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Anything in HGSS make you angry/confused?


Golden Sun 4?
The Constant Phone Ringing really got on my nerves. Every 30 seconds someone phoned you to tell you absolutely useless information then hung up. I wanted to reply and tell them to Fudge Off and leave me alone, as I really don't care about their 'Super Strong Ratata'. I'm glad I got that off of my chest! :)


Well-Known Member
I'm happy about these games. I think it's unfair that all the better Pokemon are in HG so I'm pretty sure of which one is going to sell more.

Yes. Like I LOVE DONPHAN, ursaring is cool but cmon, I want donphan man and same with Mankey. Mankey is awesome. If it wasn't version exclusive I would've used it. (I know there is machop but I've already used Machop in pokemon white when I transfered it)


Spicy Tuna!
Nothing in particulary just the voltorb flip is not one of thr best casino games that I've played so far. I really fail at it xD

Team Volt Grunt

Pokémon Collector
Well in HG/SS you had the chance to decline the phone number requests so it wasn't that annoying anymore.
You had the same option in the old games, and you could delete them later (with the exception of your mom and the professor).

And what good is being able to decline them before you know what they will call about? I don't want to decline someone and end up missing out on a person that will hand out evolution stones or tell me when a Pokemon is swarming (unless that didn't carry over from Crystal?). You would have to know ahead of time what that person will be calling about.


I Am The Law
Nothing. These games were perfect and I played the hell out of them.


Well-Known Member
I wouldn't say it makes me angry, and it's something that applies to most of the games, but something that often causes me grief is the clock/time of day feature. On the one hand, it's awesome. On the other hand, due to work, I can often go long periods of time, we're talking in weeks and months, of only being able to play for a few hours each night. You can see the problem this causes to one wishing to properly experience a Pokemon game. It's not a killer but it can be a pain.


Draco Trainer
I know it's not exactly about anything gameplay wise, but I always wondered why both of the games were and are so gosh darn expensive. (70 bucks for new!)

Also Youngster Joey :I
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Well-Known Member
Oh God, there were rather many little things which made the game not so good experience for me and why I like D/P/Pt better. Let's list something...

-The lack of VS Seeker. The phone call system. ARGH! *frustrations* Seriously, WHY there was NO VS Seeker in the game?! It makes training so much easier!
- Voltorb Flip and the fact you cannot purchase coins. Goodbye Game Corner TMs
- If you either run, surf or drive a bicycle in a place where you can encounter wild Pokémon, you'll encounter one in every patch of grass. If you don't happen to have Repels, going somewhere quickly is pain
- You get Togepi in the beginning, but no Togekiss until... well, pretty late in the game
- You can grow only 4 Berry Trees at time. I would have liked to grow them much more!
- Evolution Stones are pretty hard to get but not as hard as in B/W and you can transform them from D/P/Pt where they're easier to get

Well, those are the most annoying things that come into my mind. I also have this feeling that there were much less different wild Pokémon than in D/P/Pt.

naux warr

New Member
I got angry at the other trainers. Mainly their levels. They were level 19 until the 8th gym then they went up to 22/24. Besides the gyms, rival, and Rocket boss. Really hard to train to beat the gym leaders when they are all so low


Cobalion. Yeah.
I had that problem with Morty.
So I went and killed level 15s for HOURS.


The Count
If you grind the levels are no problem, then again, most people don't like to grind...
The thing that made me the angriest was how the Safari Zone worked. Other than that, it was a great remake of one of my favorite gens.