.

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I agree, Team Rocket nowadays just does something to steal pokemon without thinking about the consequences. Wait, don't they always do that?
What I really don't like is how they are so predictable now... and they were always idiots but now they're complete morons but for some reason, i still love them. But i miss James' old voice hahaha


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Well what do you expect. The new anime took the emotions out of it also the meaning of friendship and stopped focusing on important characters like team rocket and brock (T-T replacing misty) and changing ashs rival (T-T gary. Ash doesn't even believe that he will be the best anymore they took the real ash and replaced him with an always smiling and make sassy remarks everywhere kind of ash. So of course it will go downhill example:

Guy: You will never be the best because I will be *grin*
Ash: *getting angry* OH yeah!!! we will see who will be the best I'm going to beat you!!! right pikachu? Pikachu: Pika!!!

Guy: You will never be the best because I will be *grin*
Ash: Ehehe well I guess we have to work harder right pi...(hold on forgot writers don't give a damn about pikachu anymore)...right grotle? grotle: Gurotall
LOL, they didn't change anything. TR were comic relief since very early Kanto.

I love how people have absolutely no memory.