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Anything in HGSS make you angry/confused?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by Dan The Poke Man, Jan 1, 2010.

  1. Shine

    Shine Psyched Up Staff Member Moderator

    Umm, use the Pokeradar option, and throw the Ball when the opponent's HP is only 1 bar left?

    Simple, it won't.
    Each hit will always takes the opponent's HP by 1 bar (there are 4 bars, remember?) regardless of level.
    Unless it's a Critical Hit - it's 2 bars instead.
  2. ianflowforever

    ianflowforever Coordinator Plus

    It's weird that lyra calls you telling her marill evolved into an azumarill, and when you go to her house, it hasn't changed.
    Not to mention when it's happened, twice.

    Oh, and when you have a flying/floating pokemon that doesn't follow you when you surf (Drifblim and drifloon much XD).
    Or when you can't use your pokemon to lift you up, like in ranger, yet you're younger, so logically, it'd be easier on the pokemon (Drifblim AGAIN XD)
  3. I hated the Olivine lighthouse! It took me an hour to figure out you had to JUMP OUT THE WINDOW! It's also annoying how Lyra keeps calling me over and over again saying that her marril stinks.
    Last edited: May 23, 2010
  4. ScorchMan

    ScorchMan Member

    Okay this is really weird but. Ive been using a Dewgong with this moveset:

    Sheer Cold
    Horn Drill
    Sleep Talk

    (yes i did model that after the battle frontier one)

    and it seems like every time i use Sheer Cold and Horn Drill it hits. Like i just used those moves 12 times in a row without a single miss. Accuracy glitch maybe?
  5. Kaika

    Kaika Haters gonna hate

    annoyed: they left out room decoration, supercontests, and they made getting top score so freaking hard for the pokeathalon for some of the games (I'm only like... 3 away from getting top score of all time for all the games and that pink trainer card I've been pining)

    ticked off: the Celebi event dialogue turns Giovanni from "he said he was going to dedicate his life to pokemon research, and kept to that by not answering their call" to "he only said that to trick Red and he would have if he could have but was beaten by a kid." way to make him a one dimensional character gamefreak.
  6. Dan The Poke Man

    Dan The Poke Man MEGAMEGAMEGA

    Sheer Cold and Horn Drill's accuracy goes up the lower the opponents level is.

    And people complain the level's are too low...
  7. ScorchMan

    ScorchMan Member

    Ohh ok then that makes sense cause i was battling level 40's.

    Levels too low? Like trainer's pokemon's levels? Not really -cough RED cough-

    Isn't Red like the strongest standalone trainer in ANY pokemon game?
  8. jadebullet

    jadebullet Active Member

    What really ticks me off so far, besides the lack of room decoration, is the fact that so far, no trainer wants to rebattle me. All I end up getting are stupid things like, "my ratatta is the best type of ratatta" or "I almost caught syphilis today, but it got away." Sure, there is calling them, but even then, I haven't gotten a single, lets battle. The only one who had done anything is the one bug catcher who gives you berries. He is pretty cool because he at least does what he says that he would do.

    Also, not really something that ticks me off, but is the breeding rate much faster now? I have my two Vulpixes in the daycare trying to breed a shiny, and I can't even walk to Eckrete(sp?) before my phone is ringing with another egg. BTW, I got Pokerus on the first egg, so that is kinda cool.
  9. Escheria

    Escheria Ray Tracer

    I was so annoyed when I couldn't advance to Elite four without catching Lugia. I wanted to save it for further soft resetting, but now it's gone.. Oh, and since GSC I hated Whirl islands.. worse than any Victory route/cave as I NEVER remember where the correct entrance is o_o;;; And i was FORCED to go to my most hated place, grr..
  10. anotherpromise

    anotherpromise WARNING:

    >< I CAN'T TRAIN.

    Too many underleveled trainers :(
    My team is hardly in their 50's right now. How am I supposed to beat Blue? Or Red for that matter??
  11. BCVM22

    BCVM22 Well-Known Member

    Train harder.

    There are copious amounts of trainers on routes for a reason. Battle every one of them and the difference will be apparent.

    Rebattle Gym Leaders you've already defeated. Once you've got a phone number, you can rebattle that Leader as many times as you want in their set time period for rematches, which can be good for raising Pokémon as many levels as you want.

