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Anything in HGSS make you angry/confused?


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Well, this bothered me in the original games too: They replaced the tower in Lavender Town with a freaken' radio tower! I've always found this very distasteful. It's like "Oh, here's this tower honoring dead pokemon. ...It's too creepy... HEY I KNOW LET'S TURN IT INTO A RADIO TOWER!11!!!"
Seriously? And people think building a masque near ground zero is offensive? This is worse, IMO. -__-
It definitely was very disrespectful of them to move the Pokemon from their resting place and then turn it into a radio tower. I mean, don't we often talk about "honouring" the dead? It doesn't seem very unhonourable to destroy the Pokemon's graves (unless the people of Lavender Town don't think Pokemon deserve honour...)

And the fact that the graves are now in this small house seems disrespectful as well. The game says that there are many chambers there that only Mr. Fuji can enter...if that's so, then how can the trainers of the Pokemon buried there visit them? And why can other people only pay their respects to the Pokemon buried on the first floor only?

It doesn't make sense that they did this. I hope that the Radio Tower is haunted. :p


Yea, but my problem is that why did they have to create this new person? They kept Ethan the same, why not the girl? (sorry if I'm missing something obvious lol)
Yea, i got to admit i loved the G/S/C girl way more...
Anyways, speaking of rivals, i find it annoying that you only have one rival, when Lyra could easily just be another rival instead of telling you pointless crap.


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I only complaint I have is the female character. I mean Dawn was good, the girl in Black and White was good... May was good... what happened with Lyra?

It's the only game I've actively played the male character in both versions (in Black and White, Plat and Diamond, Emerald and Ruby, Leafgreen and Firered I've gone for one of each)


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Something that confused me, is why they gave Barboach and Tropius Dragon Dance. (I can see Tropius a little bit but not Barboach)

Nah, I'm pretty happy, safe for the GB sounds who aren't alot like the original


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I hate the pixelated looking pokes and those crappy poke cries. I mean this is the age of innovation. Let's move on from the old midi file sound pokemon cries.

But seriously, my only complaint was that by game's end I was bored. I beat red and put it down. Nothing else to do. Some new aspects in the single player would've been cool.


The only thing I hate is that you're not given a VS. Seeker. I think it would've been extremely useful. My Pokemon were seriously under-leveled for a second round at the E4, and I got pretty sick of battling wild Pokemon that lacked sensible amounts of experience.


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My mum constantly phoning me about the berries she's brought me.

I feel like saying to her.

'Look mum - I have an AR - if I wanted to, I could get all the berries I wanted - but I don't - I only use it to catch some trainer's Pokemon for ingame breeding because it's easier then obtaining themelse where.


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One word: JOEY

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How incredibly annoying Clair is to beat. And how there isnt NEARLY enough trainers in-game to support a full team. EVEN when you DONT evolve them in order to level up faster.

Ive battled every single trainer in the game, all rocket members, even the same 2 that keep appearing when you trigger an alarm. And I triggered ALL the alarms.

Im looking at a team of 4 level 40 un-evolved pokemon that easily mauled the first 7 gyms. But Clair is just overkill.

Pineco, Togepi, Mareep, and Totodile
I beat her just fine with a lapras and Ampharos.


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I agree with Jenza1202. If I remember correctly, your mom could buy you potions slash whatever else you could buy in marts. Now all she buys you are berries. I mean, honestly.
And I love the pokemon following you feature. Yellow was my favorite out of the originals because you start with Pikachu, can get all the other starters, and pikachu followed you around. *shrugs* I don't get why not many people seem to like the pokemon following you.
And this is just a really small thing but anyone remember in GSC when Silver was spying on Elm in his lab by the window? And if you went over to him, he LITERALLY kicked you away and you like flew two steps away? yeah, they got rid of that. You just slide. I was actually really looking forward to that.


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the two things that i disliked was the elite four i chose feraligatr and flew by they're the most pathetic elite four in pokemon versions also the shiny leaf thing did not get that the only thing that saves the game strong trainers is red

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Sylveon, tho.
What annoys me is how the final kanto gym leader's strongest pokemon is level 60 but red's is 88! What the hell! It is impossible to train my pokemon 22 levels just on mt. silver!


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The fact that they did not fix the (IMO) biggest problem of G/S/C. Which was that you could not rebattle trainers in any way you wanted, which was possible in R/S/E, FR/LG and even D/P/P. They could have fixed it rather easily by making sure you just could call any trainer at any time and they would be guaranteed to have a battle with you. Or simply ditching the Phone function altogether and throw in a VS. Seeker or a Pokenav to replace it.
And because of this, the training possibilities are very limited, just like in the originals, which makes it an absolute pain to train before some gyms, the E4, and Red. They could have made wild Pokemon have higher levels than 50 in the end, in my opinion.

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What annoys me is how the final kanto gym leader's strongest pokemon is level 60 but red's is 88! What the hell! It is impossible to train my pokemon 22 levels just on mt. silver!
You could rebattle the gym leaders. But I think it 's weird too.

One thing more: You having to pass through 2 or 3 routes before getting the pokédex and get back before getting pokéballs

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