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Anything in HGSS make you angry/confused?

I hate not having the VS Seeker, training takes forever. =\
(Yay rant thread!)


From Zero To Hero
Just abuse the PokeGear... Its annoying I know, but its better than battling wild pokemon.


*playing Pokemon Heart Gold after a stressful day*
*bleep, bleep*



...That is all. *ehem*


New Member
I hate how you can't try to find a Pokemon in the GTS without having to see it first! I want some of these legendaries, but I can't because I haven't seen them (and probably never will!)


From Zero To Hero
Murkrow's new sprite, or being forced to go to Sprout Tower/Burnt Tower before battling Falkner/Morty.


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The Battle Factory. I know this is a more Platinum complaint, but...I only seriously started trying it now. And my goodness... how can I get to battle 49 when my record is 23?


ThndrBdg Coordinator
The one thing that bothered me the most is the lack of box filtration that is found within other games. What I mean is you can highlight only pokemon with certain marks in Sinnoh. I miss this feature, and hope it makes a return in B/W; it was very helpful when looking for my favourite pokemon.


Salingerian Phony
I'm now getting disconnected all the time when trying to play this online. I agreed to trade someone's team over from one game to another, and the connection conked out after two and a half trades, not allowing me to trade with him anymore.

I tried a Wi-Fi Multi Battle later, and I was disconnected again--this time without even an error code.

Is anyone getting this too?


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The Battle Factory. I know this is a more Platinum complaint, but...I only seriously started trying it now. And my goodness... how can I get to battle 49 when my record is 23?

You hope you get an awesome pokemon like Abomasnow, Garchomp or Frosslass and single-handedly sweep the team.
Seriously, it is all down to the pokemon you have been given. Do not be attracted by the likes of Blissey, they often are attacking variations and don't work. Plus if they take physical hit then you'll have to go and read a long book because it takes almost 25 seconds for it's HP to go down. Slaking is also not advised.
In level 50 battles do NOT be attracted to Gible and Co. the may be boottom forms of pseudo-legends but the are awful compared to evolved or once evolved pokemon, my strea ended right before Thorton because I got a Gible over Aimpom.
No Wobbufet, yes, they are Uber but these Wobbufets have Charm and Splash. FAIL.
The battle tower is easier up to the 30s where it gets hard. Plus you can choose.

Dr. Empoleon

Steel Type Champion
i am trying to figure out why they gave sheal fissure and sheer cold.


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It would have made more sense as Chatot but this is Johto and Chatot aren't evil. Not forgetting the nostalgia that plagued this game. They give you a Togepi but they make it useless until after the elite four.


Wait, you don't like girl players having the option? Or you don't like Kotone/Lyrra's look?

-ugh, late reply. Sorry!-

No! Of course I love having the option of playing as my own gender.
I don't like Kotone. I miss Kris very much. Well, not that I dislike Kotone. I'm just very mad about Kris being replaced.