    Battle wild Pokémon. Not glamorous, but it gives you EXP like any other battle. Yes, you may actually have to grind for a while to get your Pokémon up to snuff. I don't know why people feel they should be "above this".
    Last edited: May 25, 2010
  12. The Benmeister

    The Benmeister Master of Magnet

    I dislike the lack of a Vs. Seeker. It made training much easier.
  13. Yan

    Yan Berry Master

    EV berries, flag capturing, and a quirky glitch...

    I dislike the lack of almost half the EV reducing berries; sure I could just transfer them from DPPt, but it's a might bit tedious to do so.

    I like the pokeatholon events, except for the cluster-**** flag capture obstacle course nonsense. How is sliding around and getting rammed from behind by flag happy pokenuts supposed to be fun? But I digress, though the pokeatholon experience is fun for the most part, I feel a little cheated that the pokemon contests were not included in the game; it makes certain berries [bought by that shopaholic mother] completely pointless in this version of the game... which brings me back to the point: why couldn't they just make the complete set of EV reducing berries easier to attain?

    One thing I have discovered, quite by accident (and I haven't seen it posted anywhere else), is a minor glitch involving the moves: copycat and hidden power. Whilst I was casually perusing the hieroglyphics in the Ruins of Alph, I got into a tuffle with one of the cyclopian squiggles, and noticed something odd when I battled it. The unown used hidden power on my minun; the power type of the hidden power was not ground type, because the message said that the move was not very effective; upon trying to use the move copycat, I was given the message telling me that the unown was immune to ground type moves because of its ability, levitate. I tested this several times, battling dozens of unown, and always got the same message. Whenever I used copycat, I was told that I was using a ground type move. It's just something to keep in mind if it should ever come up in a battle; it wouold be quite an annoying loss because of an odd oversight in the programming.

    All in all, I am quite pleased with HGSS, as remakes; and when compared to the originals, quite a vast difference... mostly for the better. Mostly...
  14. Chimecho3000

    Chimecho3000 Well-Known Member

    That isn't a glitch. Hidden Power's power and type is dependant on the Pokemon using it. Your Minun has HP Ground, those Unown you fought did not.
  15. Silverbullet89

    Silverbullet89 New Member

    here's what ticks me off the most. How much your freakin mom calls you if she's saving your money. I swear, every time she calls I want to kill myself. It's rediculous
  16. Yan

    Yan Berry Master

    Oops... thanks.

    Thanks for the correction. Silly me. I don't know why that did not occur to me. I should probably stop playing past the twilight hours and into the crack of dawn. Sleep is good.

    The phonecalls are more helpful than hindering. Sure, sometimes she's just talking for the sake of hearing her own voice (never lets you get a word in edgewise); but it also notifies you of her spending habits so that you can pick up the item or berry that she purchased for you, or cut her off if she's just wasting your time/money on oran berries (I have a hydroponics lab in my backpack, Mom, I can grow my own whenever I want! How about some EV reducing berries, huh?). I swear though, if she ever buys a gold nugget, I will scizor her credit card. On an eerie note, why doesn't she buy you a new phone, since hers obviously has GPS capabilities - she always knows where you are - just what kind of control freak is she?
  17. ForteAnly

    ForteAnly Well-Known Member

    I'm actually glad the supercontest are gone even though the poketlon is annoying at times. My biggest problems with these games is two things.

    Kanto deserved to have even more content. I know Kanto got some new things from the original but it stills feels like they could have added more to this awesome region.

    Red got higher levels but his AI still sucks. They should have made Red even more challenging.

    These are small complains on my part. Not a big deal but wish the could have been touched upon a little more.
  18. Nidogod

    Nidogod Well-Known Member

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you knock out the Legendary the first time you're forced to fight it, it comes back for another chance to catch it after the e4, no?

    I hated the cellphone. It was just so incredibly useless when it has all the potential in the world to be a nice addition. I also found the Safari Zone to be very underwhelming, just as I did the DPP one.
  19. Things that made me angry the most was:
    you can't catch houndor till after game
    the game corner is impossible to win
    Lyra calling me about random stuff(if only you could just refuse to give her your phone number)
  20. Things that made me angry the most was:
    you can't catch houndor till after game
    the game corner is impossible to win
    Lyra calling me about random stuff(if only you could just refuse to give her your phone number)

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