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Anything in Pokemon games you've regretted


Petal Blizzard
Trades you regretted doing

Not much to explain. Have you ever regretted any trade you did ? Either because you miss the pokemon you traded or you got a hacked/weak/ugly/whatever one in return ?
Share your trading tragedies here!

Well, exept for trading a Latios for a hacked Gyarados on wifi, I'll never forgive myself for giving away my level 54 Camerupt for a Rayquaza in Ruby. That might sound odd but, back then, I had no idea where to find it, and that Camerupt was one of the pkmn I beat the elite 4 with...

Sapphire Kirby

Evaluation time!
A few years ago, I traded a Glameow on the GTS for a japanese Seadra with a dragon scale attached to it. Turns out the now Kingdra was hacked (it had an ID of all 0's), so I proptly deleted it. Moral of the story: if a trade on the GTS looks too good to be true, then it likely isn't legit.


kanto champion
i regret trading something but dont remember what it was but i got a hacked shiny charizard for it, it was in an ULTRA ball -.-


The DNA Master
I gave my friend 1 of my 2 Deoxys, and 1 of my 2 Mews. His sister got ahold of his game. Everything disappeared from it, even the Pokemon I worked hard to get.


Unidentified Ghost
I was so happy when I got my Spiritomb with 30 IV's in everything. Then I saw this,
"Met at the Pokemon League"


Well-Known Member
I traded my Empoleon, my Diamond starter, on the GTS. I miss it now.


Well-Known Member
regret trading my manaphy for a hacked salamance...


Unidentified Ghost
I traded my Empoleon for a Chikorita to some Japanese person. Chikorita was holding a mail that said, "Empoleon! Thank you!"
That was awesome.
Oh, yeah...this is about trading regrets...
I wish I hadn't traded for that hacked Spiritomb!


Well-Known Member
I traded a Slaking on the GTS for a hacked Latios that was apparently met in Twinleaf Town. Brilliant.

Hikaru 2000

Lugia's No.1 fan
I stupidly traded my shiny electrode for a female combee!

Mythic Mist

Indecent Exposure
Hellz yes. I regret trading my shiny Dugtrio(My FIRST shiny) for a focus sash. -_- I was in real desperate need at the time. :/


Come at me bro.
a shiny suicune for a porygon z on the gts. it was adamant natured.
no one? really?
the in-game trade; a Medicham for a Haunter? Sweet! is what I thought.
only to find out it was holding an everstone.


Uses of Psychics
I gave my first shiny (a Cascoon) to my cousin for a Blissey with only Egg Bomb (it had been an HM Slave on his Emerald, which he'd transferred to Pearl). Mind you, I didn't know about shinies at the time.

the in-game trade; a Medicham for a Haunter? Sweet! is what I thought.
only to find out it was holding an everstone.
I was burned by that as well, and reacted something like this:

Me: "Free Gengar? Cool!" *Catches Medicham* *Trades Medicham* *No evolution*

Me: "What?!"

Girl: "Did it evolve? I'm kidding! I gave it an Everstone! Thanks for the Medicham!"

Me: "ARGH!"
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Well-Known Member
I remember when i was on holliday, at turkey... and a girl as i was messing around the the pool stoppted me and asked me if i liekd pokemon (i had a pokemon beach ball LOL)
She told me that she had poekmon heartgold and we arranged to meet in the lounge in the hotel that evening.

We did a trade and i accidently gave her a level 80 pikachu... she told me she was going to give me a really cool pokemon and i got caterpie... nickname was HER name... :(
and later that week a some of my new freinds i met told me she wasnt verry nice... so it didnt ruin my holliday since she went a day after i came!!!

holliday was awesome but that was annoying!!! poor pikachu! (by the way the game happend to be her sisters) XD


Oddish lover
I regret when I once traded a shiny Ditto for a Milotic. It seemed good at the time, but then I notived where it was caught. Caught at Pokemon League. It had been hacked from Diamond, I think. That stunk. I released it into the wild... Sigh...


Trading away the legendaries I have catched/transferred in my Pearl at the GTS.


Well-Known Member
I breed to trade so thats not ann issue for me.


Y u mad bro?
no one? really?
the in-game trade; a Medicham for a Haunter? Sweet! is what I thought.
only to find out it was holding an everstone.
when i was a relatively new trainer, a traded my trusty raikou(which adored me) that helped me beat the E4 and the Kanto league for a stupid totodile( which became one of the worst feraligatrs in the history of feraligatrs)

i also traded my new suicune for a growlithe (ugh!)

i too, fell victim to the cheap haunter of snowpoint city
i figured my gengar could have a new friend, but nooooooooooo, the stupid haunter held an everstone!!

i traded my latios for a cresselia, which is pretty strong but i miss lati...

i traded my overheat-weilding moltres for a lucario(dont ask, ok?)

then i traded that lucario for jasmine's steelix( i know my typhlosion will never forgive me for trading his first love. typhlosion met lucario in the daycare and gave her her son, a riolu, which is now a lucario and my typhlosion's only son. Quite the pimp, typhlosion moved on to a ditto, and had a cyndaquil which eveolved into a female typhlosion. She inherited her father's player ways and had a quilava with my infernape)

and finally, i traded one of my kingdra's for a ivysaur, from which i bred a female ivy and a male bulba