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Anyone play ps3??

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If you play ps3 let me know what games u play and I might add u :)

Mr. Reloaded

All encompassing
Don't own one but have played one before.


오션 마스터
Ya, I kick ash at Gran Turismo and CoD. :D


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YESH :DD I luvz ps3... if only it didn't have a terrible network that's so hackable
At least its free..

I play all sports games, COD(ftw), GTA5, Red Dead Redemption, GOW1,2,and3 and other games that I'm too lazy to name. :)
Cod:Black Ops, Infamous 1+2, God of War 3, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, Need For Speed (FTW) and x-box fan boys can ki$$ my arse when they are done paying for internet and trying to watch Blu-Ray on it, and playing Mediocre Exclusives like Gaylo
The flame is ignited! This is going to turn into a debate -_-'

There is no debate when it's clear PSN is superior in quality, game's and customer service, sure both are hackable, but what isn't? im just making clear that the PSN has wayyy many more advantage's than the X-Box does, any argument to the contrary will be mocked by your's truly.
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