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Anything in Pokemon games you've regretted

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by Lulu_used_SunnyDay, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. Marbi Z

    Marbi Z Cin-Der-Race!

    I never had A Pokemon trade I regretted doing mainly because I only used the GTS and those Pokemon were soley for collection purposes.
  2. ToeyJoey

    ToeyJoey Forward...

    It stopped obeying me at Level 10 and so was not as useful against Falkner as I expected it to be.
  3. Escape Reality

    Escape Reality Daydreamer

    When I first started playing Crystal, my friend convinced me to trade him my Feraligatr for a Steelix. I regretted it deeply later. ;A;
  4. KabalowX

    KabalowX Ultima Link

    i traded my level 86 SHINY Nidoking for a level 85 SHINY Steelix, only to find out it was caught at the pokemon leauge in a great ball at lv 85.the girl who traded it to me was my next door neighbor (this was b4 this file when i started out with totadile) and said to give it back.i got it back but 3 out of 4 of my boxes were turned into bad eggs, so i restarted. like that one person said, only trade if ur completely sure its legit... i miss my Nidoking :'(
  5. Typhlosionvsworld

    Typhlosionvsworld Y u mad bro?

    how so very true
    once i was trading with a friend
    he saw my legit mewtwo (whcih i caught myself, thankyou very much) and offered infernape, his first poke'mon

    then he said " Wait, what am I thinking!? Even for a mewtwo, infernape was my starter and i will never trade it!" I would never trade my SS typhlosion ( ia m working out a deal to trade his granddaughter) or my Pt Empoleon
  6. Xyllerion

    Xyllerion I like bacon!

    That one got you too huh?
    Anyway, I regretted trading my original Uxie for a hacked Manaphy. The Manaphy was hacked because it didn't say from "Pokemon Ranger" but I did get another Uxie on GTS with the Pokerus and it says Lake Acuity.
  7. jaxonferz

    jaxonferz Well-Known Member

    I caught a shiny female whismur once but didn't want it (female exploud? Ugggggly)
    I ended up trading it for a raikou... Thinking legendaries were just as valuable as shinies.... Oh how dumb was I. I shoulda just kept the whismur And not evolved her. I miss you... :(
  8. Draknir

    Draknir Fear the Deer

    I regretted trading away my Palkia. It was my first one. Luckily, the person I traded it to agreed to trade it back for a Shining Palkia that I had cloned and now believe to be hacked. Not exactly fair, but hey. I got it back and that's all that matters to me.
  9. Zenotwapal

    Zenotwapal have a drink on me

    I gave a away a perfectly fine and legit 10 Anniversary Celebi on the GTs for another legend.
    That was probably hacked.

    Atleast I still have a few of those sweet babies left.
  10. pokeaaron3

    pokeaaron3 Shiny Collector

    Well I don't necessarily regret this trade but I trade spiritomb on the GTS and get some Celebis most of which are fake, although I think I got 2 legit ones. One from 10th Anniversary and a Japanese one that I think was from the Pokemon Colosseum Bonus Disk.
    Also traded a lv1 charmander for a lv1 giratina from shinjo ruins on the GTS. Bet the person who traded it was disappointed.
  11. Flame Dragon

    Flame Dragon Well-Known Member

    I remember it too... I was so pissed...
    That trainer was such a jerk...
    Especially what she says after the trade...
    I wanted to strangle her.
  12. StarvingLion

    StarvingLion New Member

    The very first game I played, thought It'd be a good idea to restart blue and trade the squirtle to a friend then go back to my old game..... obviously it saved and I lost everything. Theres still a chip on the windowsil where I threw my gameboy in rage
    ...ahh nostalgia..

    Since then I havent had any trades I regret... thankfully! Guess I leaned my lesson!
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2011
  13. Bronzong#1

    Bronzong#1 Cell Shaded

    I remember my first trade a perfectly legit kyogre i had slaved to train to lvl 100 then traded for a hacked shiny deoxys lvl 50 it deleted half my boxes ever since then i have had an unnatural hate for them
  14. #Gecko#

    #Gecko# The Essential One

    I remember (and regret) trading my EV trained, 712HP, Bold Blissey for a legendary in the GTS a long time ago. Sigh...

    I mean I cloned it in Emerald version so I have the original, but it sucks knowing someone else has an exact version of Blissey as you or maybe not because I raised my to LV 100 later on.
  15. Wait, so it's a problem that a traded Pokemon is holding an everstone?
  16. Miss Alexis

    Miss Alexis Event Collector :)

    when i was a lil kid, a bigger kid tricked me into trading all my legendaries for his level 100s :(
  17. lucario beast

    lucario beast Well-Known Member

    if trade a haunter it evoulves but since it was holdong an everstone it didt evoulve
  18. Kim62

    Kim62 The avatars suck.

    I remember I traded my Wigglytuff to my brother's friend when I was younger, I don't remember what for. It think it was a Pidgeotto or something. I miss my Wigglytuff :(

    I also regret trading away something in my soulsilver but I forgot what.
  19. Dark Eevee

    Dark Eevee Well-Known Member

    I've never regretted a trade because I pay attention to what I'm doing.

  20. 725roy

    725roy ambivolent

    i regret trading my level 100 blazekin which was released :(

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